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Islam Vs Pak Political Crisis

Islam Vs Pak Political Crisis

A Muslim, by definition, is supposed to be a Patriot as it is part of the Akaaid/Imaan. If Pakistani Muslims believe in Islam, they have no alternative but to love their country and a leader who is honest and Patriotic. A true Patriot is supposed to despise proven criminals and looters leading and representing various political parties. Pakistan is an Islamic republic that, in theory, should practice democracy as a system of governance. The ongoing system is agreeable, but we must go deep and try to find out who leads their parties. Are they being governed by Muslims by birth? Or Muslims by conviction? The last thirty years of Pakistan's track record suggest that Islam or patriotism never existed in their principles or agenda.

In any democratic society/country, leaders are selected by public opinion, this is what is expected, but does Pakistan follow democracy in reality? If so, why people of Pakistan are ruled by ruthless criminals repeatedly? Why did the military help them to remain in power and remove them at their will? Pakistan is set to be ruled by two proven corrupt dynasties. Although the name is the Islamic republic, most leaders are western educated, and some are more western than Westerners in the true sense. The blind practice of democracy has made them forget that they belong to Islam or its basic tenets. Even when a hafiz (Person who has memorized the holy Quran) (COAS), also does not know that 'Islam is not just a religion, but a complete way of life’ can be practiced at any place, anytime, or under any circumstances.’ According to authentic Hadees Sharif, our Rosul Sollallahu Alaihi Wa Alihi Wa Sallam said: It was narrated that Abu Bakar RadiAllahu Anhu said: "Allah protected me with something that I heard from Rosul Sollallahu Alaihi Wa Alihi Wa Sallam. When Chosroes (King) died, he said: 'Whom have they appointed as his successor?' They said: 'His daughter.' He said: 'No people will ever prosper who entrust their leadership to a woman. (Sunan an-Nasa'i 5388)

So A.B. Maryam Nawaz should be out of the political boxing ring to compete in a race to be the PM of Pakistan. There are five more Hadees Sharif at the link Here

Now, it is the choice of the Muslims of Pakistan if they should violate authentic Hadees Sharif and guarantee their entrance to hell by accepting woman’s leadership or reject that and expect heaven in the hereafter. Someone ignorant Muslims may claim that Hadees Sharif may not be as authentic as Sacred Quran Sharif; for them, Sacred Quran Sharif said in Surah-Nisaa: 4:80: “He who obeys the Rosul Sollallahu Alaihi Wa Alihi Wa Sallam has obeyed Allah The Greatest, but those who turn away – We have not sent you over them as a guardian."

This verse implies that not obeying Hadees Sharif means violating Sacred Quran Sharif. Another time Allah Pak said in Sacred Quran Sharif: "Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah The Greatest has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth.." (An-Nisaa 4:34).

This verse also clearly dictates that women cannot be leaders of men, let alone leaders of a nation.

A Chinese golden saying is: 'Enemies enemy is my friend, and enemy's friend is my enemy.' This simple equation has to be understood by the Muslims of Pakistan. Now the enemy of Islam (EOI) is the enemy of Pakistan; whoever is friendly to EOI is, by default, enemies of Islam and Muslims. PTI, being considered an enemy of EOI, has conducted a regime change operation and replaced them with a friendly political conglomerate in the name PDM. Munafiqs will not be able to comprehend the issue here. Because according to the Sacred Quranic language, they are part of Taghut and Satan.

Surah An–Nisaa: Verse 76 says, ‘Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah The Greatest, and those who disbelieve fight in the cause of Taghut. So fight against the allies of Satan. Indeed, the plot of Satan has never been weak.’

The people of Pakistan are now divided into two distinct groups: those who believe in Islam and are patriotic and those who are unconsciously on the side of Satan, Taghut, or EOI. PDM is a proven team of EOI / Satan. Imran Khan has exposed this division with absolute clarity for the people of Pakistan to choose from. Party supporters may change their allegiance at any time, but it is difficult for those in service, particularly those in uniform. For them, they must be tactful and avoid following unlawful commands on the ground that is harmful to the nation. At this point in time arrest order for Imran Khan by the imported Hukumat is an absolutely unlawful order because they have no genuine legitimacy to be in the power of Pakistan.

