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A Prime Minister In Making For Pakistan (Part-2)

A Prime Minister In Making For Pakistan (Part-2)

A question of the century is; who runs the government of Pakistan? Is it the People of Pakistan? Pak Army? Or Gaddars and corrupt politicians under the control of the Enemy of Islam (EOI)? Imran Khan, the Chairman of PTI, has exposed this reality with absolute precision. A militarily powerful nation need not occupy another weak nation or colonize that to suck its resources out. EOI has developed a methodology to technically manipulate and place corrupt leadership and take over control of any Muslim country. Powerful global actors have played this subtle geopolitical game for the last few hundred years. For Pakistan, at the moment, patriots are in a do-or-die situation. Either they destroy the chain of the domestic corrupt vicious cycle controlled by EOI or continue to suffer as a pseudo-sovereign state like before. Where looters remain in power alternatively, and innocent patriotic citizens suffer continuously.

When there is a clash between patriots and corrupts, EOI will always back the corrupts; therefore, it is easy to identify who are real Gaddars and who are patriots. According to Islamic history, it is proven that Gaddars (traitors) are more harmful to Muslim society than that Qafeers, as Gaddars remain within the community undercover and harm Islam from the inside. For the control and destruction of Muslim society, it is a fundamental requirement of the EOI to put Gaddars as a leader. The other need of EOI is to remove or, if not possible, assassin a true patriotic Muslim leader. Unfortunately, Imran Khan falls into that category like Erdogan. They successfully removed Imran from power using Gaddars in civil and Gaddars in uniform.

As per EOI's Standard Operating Procedure' (SOP), EOI wanted to create a crisis when Imran assembled all patriotic citizens in Islamabad. Domestic Gaddar's wanted to make the situation violent to legitimize the entry of the Pak Army in aid of civil power. Sensing the wicked plan of EOI stooge General Mir Bajwa, Imran Khan quickly disengaged from the impending skirmish. EOI was defeated there for the first time against Imran and then continuously failed to date. According to military terminology, that was a classic Tactical re-deployment (TRD) in a political arena. Every attempt of EOI in terms of the caretaker government, technocrat government, or martial law all went in vain against the popularity of Imran Khan. All those proposals were for re-establishing the Gaddars in power or for their safe exit from power and, subsequently, from the country.

It appears that goons have lost all their chances to block Imran from returning to power. This time either Pakistan stands out as a genuinely independent state or goes down the pages of history as a corrupt nation that evaporated in thin air. To that end, EOI is shaping Bilawal as a future leader of Pakistan, just like Malala Yousuf Zai. An EOI sharp shooter conducted a precision shooting incident on her face and used that false flag as a Taliban Islamic terrorist attack. She was not only given treatment by the EOI in the western world, but she was also made famous by organizing her presentations in various international forums, including the UN HQs. Western mainstream media has made her a women's rights and human rights champion activist at the global level. The purpose is to make use of her in the domestic politics of Pakistan in the future.

Under the corrupt regime, EOI had a free run in Pakistan for almost thirty years and successfully manufactured several sleeper agents, agents in place, and agents of influence. Cleaning these junks would need Machiavellian expertise in intelligence. If Pakistan cannot handle this weak area professionally this time, she will again fall prey to another corrupt regime under the control of EOI. Clearing this junk will be a mammoth task for Imran and his party PTI in the future. However, at this point, the entry of new COAS General Asif Munir is quite significant as he has replaced a proven Gaddar, General Bajwa.

In the name of democracy, a Muslim country always remains politically volatile, particularly before or at the time of the election. Pakistan, at the moment passing a critical situation, as luck could happen, Pakistan received a Quran E Hafiz COAS for the first time in the history of the Pak Army. So the expectation is very high. However, somebody should not expect something dramatic out of him as General Bajwa’s six years were long enough to establish a criminal tentacle throughout the length and breadth of the Pak Army.

