What Is The Meaning Of Zina !!!

Zina is perhaps the most common sin in the world today: yet most of us don't seem to have any idea how to deal with it. I noticed that quite often when someone seeks assistance in breaking their Zina-related habits, instead of counseling and guidance, they receive shaming and judgment.

People tend to reduce Zina to a simple formula: {You + Your Nafs = Zina}  And as a result, they overlook all psychological causes. Reality is that it isn't that simple an issue and it isn't something that can be solved with that kind of mindset.

A few narrations to keep in mind when dealing with cases of Zina:
  • 1) There were Sahaba who fell into Zina, and they repented which shows even righteous people can slip into it, like the Hadith of the female Sahabi who wanted to be stoned.
  • 2) The story of Barseesa is particularly important in showing how Shaytaan can trick a generally good person into it. Its even easier for him to do so in this day and age when its so freely available
  • 3) The prophet (peace be upon him) did warn us that the greatest test men would face in this world is women. Many scholars believe this refers to the temptation of Zina
  • 4) When a young man came to the prophet (peace be upon him) to ask permission to fornicate, he didn't shame him or judge him. He counseled him, explained to him nicely why it is wrong and made dua forhim
  • The last narration above is key. How many of us make dua forthose who have fallen into these sins that Allah helps them out of it? How many of us are willing to counsel them in a non-judgmental manner and remind them of the mercy of Allah? How many Muslims even know the logic and wisdom behind the prohibition of Zina?
Reality is that Zina in all its forms is one of the most easily accessible sin in the world today, and even a good Muslim can slip into it during moments of weakness. If we as an ummah are do reduce the rate of Zina in our communities, we need to start by changing our approach to those brothers and sisters who have fallen into it.
We need to provide solutions, counseling, gentle kindness and assist people to repent and break the cycle of sin they are caught up in. If we do this, we will have a better chance of helping others give up their sins. I end by asking Allah to protect us all from such sins and keep us chaste, and to forgive and guide those who have slipped and fallen into such sins.

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