Thursday, October 27, 2022

Death Of A True Patriot

My failure to select a better heading for the article on the issue of Arshad Sharif's tragic assassination is just sheer pressure to get this message to the general public. It was purely an act of a professional sniper. The perpetrator will try their best to cover it up, like 9/11 or Pulwama false flag conducted by Modi to initiate a blame game against Pakistan. Pulwama's false flag killing of 56 CRPF soldiers was necessary to reverse Modi's popularity avalanche before an election. It is OK; the enemy of Islam (EOI) will always resort to false flags to either harm Islam or benefit from the situation. The worst is; when so-called Muslims under the command of EOI conduct such assassinations only to remain in power illegally without an election. This is what exactly takes place for the unfortunate people of Pakistan. In the line of fire, the first victim was 'you tuber' Imran Riaz Khan, the next was Shahbaz Gill, and the last victim was this brave Mujahid Arshad Sharif. With a tear in our eyes, we say, “Dear brother Arshad Sharif, we are proud of you. May Allah Pak give sons like you to future mothers of Pakistan!" Pakistan will never forget your sacrifice the way Pakistan will never forget all those looters and Gaddars responsible for your early departure from us.

All three people mentioned above are true patriots and dedicated lieutenants of Imran Khan, a leader who is alive and leading the people of Pakistan from the dungeon of corruption towards graceful honesty. An intelligent Muslim critical thinker who is well-informed is always the number one target for EOI. Arshad Sharif an investigative journalist with all those positive attributes, becomes a legitimate target of EOI, eventually a target of domestic Gaddars’.

The number one question of any homicidal investigation is; who is or who all are the beneficiaries of that assassination? This question finally leads to an investigation into the culprit, irrespective of any deep-rooted cover story. The sequence of suppressive actions on PTI clearly shows which cabal is behind this unfortunate occurrence of events in Pakistan. The fact is; EOI, along with domestic Gaddars, have gone mad as they are about to lose their heinous control over Pakistan. Constant legal bombardment on Imran is not producing any practical result, so the second option is to cut to size his lieutenants’ neutralizing Imran Khan’s media operatives, and journalists are the logical follow-through of domestic gaddars in power.

At the moment, Gen Mir Bajwa is playing a pivotal role against the patriotic uprise in Pakistan. Being so exposed as a Gaddar, he still tries to play the neutral role like a fool. He does not realize that presently in the eye of all Pakistani, he is the most hated person. It is now the responsibility of his son Saad Bajwa to ask his father. “Dad, enough is enough; we have 3 Palatial houses in America, enough property to lead an affluent life anywhere in the world, declare a date for an early election, and come over. Pakistan's social media has spoiled you by exposing your subverted loyalty; we cannot go back to our motherland Pakistan; let us not draw more hate from the people and be known as a Gaddar of 2022. I am your son; none can love and respect you more than I do. It is so pathetic that the people of Pakistan have changed your name from General Bajwa to General Mir Bajwa. "Dear Daddy, my fervent request is; do not allow the long march to start. A long march will provide scope to EOI to declare Pakistan as a failed state, take over the security of our nuclear assets, and declare our country as a surrogate state of India. Please sit down with Imran Khan immediately and resolve the crisis. Do not repeat the failure of General Yahiya Khan in 1971.

Your loving son

Saad Bajwa.

“The fundamental question is, why is he doing all these with Pakistan politics? Whereas everything could have been solved easily by declaring an early election? The point here is he cannot do that now as he has been involved from the beginning of the parliamentary coup against Imran Khan by Shahbaz Sharif. He even cannot decide now when to retire and how to retire. His neutrality has become criminal neutrality. Why did he go to America to discuss Pakistan politics in person with the president and all other concerned stakeholders, which is purely a domestic issue to be handled not by America but by the concerned leaders of Pakistan? What does this imply? The ongoing domestic crisis has proven foreign linkage. The present political clash (crisis) of Pakistan can be defined in several ways, such as:

1. Clash between Haq and Batil (Truth and falsehood).

2. Clash between Islam and EOI.

3. Clash between patriots and Gaddars.

4. Clash between Freedom and Slavery.

5. Clash between Honesty and Corruption.

6. Clash between gentlemen and Criminals.

7. Clash between Angle and Devil.

It is now Gen Mir Bajwa to find his location; he belongs to which group. Most of the people of Pakistan are not as intelligent and capable as Arshad Sharif, but all of them are ready to shed their blood and, if necessary, their life like Arshad Sharif for their motherland Pakistan. You cannot plan to kill all intellectual Pakistani to remain in power and keep the rest of them subservient to EOI. Surely all your nefarious planning will fail this time as in Sacred Quran Sharif Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala said: (وَقُلْ جَآءَ الْحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ الْبٰطِلُ ۚ إِنَّ الْبٰطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقًا) "And say, "Truth has come, and falsehood has departed. Indeed is falsehood, [by nature], ever bound to depart." (Quran. Al-Israa 17:81)

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