Friday, December 2, 2022

Good Governance In Pakistan

Imran Khan wants good governance among public servants while discharging responsibility to ensure “Aam Admi ko Insaf ho, jhulm na ho." This is very much an exceptionally philanthropic & optimistic statement from any 3rd World political leader. Opposition political leaders and enemies of Pakistan may not mind hearing that but will mind once they find this is being implemented on the ground. But the question is, how to change human perception from within? It has taken shape, experiencing decades of corrupt environment and imperfect governess. When the public enters the office of a civil servant official, they are habituated to asking, "what do you want?". Turning that from there to ask, "What can I do for you, sir?" is not that simple. A tremendous change must occur inside the hearts and minds of the people, particularly in the sense of civil servant officials. A fellow with 25 years of corruption habit, if someone thinks he will stop that just because Imran Khan is in power, it cannot be logically accepted. A corrupt man will be cautious, reassess the environment and wait for the opportunity.

Good governance is a must for the development of a nation, but is it possible to attain it with corrupt people on the ground? No! Then the question comes, how to turn a corrupt country into an honest one? This is an arduous and highly challenging task, far more complex than winning the world cup in cricket. The rationale is; to get the world cup, you only need to prepare the team to accomplish a mission, but here we are talking about changing the hearts and minds of a nation with 220 million people. Under the present anti-corruption setup, they can only get some corrupt people to punish, but they are neither responsible nor equipped or capable of repairing the moral fabric of the society. We must first accept that 'man gets morally corrupt a long time before he acts on it.' We have to comprehend the situation accurately and put an end by selecting the right kind of doctor, medicine, and doses. So it is not only getting hold of corrupt people. We need to restructure the depleted moral fabric of society. Who is going to do that, and how? It is challenging to make a corrupt 3rd world leader understand the concept, but for Pakistanis, it seems they are lucky this time; Imran may be an exceptional 3rd world leader with 1st world aptitude and morality.

Here is one best-suited hypothetical example to understand the value of quality perception. Suppose all Pakistanis (without Imran) are taken to Japan, and all Japanese are brought to Pakistan - Pakistan will be 1st world in 10 years, and Japan will be 3rd world in 5 years. Why? Because, at the end of the day, what matters is the quality of the people. So the lesson is, we need to develop a small group of social leaders with high morality and ethical quality and train them to demonstrate these qualities by speaking effectively to reach the public’s heart and, above all, by their examples. Then only we can expect good governance, and that way, we can expect to be a country of the first world. As a Muslim, I have faith in Allah Pak and Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam, following all His Sunnah, but I don't consider Him as the last Prophet. Then what? All other faiths of mine are baseless and have become fruitless! The same will be the consequence if good governance is achieved without the psyco-cleansing of the hearts and minds of the people. Changing heart and mind is an exceptional academic discipline never taught in any university for others to know. It is only available to the enemies of Islam (EOI), which is why they could keep their people financially honest and turn Muslim society filthily corrupt. To attain such a goal of corrupting Muslim communities, EOI needs corrupt leadership in Muslim-dominated countries at all times.

For modest economic growth of a nation, individually, whatever level one can attain in academic line, generations must grow up as assets for the nation. 3rd world countries' social environment and academic curriculum are such that; their citizens grow up as liabilities, not assets. Anyone with three distinctive qualities, like honesty, sincerity, and professionalism, is an asset to himself, society, and the nation. Such people need to be identified and provided with inspiration and training to spread the message to individuals or groups they come into contact with. Those lacking these three distinctive traits remain a liability for the nation. Now, how we are making our citizens a liability for the country is a big question; once we are clear over that cliché, only then can we discover the avenue to turn our citizens into assets. However, nothing to worry about, every problem in this world has solutions. There is a definite solution to the ongoing predicament as well; if not off the shelf, we may find it behind the shelf. For that, we have to select headhunters and deploy professionals for the job.

When people's thoughts, feelings, and actions are influenced without awareness by different organized activities, they generally fall into subliminal influence. It is a process of mind control of an individual or mass that can be achieved without the target audience's awareness. Subliminal messages can be sent to the unconscious mind in different forms - aural, audio, or visual.

In a university, a famous marketing professor, while conducting a marketing class, says, "In love, war, and business, there is nothing illegal." Your main objective in business should be to make a profit at the end of the day. A nicely coined and logical statement, but subliminally it destroys the ethical standard of the future leaders of any nation.

This subject is also known as brainwashing, mind control, ideological subversion, battle of perception, Psychological warfare, PR campaign (for the limited mission), and so on. The ultimate mission is the same for all, changing the perception of a target nation from point A to point B of the perpetrator's choice. How the enemy changes the perception through different media apparatuses openly and via subliminal messages, subject experts can only detect and take countermeasures. We have some skills on the subject but have yet to get any acceptance from the corrupt higher echelon of the country where we belong. Suppose Imran Khan, with his gifted wisdom, concentrates on this issue. In that case, Imran will probably find Pakistan as a 1st world country or close to that during his lifetime. Imran Khan's dream of good governess will never see the light in Pak's horizon if he cannot change his nation's corrupt perception to honesty. May Allah Pak bless the people of Pakistan and the global Muslim Ummah.

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