General Asif's situation could be either of the two: if he is also a hooked-up General like so many Pak Army Generals, he dares not take any action in favor of Imran openly at the displeasure of the organization that hooked him. The other situation is; if he is a genuine patriot and EOI has failed to hook him, he cannot go openly all out to support Imran as there could be a number of his corps commanders in favor of EOI-designated corrupt leadership. However, the fact here is General Asif cannot hide his actual standing for long. He should ask concerned stakeholders to conduct an election as soon as possible to rescue Pakistan from the ongoing political and economic predicament. He should quickly complete the investigation of Shaheed Ashraf Sharif's assassination issue. He should also vigorously pursue a proper investigation of the assassination attempt on Imran Khan. A stony-faced appearance in front of the camera is OK for a limited period, but he has to take a side in the end. It will be better for him and the people of Pakistan if he takes the side of the patriotic citizens, not the Gaddars'. He cannot allow Pakistan to face a sad consequence like 1971.

99% of Muslims of Pakistan expect General Asif Munir to rescue Pakistan from drowning in a failed state. Recovering Pakistan from the Imported Hukumath should be his immediate responsibility, but his long-term strategic objective should ensure that Pak politics is free from corruption. The life of corrupt leaders should be made so complex that they should never dare to come back and restart their same nefarious activities and play with the fate of the innocent people of Pakistan. Bilawal Bhutto, with a by-born psychotic disorder, should not get a chance to do politics in Pakistan. This information should be made clear in the hearts and minds of the people of Pakistan. Besides, he is physically and morally corrupt, and the people of Pakistan should also know that. Such steps will prevent EOI from placing him as a future leader of Pakistan.

NOTE: For Part 1, Please Click Here.

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A Priminister In Making For Pakistan (Part-1)

A Priminister In Making For Pakistan (Part-1)

In the UN, Bilawal Bhutto (Bilvu) launched a robust diplomatic offensive on India, openly calling N. D. Modi a butcher. He is proving to be equally brazen as his grandfather Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and General Yahiya Khan of 1971. They jointly launched an offensive on the innocent Bengali citizens of East Pakistan and got the country separated. Mr. Z. Bhutto was famous for his unquenchable greed for power and money. The other person, his father, Mr. Jardari, a well-known viciously corrupt individual, was disgracefully known as Mr. 10% of Pakistan. They are infamous for their deep involvement in all three W's (wine, wealth, and women). Bilawal has inherited all those dark qualities genetically from the paternal and maternal sides. But nature has compensated those by giving him less IQ to lead a political party, let alone become PM of Pakistan.

There are many YouTube videos of his drinking parties, fully drunken and cladding with scantily dressed blonds. There may be piles of x-rated honey-trapped videos of Bilawal in the secret archives of  CIA,  Mossad, and RAW. These days Bilawal and his sycophants claim that he has done away with those bad habits like drinking and adultery; therefore, he is a legitimate candidate as a future PM of Pakistan;  but what Islam has to say about such claims? In Arabian literature, there is a common proverb, "When a criminal claims that he has changed himself and has become a good man, it is true up to the level, if someone says, I have seen Ohud Hill walking around the desert of Arab." Such claims are most cases, false, with no exception. The unfortunate part is that most Muslims have forgotten these basics. Once in power, Bilawal will be a heartless womanizer and drink like a glutton 24/7 till he damages his liver like that of Kamal Ataturk. 

Let alone wisdom, Bilawal does not have the slightest bit of insight or foresight. A keen look will give someone with insight that Bilawal is intellectually autistic. Like most other Pakistani royal family kids, he has also been given a master's degree from Oxford. He may be processed through a programmed situation where his dedication towards Pakistan will be blown out of proportion to make people believe that he is the true future leader. He may even be given Nobel prizes like Malala of Pakistan or An San Suki of Myanmar. Bilawal's grandpa divided Pakistan into two, and now along with criminal PDM leaders, he will divide Pakistan into four. Pakistan is now perfectly poised to repeat its sad history of the 1971 disintegration. A blatant repeated failure of corrupt politicians with the aid of ISI and Pak army Generals. Instead of ensuring national integrity and cohesiveness, they are performing as catalysts for Pak disintegration. To comprehend this tragic reality, one needs to read the, Following two analyses in detail:

1. Third-world Intelligence.

2. Military coup in Muslim countries.

Enemy of Islam (EOI) has developed a unique technology for producing leaders of their choice in Muslim countries. EOI’s first success was Kamal Ataturk; EOI created him as a leader for Turkey's Muslims at the Ottoman empire's demise. Since then, they continuously drew new borders of Muslim countries and produced their leaders to keep Muslims away from Islam. That is why Egyptian Islamic leader Morsi was a problem but no problem with butcher ultra-secularist Sisi. In Turkey, Erdogan is a problem, but any ultra-secular military man in his place is no problem. In Pakistan, a genuine Islam lover Imran Khan is a big problem, but no problem with traitor/Gaddar General Bajwa or proven looters of PDM. Islam hater Sheik Hasina is no problem; any leader who loves Islam in Bangladesh will inevitably face a military coup.

