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Military Coup In Muslim Countries Part 1

Since world war two, history suggests that almost all the Muslim countries worldwide are susceptible to Military coups. Have we ever given some thought? Why? And why is there are virtually very few Military coups in non-Muslim countries and none in some countries that are a proven ‘enemy of Islam’ (EOI)? The opinion will vary due to variations in perspective and level of intellectuality. It is time to get into the depth of this issue as to why this disparity exists between Muslim and non-Muslim countries. Empirical research reveals a foolproof and highly effective strategy to produce agents in place (AIP) and agent of influence (AOI) in Muslim majority countries unremittingly by the EOI. Undercover of the "freedom of speech," the perpetrator successfully brainwashes target countries' populations and demonizes the leader in power. During the process, the perpetrator also ensures that their AIP and AOI are in place for the successful conduct of the impending coup, and they do it with almost textbook accuracy.

Perpetrators destroy these countries by castigating legitimate governments as regimes using their massive PR (Public relations) resources. Once the ground is set, they initiate a pseudo claim of providing freedom to the people of that country; they conduct aggression to dislodge a legitimate government either by a political coup, military coup, or a full-blown offensive. In most cases, their targets are Muslim countries. To them, Saddam Hussein was a dangerous dictator with WMD, but the ruthless King of KSA or UAE is OK to continue. With similar false claims, they conducted Arab Spring and destroyed 5 Muslim countries consecutively, which was planned immediately after nine eleven so-called terror attacks. Jewish slave America is always ready to provide pseudo freedom to the citizens of any country of the world that enhances Jewish Israel’s security.

Zionist oligarch needs a 'Global Rambo' under their feet to achieve global control, who would be treated as an enslaved person or puppet to achieve their perpetual objectives. America and NATO are now used/misused and abused as a 'Global Rambo' as per the dictation of Israel. American CIA primarily conducts military coups in different countries under the direct influence of Israel. In diplomatic parlance, there is a saying, "Never will there be any military coup in America as there is no US embassy in Washington DC." As if, it is only the US embassy responsible for all the coups worldwide, this is partially true but not absolute as Indian intelligence organization RAW is also named for causing such coups. Besides, the embassy is only responsible for the last-minute coordination and to act as a 'firm base' for the operation. Intelligence personnel working under diplomatic cover are responsible for maintaining friendly relations with AIP and AOI of target countries. These AIP and AOI are used at the time of the decision, i.e., while conducting the coup in those countries.

Conducting a coup is a skill that a professionally competent intelligence organization can only venture into. The competency of an Intelligence organization is calculated in 2 areas, one is 'human intelligence,' and the other is 'technological intelligence.' Sometimes coup takes place in some non-Muslim countries as well; those are conducted chiefly for global or regional hegemony. But for Muslim countries, the objective is always one, destruction of Islam by uninterrupted brainwashing when a puppet rules that country. If a so-called Muslim leader is in power and performing the job of destroying Islam efficiently on behalf of EOI, there is no problem. If a true Muslim ever takes over the power of a Muslim country, he must be eliminated by any means. Presently, Erdogan of Turkey and Imran Khan of Pakistan are their prime targets.

We need to figure out how EOI continuously breeds AIP & AOI in any target country, particularly in Muslim countries! In the intelligence arena, hooking and blackmailing a target country's decision and policymakers by hostile intelligence services (HIS) is a very old professional activity. Mainly non-Muslim countries use their women folk lavishly for laying honey traps for young Muslim future leaders.

The collection of information is the fundamental action for any intelligence organization, but hooking target country personnel and turning them into AIP or AOI is a special kind of operation. It requires national-level decisions and well-coordinated and compartmentalized action with the highest level of security classification.

History is proof that exploiting human weaknesses is the inherent capability of Zionist Jews. Introducing interest-based banking, stock market, and insurance companies are their brain Child ( They are also 2nd to none in conducting false flag operations and hooking and blackmailing decisions and policymakers of any target country. Generally, promising politicians and professionals are their target individuals. At the beginning of a career, once a young bureaucrat (civil/military) or a promising young politician goes abroad, they are subjected to a professionally well laid out ‘honey trap’. If that individual is a biological Muslim, not Muslim by conviction or practice, he quickly falls into those traps. They jump into those traps like 'flying ants into the fire.' Once the perpetrator records their intimate scenes with girls in a hotel room, he is subjected to being blackmailed throughout his career. This is the number one reason why a 3rd world country remains 3rd world permanently when its people continuously take higher and better training in the 1st world for ages. He may portray a patriot, but he would act like a traitor under the duress of blackmail behind the scene. He is constrained to work as per the dictation of the perpetrator and remain loyal to the enemy than his motherland. The honey trap is awfully sweet and soothing to fall into but an extremely tight shackle to part with. Subsequently, such trapped individuals turn into dangerous hidden traitors at the helm of the statecraft.