Domestic slaves of EOI have turned the people of Pakistan into citizens of a slave nation for the last thirty years. America appears to be the main enemy of Islam, but in reality, America is also someone else's slave under cover of democracy. In 'decision making,' Indian Modi enjoys more freedom than that American president Joe Biden. Modi belongs to the extreme racist party RSS and is a friend of Jewish Israel. Americans, for the most part, although being god-fearing Christians and completely gullible and being manipulated by the atheistic stimulus, are treated like slaves by the 1.9 % Jewish population there; consequently, Like all the presidents before him Joe Biden is under the complete control of American Zionist oligarchs because for the past seventy-five years or so (Basically since second world war) no presidential candidate dared to go against the will of Israel and remain in power or politics. The battle of Ukraine is a battle between Jewish power and Orthodox Christianity; automatically, Russia is supposed to get the full support of Muslim world power. 1450 years back, Sacred Quran Sharif mentioned in Surah Al- Maaida, Verse: 82: You will surely find the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers [to be] the Jews and those who associate others with Allah;(idol worshiper), and you will find the nearest of them in affection to the believers those who say, “We are Christians.” That is because among them are priests and monks and because they are not arrogant.

Now it is clear that Pakistan can never be a truly independent state under the leadership of EOI representatives, who are openly supported and controlled by America but surreptitiously controlled by Zionist Israel. It may be the last chance for the people of Pakistan to select their real hero who will give them the test of Hakiki Azadi and free Pakistan from the clutch of EOI-dominated Gaddars and looters.

Jaago Pakistani Nawjoyan Jaago!

Jaago Pakistani Nawjoyan Jaago!

Not every generation is blessed with such a unique opportunity to do something for their nation as the youths of Pakistan have right now. The enemies of ISLAM and of Pakistan are united and determined to impede its progress by the leadership of Imran Khan. They are adopting all methods to thwart Pakistan's growth and replace Imran with a crony they can manipulate and control. The time has come, and you have no moment to lose but act. Pakistan is in dire straits and in deep trouble.

You have to engage in the affairs of your nation. Get informed, learn to see the signs of dangers around you, sift through numerous misinformation, and identify information that matters to you and your country. Recognize who is a patriot and who is a traitor. Learn about the politicians and leaders and read about them and their lifestyles and family from sources and people who essentially are neutral and patriotic and not part of the corrupt establishments, either the political parties, bureaucrats, or military leaders. Once you figure that out, you need to form your own opinion and be energized and energize others.

There is a lot of work to do, and Imran Khan, or any other leader, cannot do it alone without your support. No matter your expertise, you can contribute to this once-in-a-lifetime effort to regain your rights and rebuild your nation. You are young, vibrant, energetic, and full of potential and not bound by obligations, family, job, etc., forcing older people to fear reprisal. The enemy cannot control you by any means, even individually. When you join forces and form a collective movement (One already processed by Imran supporters), you become so formidable that it will bring fear into the enemy's hearts anywhere in the world. You must learn to work diligently, take pain and suffering and even die for your country, my young brothers. From the moment we are born, we are destined to die one day, but not many of us had an opportunity to have a leader like Imran, who is hardworking, simple, educated, selfless, visionary, charismatic, and above all, a "True Patriot ."You will also need to identify the plethora of propaganda out there and pouring down daily. These are about Imran and his party; when you see them, you need to investigate appropriately and then ignore them.

As human beings, we are always critical of our leaders, which is natural. You need to look at the history of Islam at its beginning from the time of our Rosul Sollallahu Alaihi Wa Alihi Wa Sallam and see how He and his Khalifa lived and administered the Muslim umma being a true leader, just, hardworking, simple, possessing impeccable character and above all a strict disciplined decent human being. They were not perfect as we know; only our Sacred Rosul Sollallahu Alaihi Wa Alihi Wa Sallam was the only one created by the Almighty as a perfect one for creation as a role model, something even the non-Muslims recognize more and more time and time. But we do not see those messages in the mainstream public media as the enemy of ISLAM controls all of those institutions and is afraid of such events as it can inspire non-Muslims which may help them to decide to convert.

In the end, please sit down and read and reread this message and think and ponder on the issues. May the almighty ALLAH and his Rosul Sollallahu Alaihi Wa Alihi Wa Sallam's Sunnah be with you every step of the way!!