At the Ottoman's fall, Turkey's people were thoroughly frustrated due to successive defeats against the army of EOI. They had been looking for a leader to give them some success on the battlefield. EOI fills that leadership vacuum of Muslims by providing several military victories to Kamal Ataturk. EOI Used all agents in place and agents of influence to put Kamal Ataturk as the father of the nation (new democratic Turkey). Under cover of secularism, Kamal Ata ensured that the religion Islam was erased from the soil of Turkey once and for all. He was successful in doing so, but EOI never realized and will never realize that Islam is an indomitable religion; one may subdue it for some time but not forever. In Pakistan, EOI is unlashing the same game in promoting Bilawal and making him a hero in the eye of all  Pakistani. People should forget Imran Khan and turn their loyalty toward Bilawal Bhutto.

One can never turn a devil into an angel because they are different factory products. A crow can never behave like a peacock, no matter how well we dress it to look like a peacock. Once a young criminal grows old, he does not become a holy old man; he only becomes an old and mature criminal in most cases. This is the situation with all old and young PDM leaders. History suggests that young criminal politicians never transform into honest and patriotic politicians once they grow old. Frustrated Pakistani patriots had tightened their belts finding Quran E Hafej as their new COAS, he may be from the same factory (Pak army), yet they ardently hoped he to be different. His future actions will prove if he is a different product from the same factory or the same product from the same factory. The possibility of Bilawal becoming the future PM of Pakistan is more if Gen Asif Munir acts like General traitor Bajwa. Let us hope General Asif does not do that and works like Gen Raheel Sharif, a genuinely dedicated patriot.

NB: Intellectually handicapped Bilawal Bhutto is the most likely candidate to be the future PM of Pakistan. The link provided below clearly justifies that. 10 Funny Moments Of Bilawal Bhutto Caught on Camera | TOP X TV

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 Third World Intelligence

Third World Intelligence

The concept of national security can narrowly be defined as that condition of a state where subversion does not exist, espionage cannot occur, and sabotage is prevented. If we consider the concept right, the third world has no security. We are under constant threat of all those three. The organizations responsible for defending those are intelligence and psychological warfare organizations that deal with “Ideological Subversion.” They are an essential part of any statecraft irrespective of their power in terms of domestic or foreign dominance. Let us analyze how the third world performs by comparing regional or global Rambos’.

The hard reality is; Third World Intelligence (TWI) remains so passive that it hardly dares to initiate a report indicating Hostile Intelligence Services' (HIS) involvement. HIS has its men in every facet of third-world countries' civil and military administration. They (HIS agents) suggest decision makers make decisions that are apparently useful but the end of the day, counterproductive, sometimes fatal to national security. Attack on the Muslim population of then East Pakistan by President Yahiya Khan in 1971 or the capture of Kuwait by Saddam Husain all falls into this category. This is the rationale why in the third world, democratically elected parties can hardly win the next election.

And for the same reason, the ruling party fails to learn from its past mistakes; they repeatedly repeat the same political blunders. In intelligence parlance, the direction begins all other stages of the intelligence cycle. Still, if all other stages of the cycle suffer from non-professionalism, the stage "direction" goes astray. This is one of the root causes of intermittent somersault in third-world politics. Decision-making authority is not only kept blind but also fed with false Intelligence, sometimes inadvertently, sometimes deliberately being biased due to personal/group interest.

If someone is deaf and blind, his super sharp brain is a waste in place. Intelligence organization acts as eyes and ears for the government; if unskilled or compromised operatives run those organizations, the government is deaf and blind. Let alone monitoring HIS activities, they miserably fail to produce an accurate pulse report of their own peoples' hearts and minds. For Bangladesh, an intermittent blowup of political hooliganism since liberation is the quintessence of reality. Global/Regional state actors, those hostile to neighboring third world nation states, do maintain professionally efficient social architects, social design engineers, and social and civil engineers to produce the desired perception in the hearts and minds of their target audience.

