Friday, June 12, 2020

Israel – An Economic Black Hole


The name may give the reader an alarm of a disparaged verbal slur of Anti-Semitic nature. But once complete picture is portrayed it will become inevitable that, that tiny land mass in the Middle East is in fact a sink hole which is swallowing world resources like a colossal vacuum cleaner.  Global Rambo (USA) sucks resources from the 3rd world countries through various international financial institutions and economic hit men, but who is sucking him? Why all on a sudden the giant financial tiger morphed into a paper tiger? The way America cannot expose the truth of 9/11, similarly the root cause of economic recession can never be exposed to the ill-fated citizens of USA or the western world. Economic celebrities and financial experts may generate multidimensional arguments about the cause but dare not touch the root. It is the country Israel and the Jewish lobby in US, is the root cause of today’s world financial avalanche.  

Sherlock Holmes or Barnard Shaw is not required here to comprehend, being in proximity why Jews didn’t accept Islam at its dawn! Two things Islam strictly prohibit which relates to peace and financial discipline of a society.  It is obvious that a hell of a lot Muslims today are not following it properly. One is usury and the other is making people fight and sell weapons. These 2 are the ancestral character disposition of the Jew, may be an unfortunate DNA factor. They spread usury in the society to suck the hard earned wages of the innocent citizens, the affected society surreptitiously become poor and eventually bankrupt. The Jews cannot change these qualities which historically brought disaster time and again in the society they live in. Previously their policy only used to affect a particular society or a country but now that we live in a global village their evil ploy encompasses the entire planet.

How the Jews control US administration is clearly explained in the book “The Power of Israel in the United States” by James Petras. Mossad, the most efficient intelligence organization of the world belong to ISRAEL. They have successfully penetrated and controlling CIA and every western intelligence organizations for decades. The revelation that the CIA initiated a covert program, apparently involving assassinations, and kept that secret from the Congress on the orders of Vice President Dick Cheney, marks a deep crisis in the American state apparatus and an indication of the degeneration of democratic processes and the foundation this great nation was built upon. Eight years of Bush/Cheney regime has shamelessly desecrated the U.S constitution under the auspices of fear mongering Jewish media. According to several reputable historians; it may take decades to even get the complete picture of its devastation.

It is time for the west to realize that they dug a canal to throw and bury the Muslims and let a crocodile grow comfortably but that policy has backfired, the beast has become big enough now to devour its master. To start with, by clever use of the media JEWS first destroy the character of the target audience that’s what they have done to Americans. To understand how they did it so successfully, one only need to have a look at the article of E Michael Jones of May 2003 issue of Culture War magazine. He writes, “They are simply a rotten bunch of vile people with no respect for anything beyond the making of money. . . . Here [in Hollywood] we have Paganism rampant and in its most virulent form. Drunkenness and debauchery are commonplace. Sexual perversion is rampant,. . . any number of our directors and stars are perverts. . . . These Jews seem to think of nothing but moneymaking and sexual indulgence. The vilest kind of sin is a common indulgence hereabouts and the men and women who engage in this sort of business are the men and women who decide what the film fare of the nation is to be. They and they alone make the decision. Ninety-five percent of these folks are Jews of an Eastern European lineage. They are, probably, the scum of the earth (Black, Hollywood Censored, p. 70)”.

He further writes, “According to Dresner, any study of the films which got produced from 1945 to 1985 would reveal ‘a radical shift in values,’ one which turned the world upside down.’Hollywood came to adopt a permissive, value-free attitude in the course of a few decades,’ and when it went down the drain, it dragged the rest of America with it. Hollywood, in short, got corrupted around 1945 and is now responsible for the moral decline of American culture”.

The clever definition of democracy is, “To maximize profit by engaging in business which is socially, morally, ethically and philosophically wrong as long as one stays within the temporary boundary of the law”. In USA, they (Jews) have the highest percentage of the lawyers, Judges, state representatives, media and owners of financial institutes. Manipulating law towards Jewish favor has become a child-play in America. The boundary of the law is constantly moving in both directions to accommodate their needs.

The most important aspect of this episode is that all the core businesses are always controlled by the Jewish people. Almost 100% of foreign trade is controlled by Wall Street in New York City, a city which always had more Jews than Israel. So are most of the banks, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals companies, Stock market, music industry, major commercial real estate’s(prime properties), the media corporations, defense industries and off course Hollywood belong to the Jews. They have sucked the hard earned money of the lower middle class and also ensured that they get the lion share of the bailout pie. When ill fated US citizens are committing suicide being in extreme poverty the Jews are distributing million dollar bonus out of bail out budget (public money). A time like this, when most of the states are suffering from financial bankruptcy even after cutting down scores of crucial public programs their wanton disregard of public welfare inevitably increasing tension within the federal system.