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Beauty And The Beast (A.B. Maryam Nawaz And Rana Sana)

Beauty And The Beast (A.B. Maryam Nawaz And Rana Sana)

A thoughtful film director with foresight can produce a film in the name ‘The New Beauty and the Beast,’ using Pakistani political personalities. We have a beauty queen in Pak politics aspiring to be the PM. This is her father's expectation, family right, and in accordance with the Enemy of Islam's (EOI) desire. A thug-headed beauty queen will keep Pakistan economically dependent on foreign loans the way her father kept for decades. The name Maryam Nawaz has been prefixed with an abbreviation of A.B., the de-abbreviation of which is ‘artificial beauty.’ Nawaz Sharif has spent a few million pounds (looted funds) to operate several plastic surgeries to beautify her daughter’s face.

That she is an ‘AB’ is very easy to detect. See some of her pre-marriage pictures or even during-marriage pictures. Her beauty was less than a regular Pakistani girl, but now she has been transformed into a paragon of beauty. She has been launched in Pakistan politics with mesmerizing beauty to influence innocent Muslims of Pakistan. Now she compares herself with the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. One can never find any picture of her young age with her original face on the internet. Those pictures are technically and logically removed from the cyber world. All uploaded pictures are new and of her present age. The people of Pakistan are Muslim, but they have forgotten that our Rasul Sollallahu Alaihi Wa Alihi Wassallam said: When Chosroes died, he said: 'Whom have they appointed as his successor?' They said: 'His daughter.' He said: 'No people will ever prosper who entrust their leadership to a woman. (Sunan an-Nasa'i 5388)

Those who are supporting AB Maryam Nawaz are knowingly or unknowingly going out of Islam for violating Sacred Hadees Shareef. And they are sure to face harsh justice after death. There are five more references on women's leadership at the end of this paper.  

Pakistani people need to know plastic surgery may enhance the beauty of a woman, but it can never make a low-IQ woman an intelligent and capable leader. She covers her head one-third by the veil; the purpose is to let people know that she believes in Islamic attire but keeps two third of her head out of the veil to show the beauty of her hair to the public. Such practice is very common among Pakistani female politicians. AB Maryam Nawaz has been made beautiful by western medical science, the way Malala has been made famous by western intelligence organizations and western mainstream media.

Quite logically, well-informed and critical thinking Pakistani identified Rana Sana as the ‘beast.’ In Bollywood, he can act as ‘Gabbar Sing’ at ease without any makeup; in Hollywood, he can act as Dracula. Without any extra makeup, he can perform these roles with ease. In the case of Dracula, he may only have to fix two extra canine teeth to look like real Dracula. This pair, ‘beauty and the beast,’ is now trying to fool the people of Pakistan once again into accepting the slavery of EOI. They will have constant backup support from EOI mainstream media and their intelligence apparatus.

Here Are Five References On Women's Leadership:

1) Sahih al-Bukhari 4425

2) Sahih al-Bukhari 7099

3) Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2262

4) Sunan an-Nasa'i 5388

5) Mishkat al-Masabih 3693

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For Pakistan, Imran Khan Is A Curse  Or Blessings

For Pakistan, Imran Khan Is A Curse Or Blessings

At the advent of Islam, Scholars, and researchers of two important religions (Christianity & Judaism) Could precisely apprehend the coming of our holy prophet (SAW) as it is mentioned in their major books. Many people of those two religions reverted to Islam, but a significant portion remained in their old faith. But the scholars of those two religions were very worried as they knew that the advancement/growth of Islam was unstoppable. Subduing any attempt that benefits Islam became a constant challenge for the non-Muslim world and their leaders, otherwise known as the 'Enemy of Islam (EOI).' This challenge begin from day one when Nabi Karim Sallallahu Alaihe Wa Alihi Wasallam started his arduous journey of inviting people towards the Creator by denuding all confusion regarding creation and idol worshiping. At the dawn of Islam, the problem existed only locally. Still, at the apparent twilight of Islam, EOI successfully ensured that Muslim-populated areas of the world are either under non-Muslim statecraft or ruled by so-called Muslim leaders who are disgustingly corrupt with no leadership quality. Their additional qualification is unflinching loyalty to the EOI to remain in power.