This is a discipline of Knowledge about which third-world leadership is miserably ignorant. As patriotism is not in these countries' social or academic curriculum, once a bureaucrat finds himself in an intelligence arena and enjoys the confidence of the decision-makers, he considers that a golden opportunity. He avoids all hard truths and wants to reach the pinnacle of his career by offering pleasing and hypocritical Intelligence till his objective is fulfilled or the party in power collapses. Until declared as a rogue state by a global power cartel, a third-world country does enjoy sovereignty. The system of governance could be democratic; military rule of hopeless monarchy does not matter; the global power cartel has to be kept satisfied. These unfortunate states maintain a sizable army to protect themselves from external aggression but keep their citizens' hearts and minds open and unprotected, at the mercy of the hostile social engineers to manipulate as they please.

That human behavior can be observed, measured, manipulated, and given a shape of our choosing is not very clear to third-world leaders and professionals. This is the basis of why a highly popular leader/party being victorious in one election, suffers an unpopular avalanche right from day one. Global power actors, who play with the leadership of the third world, have developed an extremely efficient system to monitor and manipulate mass behavior according to their future objectives. Playing with the hearts and minds of the target audience is not the responsibility of the intelligence organizations; they can, at best collect pulse reports for the subsequent necessary action by the social engineers. The Sooner third-world country leadership comprehends this elusive predicament, the better it is for their citizens and the nation.

In this respect, the best example is the tiny state of Israel, encircled by all hostile countries, but no one dares to manipulate Israeli citizens, politics, or the economy. Credit goes to their most effective intelligence organizations, Shin Bet and Mossad; they successfully keep all such calamities at bay,

In this respect, China stands out as another good example to be followed by all third-world countries, being aware of the trick they never apply to others. However, their intelligence organizations and social engineers effectively monitor and counter all surreptitious and sugar-coated subversion efforts of HIS. Evicting Google and Facebook from Chinese cyberspace indicates that. Third-world leadership has an important lesson to note here. So long as Chinese Intelligence and social engineers remain awake, none can derail China from its growth path.

So long as third-world Intelligence does not wake up from their slumber, none can pull them out of the perpetual state of hopelessness. Our system of public control is coercive and tangible, whereas visible ideological subversion's impact on the hearts and minds of our citizens is intangible. Either we take steps now or eventually succumb to the black hole of history as a feebly administered third-world nation failed to continue hard-earned sovereignty. If Venezuela, Ecuador, Cuba, and North Korea can survive defying, why not we?

A survey on the history of the TWI organizational performance would reveal that they are not in deep sleep or slumber; they are mostly in a coma, clinically dead. Why is there no military coup in the USA or in any developed country? Is it because we are not developed? Which is why we have coups? Or because of the intermittent coup, we cannot develop? It is a chicken-and-egg situation for only the leaders and patriotic think tanks to look for a viable solution. Trying to solve a problem without knowing; is becoming a party to the problem. And if someone is not part of the solution, they are very much part of the problem.

Pakistan has been trying to solve the terrorism crisis for the last 15 years without knowing its root, and now the government itself has become part of the crisis. The intelligence personnel is supposed to be aware of this elusive threat and suggest options to decision-makers as to how we tackle them. Unfortunately, TWI personnel lack professionalism, and most of them are unethical careerists to whom self is far above national interest. While people of the first world feel safe and secure because of the presence of Intelligence and security organizations, people of the third world are scared of their presence. Being hooked up by HIS or due to non-professionalism, TWI sometimes acts as AIDS against the party in power; they destroy the power of the state from the inside. They hide the real picture of mass sentiment from the decision-makers and keep them under hypocritical control. They accomplish this task easily by submitting pseudo-hyper-personal loyalty, which is always subject to change with the change of situation. With the present standard of intelligence setup and professionalism, let alone victory in war, the third world can never dream of political stability during peacetime.

Whether peace and security bring prosperity or prosperity ensures peace and security; remains a perceptual delusion for Third World leadership. It is only intelligence organizations that should and must clarify. Unfortunately, they only do the protocol duties and some basic activities not to enhance security but only to prove their loyal existence. Intelligence organizations are responsible for constantly monitoring the threat of ideological subversion on their own people, their methodology, and visible, active measures. And then suggest ways and means counter them.

