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Battle Of Perception

The "Battle of Perception" is an unseen, potent, highly effective, and proven battle between two belligerents, overt or covert entities, in changing the target audience's perception. One can direct the "Battle of perception" towards an individual, group, or entire nation.

In these changing times, we have made a quantum leap in connecting with the populous worldwide. The influx of technology, especially social media, has brought people much closer than what was impossible just a decade or so ago. Considering the normal progression of the human mind, it should have brought us closer; more understanding, compassionate, and above all, tolerant. But look around today; it appears it has raised the hatemonger from around the world and got them united under different banners to propagate hatred and division. Socially speaking, there is nothing wrong with seeking fame and fortune. Still, we conveniently forget the simple truth: "Perception is the conditional tool people use to judge or be judged. On the other hand, the intention is a true measure favored by the creator". Therefore comprehending the practical aspect of spirituality is rare, especially among the present generation, as they have not been exposed to it since it was not passed on to us by our previous generation. To comprehend the 'battle of perception,' we first need to understand the difference between perception and reality. Perception is changeable, but the reality is not. However, people under prolonged ideological subversion generally incubate a perception that may wrongly comprehend reality. If a person hears downright bizarre and fake news several times, they will start believing in it as this will plant the intended seed of delusion in their minds.

Fundamental perception of an individual's faith on any issue is independent of spirituality and intellectuality. That is why many intellectually enlightened people have a different perception over a single point: they lack connection with authentic sources of information or knowledge.

All of these have made it relatively easy to create and instill by the architects of this type of warfare by keeping them exposed to false/fake news twenty-four hours a day via mainstream and other social media out there today. Western mainstream media, Mossad's and RAW's intelligence activities, and Israeli and Indian Psy-warfare units are responsible for changing the perception of Muslims and people of all other faiths worldwide. They are unimaginably resourceful, capable, and quite successful in this battle. They do not affect Russia and China as they have not fallen yet in their targeted timeline.

This Jewish and Hindu media has successfully turned a large part of western civilization, initially agnostic subsequently atheist. Thereby western world is no more a Christian world; they belong to an atheist world today. They claim as Christians only to battle with Muslims by artificially proving intolerance and hostility in Islam. Only Russia remains within the fold of the orthodox Christian Church and somehow managed to stay unaffected by the Vatican by far.

By and large, the western world gradually and surreptitiously loses in this battle, and the country that suffered the worst is America. After turning most of the Christians of the western-world initially agnostic and subsequently into an atheist, they deliberately incubated seeds of hate against Islam. They produced several radical churches and groups like Evangelical Church, Born Again Christian, WBC, KKK, etc. According to the SPLC, there are 939 hate groups currently operating in the USA, many religiously driven. Jewish experts gave birth to several radical parties in the Hindu religion, like BJP, RSS, Gau Raksha, Shiv Shena, Krishna Consciousness, and many others. In Islam, their success is enormous; with the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of Wahabi-based Saudi Kingship, they started dividing the Islamic faith into bits and pieces. And they have successfully produced drifted faith-based political groups, benign religious groups like Tableeg Jamaat, and numerous radical groups with various names across the globe. Most of them lack basic ISLAMIC principles (Aqeedah), studied, practiced, and taught by earlier generations.

To be capable in this battle, one must have a team of experts in psy-warfare, massive print capability, professionals with access to electronic and cyber media outlets, and a strong intelligence organization with a rating of 5 bugs. In intelligence parlance, organizations are rated with bugs like how hotels are rated with stars. Israel is the only country in the present world to have all those. Never have the misconception that America is ruling the world. Israel is leading the world using America as a false front using American taxpayer's money. It is not the president of the USA but the Preminister of Isreal who is the boss, and he must be obeyed. For Americans, the word freedom has become a misnomer. They are put into a state of delusion where they feel they belong to a free nation by serving Israel with dogged loyalty. Here lies the success of Israel over America in this battle.

A nation survives with dignity, which gives enough importance to their religion and social values, and their perception is protected from enemies' surreptitious brainwash. The sovereignty of a nation is vulnerable when they lack patriotism and respect for their own social, religious, and traditional core values. That country or government will be victorious who has developed better skill in this 4th-dimensional warfare, defensive or offensive.

For our survival, we need thousands of leaders like Ilham Omar of the USA or 'Egg boy' of Australia who can motivate and educate millions of people worldwide. Military power cannot win these new types of battles. Like, Israel wins in every war, making America fight for them. The lesson is; any nation, if unable to develop offensive capability, should create some strategy to defend its core perceptions. Indeed time is running out before we become a world under complete control of Israel within a decade. Let us rescue America from the clutch of Israel and the Zionist hegemony and save the world from the 3rd world war.