This is the state of affairs where Imran Khan wanted to bring about a change in Pakistan. Last thirty years, according to the EOI setup, Pakistan was doing fine under two corrupt dynastic ruling parties. Once Imran Khan took over as PM, he could not accept the arrangement of pseudo-freedom undercover democracy. He demanded absolute freedom for Pakistan with independent foreign policy and all other policies without foreign dictation or foreign intervention. Imran Khan is out of power at the moment, but the damage he has done to EOI is he has exposed EOI's hidden control mechanism to all Pakistani and the whole Muslim world. A Muslim country may have any governance, pseudo-democracy, military dictatorship, or kingship; anything is OK so long as corrupt by-borne Muslims rule them. A Muslim ruler cannot be a Muslim by conviction like Imran Khan. He is a proven charismatic leader with unquestionable honesty and a Muslim by conviction. Except for Turkey, Muslims today are envious of Pakistani for having a leader like Imran Khan.

Imran Khan has damaged the EOI by initiating a tsunami of patriotism and honesty in Pakistan. Should he fall victim to the EOI assassination attempt, he must raise 9 to 10 ‘Imran Khan’ within the party to replace him. Open declaration of available replacements is of utmost importance to dilute future assassination attempts. This information needs to be made viral for the same purpose. He should let know the people of Pakistan and also the EOI that in politics, he played the same technique that he successfully applied during the selection of Pakistan cricket team players. He precisely selected the talents and pursued them to enhance individual potential up to their limit and work as a team for the honor and dignity of their motherland.

Similarly, for his party, PTI, he picked up some dedicated politicians who are honest and ready to lead Pakistan towards honesty; thereby people of Pakistan enjoy absolute freedom. PTI will continue to lead the country towards honesty like Wasim Akram, or Babor Azom is doing now for the Pak cricket team. Imran Khan only set the pace and gave the impetus to raising the standard. In the last 70 years, none really tried so hard to get the country back on an honest footing. This may be the last or only chance available for God-forsaken Pakistanis to make use of.

An acceptable reality is; it is easy to be personally honest but hard to turn corrupt into honest. Such a venture requires special skills and expertise not available on the shelf. And Knowledge on such a theme is never shared by the perpetrator who helps domestic criminals to remain in power and suck the resources of Muslim countries. Islam does not believe in incarnation except on the day of resurrection, but it appears that Ertugrul Gazi has reincarnated here in Pakistan as Imran Khan. The whole nation was supposed to stand beside him to free Pakistan from invisibly organized slavery. This is almost a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ as it took long 70 years to produce one Imran Khan by country, Pakistan. If North Korea or Cuba being tiny countries, remain independent, why not Pakistan being relatively big and militarily strong?

The tsunami of outrage produced by Imran Khan’s removal from the chair should sweep across Pakistan. Criminal syndicates should not be thrown in the trash but in a shredder machine once and for all. PM office and PM house should be only for Prime Minister, not Crime Minister. Another vital area to take care of is the Pak army and Pakistan Judiciary. For the last 70 years, the way EOI has used/abused and misused Pakistani statecraft; can quickly be resolved forever with very few statecraft-level policy changes.

Imran is a legendary death-defying leader, charismatic with unquestionable honesty, and a Muslim by conviction. Under the circumstance, Imran Khan is the legitimate target of EOI, like that of General Suleimani, Scientist Fakrejadi, or Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. A foolproof physical protection and psychosomatic defense need to be in place for Imran Khan forthwith. Imran Khan is not a curse but a blessing from Almighty Allah for the people of Pakistan. Fervently hope and pray for enduring peace, stability, and constant growth for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Subservient Pakistan Army

Subservient Pakistan Army

The name may sound belittling or insulting to any Pakistani, but once one reads it through, he/she will find it agreeable with the author. To be candid, it is not only the Pak army; it applies to most Muslim countries' armies worldwide. Our objective is to crystallize how well-fed, well-clad Muslim armies gradually become subservient to the enemy of Islam (EOI). From Tunisia to Indonesia, every Muslim country has plunged into this chronic vulnerability of military coups. Let us take the example of the Indo-Pak subcontinent; countries were divided in 1947; since then, Pakistan suffered about a dozen of military coups; Bangladesh had its independent in 1971, and it also suffered the almost equal amount of military coups, but there was never any military coup in India, any coup in Israel or America. We call them the Enemy of Islam (EOI).

Irrespective of nationality, Muslims who love Islam and their motherland should feel a light bulb turning on in their head after reading and thinking this through. A military coup is not a volcano that erupts with or without notice suddenly. It is a planned and protracted operation that starts with subversion within the rank and file and, at the right time, gets executed at the end of an internecine clash within the statecraft. Such politico-military hiccup has become the order of the day for any Muslim country worldwide. A coup is never a sudden irruption out of anything, so it can be assumed that it is surreptitiously cooked up by someone or a group against a Muslim country. Who could be that someone? Who are those who act as friends of Muslim countries and provide support and aid to train defense officials in their (EOI) countries finally? To comprehend how and why military coup is common in Muslim countries, (Please click the link here).