Hermann Hasse, a German Nobel prize (1946) winner on literature, said, "Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. One can find it, live it, be fortified by it, do wonders through it, but one cannot communicate and teach it." In this respect, blaming only the politicians or the leaders is never enough; where are the professionals? What responsibility do they hold to guide political leaders in their own respective fields? When a "developing nation" poises for balanced growth, politicians lead, and professionals guide the politicians in their respective fields. Development is only retard when there is a miss-coordination or miss-match.

Leadership with insight, foresight, and wisdom can pull up the weakness of professionals; conversely, skilled professionals can fill in the blanks or leadership weaknesses. Under the circumstance, we may conduct a blame game on each other set by HIS or put our heads together for the real benefit of our Godforsaken citizens. Intelligence organizations' primary national responsibilities are monitoring HIS activity, preventing an internecine clash between statecraft's, and enhancing mutual respect, trust and confidence. Any country desiring to erase its name from the list of the third world has to engage its main effort in this line decisively. Let us hope good senses prevail among us and that the creator provides enough wisdom in our leaders and professionals for the better future of our citizens.

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Imran vs Corruption In Pakistan

Imran vs Corruption In Pakistan

An irritable reality is Pakistan is a corrupt nation. Magnitude, fathom, or comparison may vary and be arguable, but the fact is, we are not honest like Japan, New Zealand, or Norway. Can we not conduct a soul search to discover why we are filthily corrupt? Or how have we been made corrupt? Is it by chance? By choice? or by design? Have we inherited this from our founding fathers’? Were they equally corrupt the way we find our political leaders these days? No, they were not corrupt, but gradually we have been made corrupt by design. If we look at most Muslim countries of the world, we have to agree with the subject claim. If we cannot diagnose who is the designer and how he has turned the Muslim community corrupt? Let alone cure; we cannot even prescribe a perfect remedy! One axiomatic medical idiom is, “Correct diagnosis is half the treatment."

The people of Pakistan dislike corruption and love honesty; the last few elections are proof. Thirteen parties jointly constituted PDM and went for the Punjab by-election. Imran Khan and his PTI won in those constituencies with a massive difference against PDM  candidates. They have found the party PTI and leader Imran Khan to regain their lost, honest Pakistan. Now the only way for local criminals and their foreign mentors (EOI) to stop Pakistan from going up is; to eliminate Imran Khan. This they have tried several times, but by His grace, they failed miserably; probably, Almighty has planned to remove the yoke of corruption from the shoulder of Pakistan.

Time is over matured for the people of Pakistan to realize that the subject of corruption' is not jargon for time-passing discussion. Eliminating it is an undeniable socio-political necessity for healthy and peaceful living in any society. 'Understanding' and 'not understanding' this concept created variations between 1st world and 3rd world. Turning an honest society into a corrupt one is a complicated and elaborate endeavor. But it becomes a cakewalk easy if a corrupt leader can be placed at the top of an honest society or country by any means (democratic election or military coup). Corrupt leadership will produce a domino effect in society and quickly turn honest traditions into rampant corruption. This is what is going on in global Muslim communities uninterrupted by the   enemy of    Islam(EOI).

Imran Khan, a world-class celebrity, suddenly decided to clear his motherland of corruption; he started his political career only 26 years back with a pristine motive of honesty. Leaving aside an extraordinary luxury life in a foreign land, he has decided to take the hardship for the cause of honesty in Pakistan. A notorious corrupt domestic cabal backed by EOI has removed Imran from power; fine enough. Still, in the process, Imran ensured that he had exposed all criminals in uniform and in civil. The cabal who jointly sucked the resources of Pakistan and dumped them in foreign countries for the last 30 years. No political party supported Imran Khan or his party PTI; all other 13 parties joined together to oppose PTI. The good news is; the people of Pakistan have realized that last 30 years, the party in power and the opposition party, being hopelessly corrupt, were playing the drama of democracy and had been looting national resources ruthlessly.

That a single honest person cannot reverse the psyche of a nation, Imran Khan is a living example. He has probably realized that man gets morally corrupt long before acting on it. Before he launched a psycho-cleansing operation to reconstitute the moral fabric of his people, he was removed from power. EOI didn’t want to give Imran more time, so they quickly coordinated a regime change operation utilizing a civil/military corrupt cabal. EOI could place Bajwa as the martial law administrator but did not do that because, via social media, anonymous keyboard warriors have done sufficient damage to his credibility and exposed his link with local corrupt political leaders and EOI.

