Why Allah SWT Has Created Women !!!

Dear sister When Allah created you (and all women), HE made you so sensible, so fragile that: A single word would melt your heart and makes you built up dreams And also a single word may break your little heart and sweep away all your dreams this why your Creator wants to save your softness and your tenderness with specific “laws”: to not have a lover, to not have Khalwah (be alone) with a non Mahram, to not talk intimately with strangers, to not have friendship with opposite sex …

Besides that, He doesn’t want that your heart be “empty”!Because an empty heart would look for any love to fill it… This is a human nature! So the big step you must take is to fill your heart with the LOVE of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'la.

Why Allah SWT Created Women !!!
Why Allah SWT Created Women !!!
Because when Allah’s Love would find a place deep in your heart and fill it, it won’t let any other forbidden love to be in it. You may say “but I love Allah and I still can’t leave my bf” I would tell you:”if you put Allah the second in your priorities in this Dunya, if you put “pleasing HIM” after pleasing your bf in your “list” then this is not love! The Love of Allah would take you to higher position, raise up your heart to purity and built a strong shield around it that any Haram love can’t find a way to it. So dear sister please don’t sell Allah’s love with the love of a boyfriend.

Let HIS LOVE be the first in your heart because it’s the only light which will take you to salvation In earth and Jannah Too.

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