The death knell of General Bajwa's military career rang when Imran Khan suddenly concluded his 1st street march in Islamabad on 25th May 2022. General Bajwa was ready to order his loyal corps commanders to subdue the unrest had it started and promulgate martial law. But Imran Khan, realizing the fact, made a quick decision and safely withdrew his man from the spot. This was a pure tactical re-deployment (TRD) according to military terminology. In the process, Gen Mir Bajwa lost his chance to be the president of Pakistan, at least a Martial law Administrator, for a few more years. However, under the ongoing pathetic political situation, enforcement of martial law will be a goodbye to the state of Pakistan. If General Asif Munir asks for martial law, he will prove to be the worst Gaddar than General Mir Bajwa.

Once a talent is spotted and hooked by EOI, he is continuously nourished by maintaining contact by various means. Electronic communication is generally used as the primary communication means. Still, there may be a necessity to have other means of communication as well, like 'Dead Drop' (DD,)' Live Drop' (LD), or Personal Meeting (PM). This PM is the most effective means where the message or instruction of EOI can be passed down to local Gaddars’ in person with the highest level of secrecy and comfort. EOI has made a special arrangement to ensure constant contact (PM) with local Gaddars. They have introduced a harmless and entertaining game named Golf in all Muslim countries. All Golf grounds in Every Muslim country are adjacent to military bases, where foreign dignitaries, local political leaders, and defense officials play for a long hour together in a friendly environment. This is one of the best places identified by intelligence societies today for PM.

There is a saying in the west which goes like this, "These days and ages, many corporate decisions are made in the golf course instead of board rooms.". Historically, Gaddars can remain in power in a Muslim country for a very long time, whereas a patriotic true Muslim leader cannot. The situation in Pakistan is an example. Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif in the political arena, or General Mir Bajwa in the defense arena must have been recruited way back when they were coming up as young and promising leaders. This process of subversion is one of the major responsibilities of all EOI professional intelligence organizations. The way EOI penetrated the statecrafts of Pakistan and how they have systemically and methodically neutralized and contaminated the moral fabric of the citizens is almost beyond the imagination of the average human being. Their simple realization is; the leadership of Pakistan is corrupt, and they have a deep friendship with EOI.

However, EOI never expected that someday, a leader of Pakistan could unite the entire mass under a single umbrella of honest leadership. Imran Khan has come up here as a thorn inside a sandwich named Pakistan made out of local Gaddars on one side and EOI on the other. A military coup can never be stopped as long as the process of turning patriots into Gaddars in Muslim countries is not detected and countermeasures are taken effectively. Senior Gaddar officers promote junior officers who the EOI recently hooked. Senior Gaddars receive clear instructions as such; in the process, patriotic officers are sidelined and pruned from the system. General Bajwa is a proven Gaddar. When he commanded the Pakistan army for six long years, whom he favored promotion to the rank of Lt General? It should be a serious issue to ponder. Suppose a group of twenty defense officers go for training abroad; out of that, if ten can be hooked by honey traps, that makes a great success for EOI.

Every year, many officers visit EOI land for training, which makes the process easy and continuous. After hooking up potential talents, gradually turning them into agents is a fine-tuned apparatus and classified arrangement of EOI. Initially, every human desire of a prospective agent is fulfilled without his knowledge. Once he is wholly recruited and brainwashed, then only asked to work for EOI; at that point, he is totally in control of EOI. His loyalty takes a complete U-turn from patriotism to Gaddary. This is why Muslim countries' corrupt political and military leaders are more loyal and subservient to EOI than their own nations. Bangladesh is also facing similar consequences. Thousands of army, navy, and air force officers are visiting India for training, and judges of the high court and Supreme Court are also part of it. The worst case scenario is thousands of police, and admin cadre officers are also visiting India for training regularly. This is called the battle of perception, in which Pakistan lost to India 53 years back in 1971, again in the process of getting defeated under the present corrupt regime. Those who are interested to know "Battle of Perception." is conducted on Muslim countries may click the link (Here).