Imran Khan needs brainwashing experts for the job he envisages for the people of Pakistan. The purpose should be to reconstitute their moral fabrics and purify their hearts and minds, which have been deliberately corrupted by EOI ideological subversion experts (click here). It is very much doable a proposal; Imran needs some lieutenants who are capable of the job.

Those interested in knowing the requirement to be a ruler/executive head of a Muslim community may click the link below for absolute clarity. The global Muslim community should watch the video and select their leader accordingly. Party allegiance is inappropriate and a misnomer when choosing a leader, as per Sharia. The democratic political system helped EOI to pick Gaddars (traitors) for Muslim communities as leaders to loot national resources relentlessly. Though you may find the 'subject head' of the video is different, it clarifies the need for honesty in Muslim society: See here.

The situation in Pakistan has almost reached a point of no return. Through corrupt government officials, Hostile Intelligence Service (HIS) has penetrated Pakistan through and through. HIS can conduct sensitive sabotage action in any city in Pakistan now. If some activities are performed in and around Pak nuclear sites, it will produce severe panic in the mind of the international body of think tanks. Continuous political unrest with no apparent solution may lead the world body to declare Pakistan a failed state. To prevent the threat of accidental nuclear proliferation, EOI may arrange to claim Pakistan as an 'ungoverned space' and strongly recommend removing Pak atomic assets to a safer country. Therefore coming back of Imran Khan to power in Pakistan is a must. Let us hope the people of Pakistan quickly understand that and can defeat EOI and their domestic cabal to protect the sovereignty of their motherland.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Money Talks Bullshit Walks Away

Money Talks Bullshit Walks Away

A great American expression perfectly applicable to whatever Punjab CM Pervez Elahi is talking about now. So long, he expressed his steadfast loyalty to Imran Khan and PTI but now, at the point of decision, he is talking reverse. Is it a 3rd world political syndrome? Or something different? Yes, it is a common 3rd world political syndrome, as we have seen with 22 PTI Parliamentarians at the time of the parliamentary coup in Pakistan. Let us analyze why Pervej Elahi being so loyal to Imran Khan, suddenly changed his direction of loyalty. Was he a patriot before and suddenly became a traitor? If so, why? or was he a traitor before but suddenly became a patriot and talking sense? A huge and genuine question?

Previously he was with a proven patriot and honest leader, Imran Khan, but now he is talking in favor of a proven traitor General Bajwa. One need not be a rocket scientist to comprehend that. Either he was speaking before but bullshiting now, or he was bullshiting before but now talking. We may deduce a reasonable assumption over this puzzling change of conduct by Pervez Elahi. A most probable reasonable assumption is: he was bullshiting before, but after getting a handsome kickback from billionaire Gen Bajwa, he is talking now. He is praising Gen Bajwa, knowing fully well that Bajwa has been proved to the nation beyond doubt as a traitor of the century. Here American idiom is perfectly applied, “Money talks, bullshit walks away,”

It is time to make Pakistan a bullshit-free zone by whatever means. Parvej Elahi has taken the side of a traitor as he has received sufficient to talk in his favor. Speaking in favor of Bajwa means talking in favor of the enemy of Islam (EOI). Bajwa was a traitor in uniform, and Pervez Elai is a traitor in civil. All his future attempts must be defeated for Pakistan's survival as a sovereign state. May Allah Pak rescue Muslims of Pakistan from all these Munafiqun and Gaddars.

Monday, December 19, 2022

Why ‘Allah’ is the basic name of the Creator?

Why ‘Allah’ is the basic name of the Creator?

What is in a name; especially when it relates to the name of the almighty Creator? In every name, there are two components: basic, and what is known in the Arabic language as sifat or ornamental. To unearth how the name Allah -- the very basic and mostly used name of the Creator -- has originated and got into uses, one must dig into its contextual roots.

But first, let us find what the creator has said about the "languages" of the human beings in the books of religions. In the holy Quran,the creator says:“He created man, He taught him eloquent speech." (Surah Ar-Rahman, Ayat 3&4).The meaning of this Ayat (sentence in the Arabic) eloquently clarifies that the creator has created the human beings and provided them with languages to communicate.