“Once character is lost everything is lost”, other destructive potentials follow through naturally. Technology cannot stop the avalanche of social, moral and demographic degradation. And that is what exactly the situation of the western society today. Through clever planning and execution, they (Jews) have deliberately infused social vices in them. And having total control over Hollywood, US porn industry and other major world electronic and print media, Jews are in full control in manipulating world opinion in the direction of their choosing, while they remain in shadows. They have the mechanism to blow out of proportion the fear of mad cow, bird flu or Swine flu pandemic and sell vaccines worth billions of dollars’. And they also know how to create situation where US president is compelled to take decision of their choosing. If they fail to make America fight intermittently how they can make profit from their armament industries? Please check out who all are the owners of mammoth war industries of USA.

It is not American imperialism rather Jewish persuasion that of late they got involved in following war efforts as Global Rambo:

1991-92—the dismemberment of Yugoslavia

1995—NATO intervention in Bosnia

1998—US bombing of Iraq

1999—NATO bombing of Serbia and occupation of Kosovo

2001—invasion of Afghanistan and overthrow of the Taliban

2003—invasion of Iraq and overthrow of Saddam Hussein

2003-2004—instigation of “color” revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine

2007-2008—Bush’s military “surge” in Iraq

2009—Obama’s escalation of the war in Afghanistan and renewed pressure on Iran

Requirement of surge operation in Afghanistan and for that present escalation of Taliban attack has a subtle undercover connection. Besides media pressure President Obama should have sufficient situational pressure to send troops there. Present escalation of Taliban attack is another ruse like 9/11, the Jews and their coterie with in US administration trying hard to that end. Those who think that Jewish media are in favor of more troops in Afghanistan only to fight Taliban, are sadly mistaken. Their purpose is to make America fight to destroy Iranian and Pakistani nuclear facilities. Presence of large quantity of force is very much required for such future operations. These dirty war mongers are never concern about human causalities   and if innocent US citizens can have 3 square meals a day or not.

The reporting of organ harvesting of the IDF by the Swedish news media is a classic example of three things, one: it shows the extent they are capable of going for money, two, the flexing of their media might to threaten the Swedish government of boycott, reprisal and finally a horrifying glimpse of the big picture of the pain and suffering of the Palestinians families that the so called civilized world ignores completely. If by chance the US finds that the organs of their dead soldiers were surgically removed to sell overseas at the highest price, how would the media and the people would react to this?

A society enjoys true peace and prosperity, when they follow divine economic doctrine which can only be found through the practice of the spiritual aspects of any religion. West followed Jewish economic doctrine and suffered recession number of times in the past, and this time suffering the worst one. Instant argument would be how then west has developed so much without following the divine order? Well, western civilization may be defined as extremely affluent but not true prosperous and peaceful. They are under constant stress, every 3rd person is a diabetic patient and almost every family takes the burden of a cardiac patient in a country like Germany. Sale of antidepressant drugs is skyrocketing.

When Muslim ruled half of the world for thousand years following divine economic doctrine, there was no usury and consequently no recession. There was no intelligence organization or media to make people fight and thereby selling weaponry. They never launched economic hit men to funnel resources from poorly led nation states through institution like World Bank or IMF. They never sent jackals’ to assassin honest and patriotic leaders of small nation states.

Islamic economic power collapsed when they drifted away from divine order and the basic tenets of ISLAM wherein, western economy collapses intermittently for blind adherences to Jewish prescribed formulae. Jewish Karl Marx introduced socialistic economy but collapsed within fifty years. Allan Greenspan introduced free market economy (FME), within 30 years we have had the worst recession and Greenspan openly admits that he did a mistake by introducing FME. An honest western economist with Hubble telescopic vision need to wake up and find the root cause of today’s recession, not just pathetically “reinforce the defeat” through bail out. The philosophical difference between affluence and prosperity has to be comprehended by the western economist to find out the root cause of this recession.

Guess, what is the total amount in terms of cash, gold and resources Israel has funneled since 2nd WW. Let alone calculator, human mind may fail to visualize the volume. Any country of that size could have silver coated highways, gold coated skyscrapers and adorn their bed room with platinum. But look at Israel, they have turned USA from an economic giant to an economic vagabond, yet remain dependent as they were 60 years back! An unofficial estimate of the total aid to Israel is said to be over a trillion dollars in the past 40 years. End of the day it has turned out to be a first class global resource sucking machine with zero potential to manage that. They were blood sucker before, now and will continue to remain such in future. They have choked and made the west subservient by their evil spirit but failed to stop generation of hate against them. Before sudden eruption of a spontaneous holocaust, west need to put their heads together for a respectful solution. Time is indeed running out very fast.

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আমার লিখা এবং প্রকাশিত/প্রচারিত কোনো সংবাদ, তথ্য, ছবি, আলোকচিত্র, রেখাচিত্র, ভিডিওচিত্র, অডিও কনটেন্ট কপিরাইট আইনে পূর্বানুমতি ছাড়া ব্যবহার করা সম্পূর্ণ বে আইনি।

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