It is easy to hook up a young, tough, and energetic Pakistani future leader by using trained beauty queens as bait in an organized honey trap. At that age, they may have a hundred percent patriotism, but their pent-up energy and carnal desire remain at their highest peak. Automatically they are easy to hunt, and this is a reality. The best swimmer cannot catch a fish by hand going underwater because fishes are intelligent enough to dodge the best swimmer. But intelligent fish is easily caught when the bait is placed underwater by a fishing rod. This is nature; this is how a brilliant and patriotic young Pakistani becomes a solid Gaddar once he gradually goes up the ladder and grows old but powerful. EOI Female spies are trained to seduce men and bend their loyalty towards affluence, lust, and career from patriotism, draining their moral and ethical values. Once they can be trapped in this, they gradually become toys/puppets of EOI; in the process promising young officers or political leaders become enemies of his/her own nation. Initially, they are left for a certain period as sleeper agents, only to be called when needed. After a thorough EOI special classified training, they are tasked to act as Agents in Place (AIP) or Agents of Influence (AOI). Like, top-graded young defense officers can be perfect AIPs in the future, and young political/social leaders like Bilawal Bhutto, Malala, or Mariam Nawaj are suitable candidates for Pakistan's political arena.

Point to note here is that every Muslim country needs a leader like Imran Khan to achieve their Hakiki Azadi.

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Imran Khan Is the Problem - Part 2

Imran Khan Is the Problem - Part 2

It may be upsetting for some to read the title of the article. To start with, let us elucidate the glitch. Imran Khan is the arch enemy of the ‘Enemy of Islam’ (EOI), those who are responsible for the ongoing political turmoil and unrest in Pakistan. He is a genuine enemy of EOI for the following reasons:

a). He is a patriot.

b). He is honest.

c). He is intelligent.

d). He has no weaknesses that someone can exploit.

e. He is a firm believer in Islam.

f. He wants to see a corruption-free and the Gaddar-free Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

g. He is a western educated Muslim intellectual.

h). Even after repeated attempts, EOI had failed to recruit him when he was a young and world-class celebrity.

In essence, all the traits mentioned above have made Imran a potential target of EOI, with whom the option they are left is to liquidate him by any means. EOI has developed an extremely shrewd mechanism by which all Muslim countries have a massive variation between their expectation and reality. Although honest, the mass majority will remain under deep coercion by corrupt leadership. In Pakistan, under the cover of democracy and friendship, different kinds of exchange programs are conducted. Higher education, professional training, and foreign trips are set up and used for recruiting new young talents. They are hooked at a young age, handpicked, trained, and eventually turn into Gaddars/traitors to work for EOI when they reach their respective heights of policy and decision-making.

The situation of Pakistan was acceptable by EOI under two (dynastic) party democracies for quite a long time. However, the problem began when Imran Khan entered the power-sharing game and wanted an independent policy for Pakistan as a sovereign state without any direct or indirect influence or coercion of foreign ideology or power. He realized nuclear power is no protection for sovereignty; had it been so, the Soviet Union would not have lost its sovereignty in 1991. They had thousands of nuclear warheads, but massive corruption, lack of deep social consciousness, and finally hooked-up leader Mikhail Gorbachev failed to prevent the collapse of the USSR.

Currently, being patriotic and a leader with dignity and foresight, Vladimir Putin is a problem for the same western atheistic power (EOI cabal). EOI does not dare a regime change operation in Russia, where KGB is a proven professional, efficient, and dedicated intelligence organization. For Pakistan, ISI is just an organization with all the facilities that Pakistan can offer but perform under proven Gaddar, presently headed by General Navid Anjum. Instead of providing security to Pakistan, they have become a threat to Pakistan's security. Their possible involvement in Ashraf Sharif's assassination elucidates that. ISI professional competency has reached its lowest ebb; the Peshawar Mosque explosion is the most recent proof of that (ISI inefficiency).

Recently three conditions offered by Pak Army to Imran Khan for an early election speak involvement of ISI in Arshad Sharif's assassination and a similar attempt on Imran Khan. 90% people of Pakistan want Imran in power; who are you to give conditions? Are you the owner of Pakistan? or is it the people of Pakistan? Is Pakistan a Peoples' Republic? Banana republic or a military Republic? DG ISI, Your actions have exposed your rear end completely. By trying to resist Imran Khan or assassinate him, you are putting the sovereignty of Pakistan at risk all over again. Such activities of your and Gen Asif Munir may place the name of the country Pakistan on the pages of history. This time it is Imran Khan, not Benazir Bhutto or Liakoth Ali Khan. Trying to eliminate him will be the worst decision for PDM or the Pak Army. That will eventually make Pakistan a part of Akhando Bharat, for sure. Not allowing Imran Khan to come to power will be the repetition of a historical blunder like 1971.