Upon checking few major languages we discovered a surprising finding. By the first letter of all languages, one can write or pronounce "Allah." Accent or phonetics may vary, but it is the first letter of every language that is required to take the name of the creator (Allah); the way it is in the holy Quran. The most common and inadvertent reaction of a non-believer to that finding would be: "It is simply a coincidence." In reality, this is how an unfortunate one slips away from comprehending the truth.

The holy Quran is the last message from the Creator to human beings, although the creator provided us the languages millions of years ago. Research shows, He has sent his original name, in the most visible manner, in the last book (Quran), but did not fail to inscribe or insinuate His basic name of Allah in other books and messages predating the revelation of the Quran.That is why one finds that every language starts with a letter that sounds the basic name of the almighty Creator.

Many may claim that alphabet A, by which the name Allah is pronounced, is a fundamental sound of human vocal cord and, that is how it has taken the first position of the alphabets in every language. That argument does not stand the scrutiny of logic or empiricism. When different languages were taking the shape of today's alphabets, who knew about the basic or peripheral sound in those days? Besides; who has fixed the vocal cord in a manner that it can easily pronounce the first alphabet that constitutes the Creator’s basic name, Allah.

Hypothetically speaking, the English alphabets could have started with the word "G," as it means God, or "C", to denote the name of the Christ. But it starts with "A"! "G" being the 7th letter, which is honored as "Lucky 7". Because the word "God" starts with "G" and, it is the 7th letter of the English alphabets, it has the moniker of being lucky. The letter "M," on the other hand, is denigrated, being the 13th of the alphabets; hence it is "Unlucky 13." Many even say M is unlucky to the Christianity and the Judaism followers because the name of the last prophet Mohammed (sm) starts with an M.

However, one needs to think deeply why the alphabetic sound “A” is placed at the beginning of every language. In the West, multi storied buildings judiciously skip 13th floor; upper class hotels in most cases bypass number 13 when numbering their rooms. Even in passenger aircraft there is sometimes the conspicuous absence of seat number 13. Is it a subconscious fear? A mistake? Hate? Or a socially accepted superstition, or something else? Let’s call it an induced perception.

Since “A” is for Allah, not for God, it is impossible to rearrange the alphabetic order. If such reorganization would be possible, it would have been done long time before for all the languages. The Creator has about 4,000 ornamental names in the revealed books: Torah, Jabur, Engil and Quran. The Quran only contains 100 of those names. The basic name Allah is revealed in the Quran more emphatically than in any other books of revelations.

For the sake of argument, if we look at the different names of the companies: proprietorship, private/public limited or multinational, all has a meaningful or a brand name. When the companies are different, the name of the owner/founder is by design different. But when there is a group of companies owned by a single individual, the name of the top boss remains the same!

Likewise, if human beings of different religions are considered as groups of religious companies, then the top boss remains obviously the same creator. What then should be his name? Can we have a boss with different names for one-person-owned different companies? No; boss is not going to like such a nuisance and, consequently, he is going to take care of the guys calling him by the name he didn't want.

Moreover, out of sheer love, a beloved may be called by any name. If the beloved gets to know that his/her lover does not know his/her original name, then what? If the beloved gets to know that out of sheer hate, chauvinism or narcissism, one does not accept boss’s original name, then what? All the prayers and abstinence from alluring worldly things can be a complete waste.

In Islam, the basic name of the creator is Allah, but He has more 99 other beautiful names, which are all His attributes. Similarly, He has 72 such attributes in the Hebrew language. Therefore, one may soundly, and confidently, deduce that, if the 1st letter of all the languages indicates a particular name of the Creator, that is the most likely name (Allah) of Him, and, that is the proper and perfect nomenclature and denomination of the almighty Creator.

The religion which offers this most probable name of the Creator should rationally be accepted as the most accurate message from the Creator. A clear headed person with balanced judicial sense of mind cannot but accept its bona fide and the veracity.

Above all, the word “Allah” is unique as it does not conjure up imaginative or cognitive graphics, nor can it be played around with. The Muslims prefer calling Allah instead of the English “God” because the Arabic word “Allah” is pure and unique; unlike the English word God which can be played about and caricaturized in different ways: such as Gods, Goddess, Godfather, Godmother, Tin god and so on.

The word “Allah” comes from the Arabic word “elah,” meaning a God or anything similar to that which is worthy of worship. Truth may be subdued for the time being, but can never be buried forever. The socialism espoused by Karl Marks perished within 50 years, but Islam, struggling under so much of duress for last 600 years,is still surviving and advancing in such a manner that it is forcing the entire humanity to reckon and reminisce its divineness. That is why, for ages, a significantly large number of elites from all over the world have received this blessing and came within the serene fold of Islam.

