Saturday, December 17, 2022

Bipolar Disorder Of Pervaiz Elahi

Bipolar disorder is a human illness not related to physical health, is it a Psychotic disorder. Generally shifting of mood from ecstasy to depression or vice versa. We are not here to discuss a change of mood but a change of ethical standpoints between good and bad, angel and devil, hell and heaven, between patriot and traitor.

One axiomatic saying is, “A patriot can never be a politician.” It is true in most cases, with some exceptions, where sometime a patriot may lead politics to remove dirty corrupt politics from the system. Based on the ethical standpoint, we may divide politicians into two categories:

The best examples between the two are available in Pakistan’s ongoing politics. Young Pervaiz Elahi joined Pak politics to make a career and help Pakistan become a politically stable country. When he entered the race, he could realize that without compromising his ethical value, he would be bolted out of the race. As he gradually climbed up the ladder, he had to shed out his ethics frequently to remain in the race. Thereby at the moment, he is a typical ‘Third World’ corrupt leader leading his party PML-Q. After about thirty years, all of a sudden, an honest person join in Pak politics. He produced a tsunami of honesty and patriotism in Pakistan's corrupt political environment. Imran Khan is the initiator of that holistic enthusiasm.

It is important to understand that the enemy of Islam (EOI) always wants to place corrupt leaders at the helm of the affairs of all Muslim countries. So that they remain permanently 3rd world countries in the process, all their resources, including quality human resources, automatically migrate to their countries. High-quality academics go and settle in the west for a comfortable living, and the corrupt leaders send billions of corrupt money by money laundering. In both ways, EOI is benefitted if they can keep Muslim countries under corruption permanently.

People of Pakistan started liking Imran Khan as a pathfinder towards honest Pakistan. Few recently conducted election has proved that thirteen combined corrupt political party candidates failed miserably against single party PTI and a single individual Imran Khan.

Like most other Pakistanis, Pervaiz Elahi also knows that Imran Khan is the only honest and patriotic leader to lead the honest political party, PTI. One side of his heart wants to support the honesty of Imran Khan, but the other side of his heart wants to continue to support the corrupt party PDM. That is why sometimes he helps PTI but again gives conditions to Imran Khan to put PTI on the back foot. This is a typical symptom of a person with Psychotic bipolar disorder. He does not deserve admonishment rather he deserves help to be out of a corrupt mindset. A dwindling mindset cannot be cured by the individual affected. He needs counseling from experts. If PDM leaders are 50% honest and Imran Khan is 51%, the nation should line up behind Imran Khan. If someone comes up as 53% person honest, the nation should salute him, not Imran Khan. If the people of Pakistan make the decision to support honest leadership, they will get their long-lost honest Pakistan, and the country will eventually join the first world.

The people of Pakistan have lost all three ethical value systems due to corrupt political practices for a prolonged period. However, the arrival of PTI led by Imran Khan showed them the audacity of hope for a better future. If the people of Pakistan, irrespective of party or leadership, do not line up behind Imran Khan, one can only feel sorry for the people of Pakistan. Either change their attitude from corruption to honesty this time or miss a “once in a lifetime opportunity” for themselves and their future generation. All close associates of Parvaiz Elai must ensure that he is out of criminal influence and join honest Imran Khan and PTI once and for all. This time he should pull himself out of his corrupt political mentors and friends. He should visualize that getting an honest leader like Imran Khan may take another hundred years. May Allah Pak bless Parvaiz Elahi and the people of Pakistan.

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