Monday, June 20, 2022

Military Coup In Muslim Countries Part 2

Democratically ruled Muslim countries are structured in a way that there is a constant power struggle between political rulers and the military. Political leaders of 3rd world countries, by default, are wide-open corrupt and clueless, particularly the situation of Muslim populated countries is pathetic. Once leaders of political parties are corrupt, it creates an environment conducive to military intervention. So to keep Muslim countries under control, the number one requirement is; to make available corrupt leaders at the top; there will be a domino effect of corruption down the system. Once in any country, leaders are corrupt; corruption becomes an industry. A Muslim country will go out of enemy control if the leaders are honest and if they can confirm honesty in the system.

In a way, democracy in all Muslim countries is designed, programmed, and practiced with a faulty perception, which is why they are susceptible to military coups and political unrest over and over again. Pakistan, as a democracy-practicing Muslim country, is not out of it. Controlling the military of a Muslim country is pretty easy if it’s promising young officers are sent abroad to get better (?) training. Most of them get caught by professionally executed honey traps. As they go up the ladder, gradually, they become 'agent in Place' (AIP) or 'Agent of Influence (AOI) and remain on standby to execute every dictation of 'Enemy of Islam' (EOI). By now, it has become an exposed strategy constraining EOI experts to go for deep research to find out a new methodology to keep the Muslim countries under control.

Muslim countries like Pakistan, Turkey, and Egypt often come under military rule at the failure of a corrupt unpopular ruler or following an internecine clash or palace politics planned and remotely conducted by EOI. Global or regional EOI powers always back such an undemocratic shift of power. The point to note here is; that according to EOI design, Muslim countries must be under a corrupt regime, may it be political or military, but they must remain obedient to them.

EOI has succeeded in dethroning the democratically elected president of Egypt, Mr. Morsi, and placed a corrupt military general Abdel Fatah el-Sisi of their choice. EOI failed miserably in removing honest leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey but made a success in Pakistan by dethroning Imran Khan. Astonishingly, having seen the open-handed involvement of EOI (America), the Pak army remained silent under cover of neutrality. The worst-case scenario was that EOI used even Pakistan Supreme Court during the process. Let us hope when India attacks, the Pak army does not play a neutral role like the army of Shiraj ud Daula during the battle of Palashi in 1757. The neutral card of General Mir Jafar at the battle of Palashi was played again by COAS General Bajwa while EOI was removing Imran Khan, making full use of the domestic cabal.

If Imran Khan can come back, EOI is sure that Pakistan will be out of its control. Iran has been out of their control long time; Turkey recently dashed out; therefore, they don't want to lose control over Pakistan under any circumstance; this is the hard reality. If the people of Pakistan want their motherland to join 1st world, they need to adopt two principles at the moment. One is to hate the imported corrupt regime, bolt them out of power, and two is; to replicate 220 million Imran Khan in Pakistan; in that case, the development of Pakistan will shoot up in the sky. Iran, as a Muslim country, is well protected because of their policy at the state level; they are not interested in engaging with the west for their development need in any sector. This attitude of self-dependency and isolation has given them confidence and uninterrupted scope for development like North Korea and Cuba.

It is not an unbeatable strategy of EOI; Muslim countries can very much be out of foreign control if they can educate themselves on the methodology of 'Battle of Perception,' of which they have very trivial knowledge, let alone technical know-how. EOI has opened up several factories to produce traitors, Munafiqun, and corrupt AIP and AOI for Muslim countries. These traitors are born and grow up in Muslim countries but are turned into traitors in EOI factories. The number one manifestation of such traitors will be they are out and out corrupt. Through these traitors, enemy intelligence penetrates every sensitive organ of a Muslim country. Muslim country intelligence organizations, instead of feeding decision-makers about enemy intelligence activities, provide enemy intelligence organizations with the activities of patriots. Harass, intimidate, disappear, and if needed, assassin them under the direct order of the EOI intelligence organization. That is, in fact, the last stage of any Muslim country's sovereignty. Bangladesh, unfortunately in such an extremely precarious situation as mentioned above. For Pakistan replacing a proven traitor like Bajwa is a risk for S. Sharif; probably for that reason, as per dictation of EOI, Shahbaz is extending the tenure of Bajwa by one more year. It is, in fact, very simple to counter EOI's perceptual offensive, provided Muslim countries' leadership has insight, foresight, and wisdom. Pakistan is now, for the first time fighting against the battle of perception of EOI; the whole Muslim world should pray for Imran Khan and the people of Pakistan for a comprehensive victory against the corrupt regime of Shahbaz Sharif, including neutral villain K J Bajwa. (Check The First Part)

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