This article is dedicated to those blessed and learned ones like Michael Jackson, Malcolm X or Princes Diana and so on, who had to shed their lives only for reverting to true Islam; not for the pseudo religious leaders like Louise Farrakhan, King of Saudi Arabia, Osama Bin-Laden or Dr Zakir Naik. May Allah bless the humanity with true faith! Amen.

(The languages researched for this article are: English, Bengali, Urdu, Hindi, Farsi, Hebrew, Russian, German, Roman, Ancient Greek, Greek, Marathi, Japanese, Latin, Sanskrit, Spanish, and French, etc.)

Saturday, December 17, 2022

   Bipolar Disorder Of Pervaiz Elahi

Bipolar Disorder Of Pervaiz Elahi

Bipolar disorder is a human illness not related to physical health, is it a Psychotic disorder. Generally shifting of mood from ecstasy to depression or vice versa. We are not here to discuss a change of mood but a change of ethical standpoints between good and bad, angel and devil, hell and heaven, between patriot and traitor.

One axiomatic saying is, “A patriot can never be a politician.” It is true in most cases, with some exceptions, where sometime a patriot may lead politics to remove dirty corrupt politics from the system. Based on the ethical standpoint, we may divide politicians into two categories:

The best examples between the two are available in Pakistan’s ongoing politics. Young Pervaiz Elahi joined Pak politics to make a career and help Pakistan become a politically stable country. When he entered the race, he could realize that without compromising his ethical value, he would be bolted out of the race. As he gradually climbed up the ladder, he had to shed out his ethics frequently to remain in the race. Thereby at the moment, he is a typical ‘Third World’ corrupt leader leading his party PML-Q. After about thirty years, all of a sudden, an honest person join in Pak politics. He produced a tsunami of honesty and patriotism in Pakistan's corrupt political environment. Imran Khan is the initiator of that holistic enthusiasm.

It is important to understand that the enemy of Islam (EOI) always wants to place corrupt leaders at the helm of the affairs of all Muslim countries. So that they remain permanently 3rd world countries in the process, all their resources, including quality human resources, automatically migrate to their countries. High-quality academics go and settle in the west for a comfortable living, and the corrupt leaders send billions of corrupt money by money laundering. In both ways, EOI is benefitted if they can keep Muslim countries under corruption permanently.

People of Pakistan started liking Imran Khan as a pathfinder towards honest Pakistan. Few recently conducted election has proved that thirteen combined corrupt political party candidates failed miserably against single party PTI and a single individual Imran Khan.

Like most other Pakistanis, Pervaiz Elahi also knows that Imran Khan is the only honest and patriotic leader to lead the honest political party, PTI. One side of his heart wants to support the honesty of Imran Khan, but the other side of his heart wants to continue to support the corrupt party PDM. That is why sometimes he helps PTI but again gives conditions to Imran Khan to put PTI on the back foot. This is a typical symptom of a person with Psychotic bipolar disorder. He does not deserve admonishment rather he deserves help to be out of a corrupt mindset. A dwindling mindset cannot be cured by the individual affected. He needs counseling from experts. If PDM leaders are 50% honest and Imran Khan is 51%, the nation should line up behind Imran Khan. If someone comes up as 53% person honest, the nation should salute him, not Imran Khan. If the people of Pakistan make the decision to support honest leadership, they will get their long-lost honest Pakistan, and the country will eventually join the first world.

The people of Pakistan have lost all three ethical value systems due to corrupt political practices for a prolonged period. However, the arrival of PTI led by Imran Khan showed them the audacity of hope for a better future. If the people of Pakistan, irrespective of party or leadership, do not line up behind Imran Khan, one can only feel sorry for the people of Pakistan. Either change their attitude from corruption to honesty this time or miss a “once in a lifetime opportunity” for themselves and their future generation. All close associates of Parvaiz Elai must ensure that he is out of criminal influence and join honest Imran Khan and PTI once and for all. This time he should pull himself out of his corrupt political mentors and friends. He should visualize that getting an honest leader like Imran Khan may take another hundred years. May Allah Pak bless Parvaiz Elahi and the people of Pakistan.