Some Latin American countries are also sometimes subjected to military coup, but those are for establishing regional hegemony. The point is; that every national leader must behave like a puppet to Israel via the USA. Let us ask our conscience why there has been no coup in India since independence in 1947? Look how many coups are there in Pakistan. A military coup gives the impression of a sudden eruption, but it takes a long time to prepare and reach the culmination. Ecuador's ex-president Rafael Correa had to purge his defense minister, army chief of intelligence, and commanders of the army, air force, and joint chiefs. He said Ecuador's intelligence systems were infiltrated and subjugated to the CIA ( The unfortunate part is; that Muslim countries' leadership has no clue about this fact. MOSSAD, CIA, and RAW thoroughly infiltrate all Muslim countries. Some of our leaders are acting as AOI on behalf of EOI.

From day one, Islam was under attack from EOI. After a thousand years of nonstop attack, what would be the consequent dissipation of the Islamic faith was also clearly predicted and spelled out by the last Prophet (SAW). EOI could rightly identify that spiritually powered Muslims can never be defeated, so get them spiritually disconnected, avoid the frontal fight, and attack their core faith surreptitiously. EOI has done it quite successfully. Present-day, some western educated Muslim intellectuals are more democrat than Abraham Lincoln, and some of them are more atheists than Richard Dawkins, writer of the book, 'The God Delusion.' EOI could identify that Muslim spiritual leaders keep the Muslims on the right track, so they produced thousands of well-trained pseudo-spiritual leaders and released them in Muslim societies to create confusion in their faith. Spiritual leaders in Islam are commonly known as Sufi, Darwish, Shaykh, or Peer. By the massive indoctrination of false spiritual leaders, EOI could successfully induce a perception in the mind of modern Muslims that the system of spirituality is a wrong idea. One should study books and be intellectually enlightened to connect or be a good Muslim. They have no idea now that spiritual connection is not theoretical but practical.

Once Muslims have been successfully disconnected from their core belief and practices, they easily fall prey to the enemy's game plan and get destroyed at a suitable time and place of EOI’s choice. Muslims have been swept away by the idea of secularism. The subject of Islam has become a controversial issue to discuss by some Muslims. Muslim society’s higher echelons avoid talking about Islam; consequently, intellectuals do not know that secularism is very much built-in within Islam's religion (Sacred Quran109:6). EOI initially attacked the education system of a Muslim country; at first, they secularized the system and subsequently sexualized the curriculum. As a result, debauchery and promiscuity soar in Muslim societies. Once promiscuity and immorality become rampant in society, hooking up talents becomes a matter of child play-the way Jewish oligarchs have done to Americans’ using Hollywood films and the California Porn industry.

The most successful EOI cover story is that the 1st world always extends help in aid and capacity building by providing higher training to third-world professionals. They offer training funds for military personnel to be trained in the 1st world, where they have specialized arrangements to hook up all future leaders of Muslim countries regularly. After getting hooked up, they act as mole or slipper agents at the initial stage. Subsequently, as they go up the ladder, they turn out as a dangerous threat to national security. These traitors can never make a decision that is good for the country, even if at some point they want to. At the moment of culmination, hooked-up greedy agents (AIP & AOI) volunteer to participate in the coup to take over the power. Those who are not interested in participating are compelled to join out of the fear of compromised videos in the hand of EOI.

In general, every physical disease has a cause, and in most cases, it has a solution; the same is with social or moral diseases. Degeneration of the moral value of a society is a social disease but not natural. It is an invisible game plan of the perpetrator, operating under different legitimate false fronts. It has a slow poisoning effect on the target audience, such an attempt of HIS needs to be detected and subdued at the initial stage before it is too late to handle. President Erdogan fortunately survived, or Turkey would have been under EOI domination like that of Egypt today. Pakistani leadership and their intelligence apparatus need to take a massive lesson from these two incidents.

If we want to stop producing traitors or agents of EOI in our rank and file, we must stop sending our young future leaders abroad for training. Send minimal personnel sufficiently motivated not to get caught in the sweet honey trap laid for them by EOI. Presently Iran is not sending, but Pakistan is continuously sending their military personnel for foreign training. Iran does not fear any military coup, but Pakistan is always vulnerable to that risk. Bangladesh is sending all civil-military bureaucrats to India for training for a long time without family. The worst case scenario is, that we are sending all our judges to India for training when the Supreme Court of India has given an unprecedented judgment on faith, leaving aside all available legal documents over Babri Mosque? May Allah Pak provide us with good, honest leadership and help the Muslim world rise above again like in our golden days. (Check Here Next Part)

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