This technology-based multi-dimensional and multi-layered warfare aims to destroy the enemy by themselves or by a 3rd party. They brought down the mighty Ottoman Empire by adopting the same technology. The natural spread of Islam in every corner of the globe has indirectly forced the enemies to join hands more than ever before. Vatican, Israel, and INDIA are directly involved in putting an end to Islam as a religion. They have realized ISLAM as their common enemy and proficiently formed a bond to thwart its growth to eradicate it. To initiate belligerency, it generally takes the help of a false flag operation.

About 85% of senators and members of Congress of America are directly or indirectly under constant blackmail by Israeli intelligence agency Mossad and its false front ADL and AIPAC. This reality is foolproof now does not require a rocket scientist to comprehend. Quite a few American elites realize that they are up against a very well-organized, well-funded, gigantic apparatus fully supported by the Jewish apartheid government controlled by the Zionist movement.

History suggests that the Vatican is the pioneer of creating the world's first institution to teach propaganda, but ISRAEL and its Zionist zealots have almost perfected it. The Americans believe everything they see on television and media, especially during prime time, 6:00-08:00 PM. Social media tune western peoples' mindsets; no one has the mood or time to cross-check false or fake news. That's why information, no matter how utterly bizarre or nonsense, will get millions of views within minutes. The technology of deliverance is working only for them.

On the other hand, we can also tap into this tremendous tool to deliver our information, warning and raise their sense of judgments. People like Late Uri Avnery and his families, who have tried to protest against the Zionist movement in ISRAEL, also propagated love and justice towards Palestinians. He and his family have dedicated their lives to this. They have thousands of Israeli supporters facing daily horror and atrocities by the Zionist-controlled Israeli government.

The perpetrator must penetrate the heart of individuals to its core to ensure total control of his perception. The perpetrator conducts a Neuro-psycho operation to give a planned shape and design to the heart and mind of the target audience. The morality and virtuous character are like a shield against animalism. Human beings are by nature animals but superior because of a few distinct qualities: those are; morality, intellectuality, and the special one is spirituality. Because of a sense of righteousness, they behave humanely. By intellectuality, they are superior and in control of all other animals. By spirituality, they can communicate with the creator, which no other animal can. However, if an uninterrupted professional brainwash can lift the protective shield of ethics and virtue, they lose control over themselves; at that point, they can manipulate the target audience to comply with anything desired by the perpetrator. The latest success of the battle of perception is the creation of ISIS. However, it suffered natural consequences; it ensured systematic destruction of nations and the death of thousands of innocent citizens in the process. The Zionist conspiracy formulated this plan right after the successful launch of the Hollywood-style horror of 9/11. Retired Major General Wesley Clerk made a public statement about this plan in 2001 detailing this and is available in YouTube.

Change of faith is the ultimate objective of this battle; step one is the change in opinion, and secondly, gradually changes of faith over a period. Science has developed technology by which an individual's body and mind can be controlled up to any extent by the controlling authority. History suggests that the Nazi scientists were the pioneers of this technology. The modern-day Israeli and Indian scientists have perfected it by using the Palestinian and Kashmiris test samples. An individual can be programmed to behave like a mindless robot; Andre Breivik of Norway and Tarrant of New Zealand/Australia is the best and latest examples. They were made totally out of their minds and made into intolerant Islam haters for mass killing. Zionist experts use these kinds of robotic humans to conduct mass killing of Americans to infringe their private position gun rights. This is a very subtle combined effort of mass killing by human robots and mainstream media to change mass perception against the bill of rights.

The latest technology of body and mind control is computer-generated electromyography and Electroencephalogram. They initially developed mind-reading techniques and extreme applications of hypnotism. Then they created a method to deplete the neuro-psycho cohesiveness of an individual and erase his fundamental perception. Most alarming is that these days, the perpetrator can control the brain and muscle of an individual noninvasively by using electro-medical equipment. When the subject loses his mind, his memory becomes a vacuum; he is then furnished with new data in the form of information via all his senses to turn him into a human robot. An individual can easily be programmed into a robotic assassin like the "Terminator" in a Hollywood movie.

The application of such technology can be termed neurological terrorism. By producing ISIS this cabal has proved such technique can be applied to mass people. Zionist and Hindutva movements successfully conduct such operations to malign Islam and turn the western world xenophobic against Islam and the righteous populous. Technologically enemy of Islam is excelling at the speed of a 100-meter dash. Unfortunately, the Muslim world is rushing at the same speed but opposite. Muslim leaders these days feel economy, energy, infrastructure, and modern education should pave the way for development. It is OK, but none of them look back to find why Muslims developed so much and reached their peak and why they collapsed in the end. It is because of this battle. When Muslim rulers of Spain collapsed, they were the richest in wealth, culture, and education. They had the most advanced Army and had been leading Europe intellectually. Then why do they collapse in such a way? The reason was that they did not have Islam in their heart and mind. They gradually lost the essence of ISLAM from their heart. When Muslims had their faith and principle intact, no power could match them. Two superpowers (Persian & Roman empires) collapsed like haystacks blown away by a strong typhoon. When a nation's creed and culture is indoctrinated surreptitiously by an unabated enemy brainwash, that nation eventually loses the power to survive as a nation-state. Either that nation survives as a pseudo independent state or loses total sovereignty to the perpetrator.

