Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Ongoing Pak Political Discourse

History suggests that an EOI military commander never betrayed his army in support of any challenging Islamic force. But the same history offers us enough examples that Muslim Military commanders had compromised with EOI and ensured the destruction of the Muslim army. That way, General Bajwa is not the first military commander traitor; he is only the last one. The non-Muslim world may put up an example of the ‘Battle of Trench’ of 627AD, where Naim bin Ghatfan, leader of the Ghatfan tribe being part of the EOI allied force surreptitiously met Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wassallam and shared some secrets with Him. He did not do that as an EOI commander; he did that as an undeclared Muslim, hitherto unknown by all. This is the only misleading example that EOI can produce; however, a divine intervention finally ensured victory for the Muslim power. Whereas traitor Muslim Army commanders never changed their religion but secretly worked for EOI and ensured disaster for Muslim forces. They are the Munafiqun worse than Qafeer. Look at General Bajwa; after all his dirty game, he finally took shelter in an EOI country for whom he had worked so long. The same is with the COAS of Bangladesh, General Moin; he has also taken shelter in the USA after sufficient damage was done to his army and country as per EOI dictation. COAS Sisi of Egypt did not go to take shelter in USA or Israel as EOI could successfully put him in power. It appears that the final destination of all Muslim army COAS is the USA after their colorful service of the traitor ship.

What a pathetic scenario. Such Munafiqs are hundreds in number throughout the Muslim world. Like, in Pakistan, all those 13 parties opposing Imran under cover of democracy fall in the category of Munafiqun. Anti-Imran supporters are Munafiqs not because they don’t like PTI or Imran Khan but because they support proven corrupt and Munafiq leaders of PDM and proven traitor General Bajwa. There is no fundamental difference between ISIS and Munafiqs living within Muslim society. They are the products of subtle brainwashing of EOI; one is radical to sacrifice life on call for the cause of Islam (?). ISIS does not know that suicide is strictly prohibited in Islam, so is killing innocent civilians of any religion.

Munafiqs destroy Islam living comfortably inside Muslim society; to be candid, they are more harmful than ISIS. Munafiqs are created by injecting sufficient perceptual delusion into their faith. In any Muslim society, Munafiqs are easily identifiable; they are primarily corrupt under any shape and size. An individual cannot be honest and corrupt simultaneously, Cannot be Muslim and Munafiq or traitor and patriot.  So involvement in corruption is the fundamental identity of a traitor or Munafiqun. Contrary to that, honesty is the identity of a patriot. So long as a country remains under corruption, that remains permanently a third-world country. That is why corruption in a Muslim-dominated country is the constant requirement of EOI first world. A situation conducive to corruption is only possible when the leaders are corrupt. Unfortunately for EOI, Imran Khan is not the type expected to lead a third-world country Pakistan. He is a product of a different factory, unlike his predecessors. He is a first-world leader in a third-world country. To take Pakistan into 1st world bastion, we need only six honest persons in six different positions in Pakistan. Those are:

1.    PM.

2.   COAS.

3.   DG ISI.

4.   Chief Justice of Pak Supreme Court.

5.   DG NAB 6

6.   Election Commissioner.

A corrupt person will always compromise the national interest for his greed and personal interest, whatever his position or paycheck. Therefore, if all those six positions mentioned above are corrupt, a nation can never attain its full measure of security, even having nuclear power. It is a jaw-dropping threat to visualize that the key to Pakistan's nuclear assets was with a proven criminal like General Bajwa for six long years! Pak politics have become hopelessly corrupt; the best proof is the last RCO, where 22 PTI parliamentarians shifted their support to the opposition upon receiving handsome kickbacks. They move from party A to party B, like the way cricket or football players change their teams based on their auction value offered. No principle or ethics is involved here because that is the regular system in the sports world. Party shifting in politics on payment is unethical. The other root cause of Pakistan's ongoing crisis is the corrupt psyche of the general masses. None could so far put up a viable countermeasure against that. Because the leaders are corrupt, who will take that initiative?

People of non-Muslim countries are generally honest politically and financially compared to Muslim countries. But they have completely surrendered themselves to the devil by criminalizing their social honesty. Living together, without wedlock, promiscuity, having sex in public, same-sex marriage, and even bestiality are getting accepted in their societies, which are accepted as human rights. These days the non-Muslim world is facing a crisis for their policy of ultra-liberalization and ultra-social freedom.

As a Muslim-dominated country, Pakistan can only attain its full measure of strength if its stakeholders are honest and patriotic. The nuclear asset of Pakistan can never provide the security that its honest and patriotic people can provide. With several EOI hooked up with civil and military corrupt leaders, Pakistan can never envisage being a geo-political muscle power in the regional or international arena.

We have not analyzed much about the ongoing convolution of Pak politics but discussed in reasonable detail the root cause for today’s Pak political complexity. Gazi Salauddin Ayubi was immensely supported by his professional intelligence head Ali Bin Sufian; he was talented in organizing battlefield intelligence. Gazi Salauddin himself was the battlefield commander of his army. Both of them were honest, patriotic, and dedicated Muslims. They did not know what corruption was. Their main strength was the highest standard of personal discipline and absolute dedication to Allah Pak and Huzur Pak Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam. When Gazi Salauddin was provided with complete support by his spymaster Ali Bin Sufian in Pakistan, intelligence head General Navid Anjum was operating against Imran khan under the dictation of General Bajwa. How does an executive head function effectively when his intelligence head is a traitor? With the new COAS Asim Munir people of Pakistan are eagerly awaiting to see if Imran Khan will get dedicated, patriotic support from DG ISI and COAS in the future. If not, Pakistan to continue their internecine clash as before.

COAS General Asim Munir has to realize that the visible enemy of  Pak is EOI, but the worst enemy of Pakistan is invisible, hidden in the hurts and minds of the people, and political leadership, which is their corrupt mindset. The physical threat is significantly reduced due to the presence of nuclear power, but what about the constant ideological subversion of hostile media outlets under cover of freedom of speech and secularism? Such EOI offensive during peacetime is constantly in operation, successfully brainwashing innocent citizens and the leadership alike. To get an honest leader for a third-world country is a 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunity. COAS Asif Munir and the people of Pakistan will be lucky if  Imran Khan is back in power. Both of them may launch a successful crusade against the corrupt mindset of the people and the leadership of Pakistan. You will always find us stand-by to extend our dedicated professional support in countering EOI ideological subversion. Let us hope and pray that Hafez E Quran COAS provides resolute and committed support to honest Imran khan to ensure Haqeeqi Azadi for the people of Pakistan.

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