For any homicidal investigation or sabotage case, the first question for any investigator is, who benefits from it? Who are the beneficiaries of the assassination of Shahbaj Sharif? Who would be the beneficiaries if Imran Khan had succumbed to the assassination attempt? Who is the beneficiary of the unfortunate sabotage incident at Peshawar mosque? As that incident can be used to delay the election date? Indian Modi deliberately killed 54 CRPF soldiers to prevent his popularity avalanche and produce a combat scenario to unite the Indian people behind him. He killed his soldiers and even conducted a surgical strike inside Pakistan to win the next election. Here in Pakistan, PDM killed 101 police personnel to delay the next election and remain in power as long as possible. In between, eliminate Imran Khan in the process. Modi never punished any individual responsible for providing security for an axis within a war zone. The same will be here, General Navid Anjum will continue commanding ISI, and Rana Sana will continue as home minister of Pakistan. No amount of security failure can remove them from the position they hold because they are party to the crime. Hazrat Ali ® said, 'when an individual is responsible for solving a problem but cannot, he is very much party to the problem.’ Rana Sana and Navid Anjum are very much party to the problems that the people of Pakistan are undergoing now.

If Gen Navid Anjum can run an institution like ISI, why not any pimp of any brothel in Pakistan? He and home minister Rana Sana should have voluntarily resigned for such a massive slaughter of innocent citizens when they are responsible for their security and Pakistan. Under the circumstance, any Pakistani supporting PDM can never claim himself as a Muslim; he is either Munafiqun or shameless Gaddar. Gaddars will never give up their power because they know they have no soil under their feet; when the hidden agenda of PDM leadership is exposed, let alone liking party leadership, PDM party members start hating them. The people of Pakistan do not want to return to Purana Pakistan under PDM; they want to enjoy Hakiki Azadi in Naya Pakistan under Imran Khan.

Few wrongly motivated innocent Pakistani and members of PDM may blame Imran Khan claiming that the death of 101 in Peshawar mosque would not have taken place had Imran Khan died during the assassination attempt on him! All such sabotage, attempts, or assassination, taking PTI leaders to jail and remand, will continue as long as Imran khan continues his demand for Hakiki Azadi. He has to give up his claim and submit himself to local EOI representatives. Accept all the conditions PDM or COAS Asif Munir offers and lead a happy and comfortable life like the Zardari or Sharif family. Imran should forget about Hakiki Azadi once and for all.

In Pakistan, it is not a clash of civilizations; it is a clash between Patriots and Gaddars, a clash between Haq and Batil, a clash between slavery and freedom, ordinary people vs. corrupt elites, and finally, a clash between EOI and Islam. When PDM was pushed to the fringe of power, they conducted this death bite at Peshawar mosque. These butchers need to know the more they harm Pakistan, the more will be unity among the patriots, and the more resistance will grow. The people of Pakistan want to get back their long-lost freedom; no power can stop them now. They are eagerly awaiting victory the way Muslims used to get by His grace at the advent of Islam. Every Pakistani needs to know that it is the Zionist brain that is in action from behind the screen. In 1971 same Zionist brain separated Pakistan. The then ISI did not know what to do and what not to do. The same thing is repeated here; ISI and PDM leadership are operating here as EOI's local tentacle.

The situation in Pakistan has become so volatile that it has separated butter from the milk or patriots from the Gaddars. Consciously or unconsciously, if anyone supports this illegal PDM regime, he ought to be labeled as a Munafiqun and Gaddar; there is no question/doubt it. The reason is, supporting this imported Hukumath means supporting EOI, who has enslaved Pakistan for so many years using these traitors like domestic Gaddars/criminals as their tool of exploitation. To EOI and local Gaddars, Imran Khan is the only cause of Pakistan's political crisis. In contrast, a poor and illiterate day laborer realizes where the country is heading and who is responsible. Pakistan has reached a crossroads, with either Imran Khan surrendering or exterminating EOI bridle from the neck of Pakistan. All the best wishes to the freedom-loving people of Pakistan.

NOTE: To Read Part-1, Please click the link.