Throughout world history, it is evident that many Muslim countries have surrendered themselves to either global or regional powerful actors after losing in the battle of perception. The worst-case scenario is; these Muslim leaders keep their hearts and mind concentrated on their personal or party interests rather than the citizens and the nation. They provide opportunities for the enemy experts to brainwash their citizens at ease. Consequently, the sequence of national loyalty gets disarrayed, and patriotism evaporate. Corruption takes the shape of an industry, and sexuality is prioritized in kids' education to ensure that profanity is rampant in Muslim society. Artificial body and mind control has become a potent and most effective weapon, much more powerful than a Nuclear weapon. It has also become an apathetic social reality.


When enemies of Islam, the 'New World Order (NWO),' failed miserably in Syria with ISIS drama and failed to attack Iran due to serious resistance from American people and seeing Iranian preparedness, what are they left with? By nature, Zionist oligarch of USA and Israel cannot remain dormant! Geopolitically a country of 2500 million Muslim populations named Bangladesh is ready to be dealt with. Last 12 years, ideological subversion has been conducted with complete success under an unelected puppet ruling party. The democratic rights of the people are gradually stripped of. It is no more people, but the gun barrel is in power. Spirit of the Army has been brought down to its knees. Initially, by killing 57 officers of Bangladesh Army in a pre-planned incident skillfully conducted by Indian intelligence and their assassination team. The final blow to Army was by placing a proven corrupt but hyper-loyal man as chief of Army Staff. Since the attention of the world body is concentrated in the Middle East, it is easy to handle Bangladesh without drawing much international media attention. That Bangladesh is now fully primed to join Akhanda Varat,

Indications are as follows: Priya Shaha, one Hindu Bangladeshi woman, complained to Trump that 37 million people of the Hindu community had been systematically liquidated in Bangladesh. A blatant lie, but our unelected PM was not only talking in favor of her; she was all-out to save her from any legal action. People of Bangladesh are confused about who is the original traitor, Priya Shaha or our unelected PM? Raping Muslim girls by Hindu school, college, and university teachers has become an accepted fact these days. 4% Hindu has taken over 70% of administration, financial sector, intelligence, law enforcement, and education portfolio. It is an ominous sign against our sovereignty. Law-enforcing agencies' mass killing of protesters and opposition party supporters has created an ideal police state environment with no freedom of speech.

Leaders of ruling party support every decision that Indian PM Modi government takes, exactly like the ruling party members of Sikkim before they lost their sovereignty to India permanently. Drinking alcohol has been authorized for all people above 21 years of age and has been made readily available like any other Halal commodity. 95% people of Bangladesh are Muslim, drinking alcohol is Haram for them. Judiciary has turned into a kangaroo court. Leaders of the ruling party support every decision that the Indian Modi government takes. To destroy the faith of 95% Muslims' future generation, sex education is given top priority in the secondary school curriculum. Undercover of secular education, religion, and moral education is wiped out from the curriculum. Institutions like Army, navy and air force remaining relatively honest have been deliberately corrupted by putting them in development works. At present, some of them are almost equally corrupt like all other well-known corrupt institutions. India, almost 50 times bigger than Bangladesh, asks for land to develop one of their airports near the border. The people of Bangladesh violently reacted to such audacious demands of India, but the unelected government has finally handed over the land to India.

According to Yuri Brazmenov, a world class psy-warfare expert said, (on youtube) to destroy or capture a nation, there are 4 stages, those are:

  • Demoralizations.
  • Destabilization.
  • Crisis.
  • Normalization.
Under the circumstance demoralization stage for Bangladesh is over fulfilled by the non-elected government in power. The destabilization stage has reached its peak by empowering the 3% Hindu population with 70% power of national statecraft. Now a false flag (riot) is required to initiate a crisis. Since our Army suffered calculative moral degeneration, it is the Indian Army that the government will involve to end the pseudo sufferings of the Hindu population in Bangladesh. The ground for initiating crisis is simple, the Indian BJP government has already made a list of 4 million Indian Muslims as Bangladeshi, they will be pushed inside Bangladesh, and a riot inside Bangladesh will be a natural follow through.

Once India is done with capturing Kashmir, they will concentrate their political, intelligence, and military power to deal with Bangladesh. It is only 4 Muslim leaders, and China (Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and Malaysia) can help Bangladesh remain independent by pursuing Indian to stop genocide and return the right of the Kashmiri Muslim population. Indians economically survive on billion-dollar remittances from Muslim countries, whereas they are killing Muslims in India for no reason but out of the Hindutva radical cow mother spirit. To comprehend the Battle of Perception, one needs to understand what ideological subversion is in the first place. Readers are requested to view the YouTube video of Yuri Brezmenov mentioned above.

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