Thursday, June 30, 2022

Pied Piper Of Pakistan

Imran Khan is no more a heartthrob leader for the people of Pakistan; he has become like the pied piper of Hamelin. That piper lured all the rats of the city towards the river to die, Imran Khan pushing all corrupt criminals out of Pakistan to live the rest of their life comfortably; the choice is theirs.' Rats are harmful to individual household, but corrupt leaders are a million times more dangerous than rats for a country's sovereignty. This is about the ongoing Imported Hukumat (I H) of Pakistan, which is under severe pressure from the people of Pakistan from all sides, spearheaded by Imran Khan and his party PTI. During the colonial two hundred years, the British had started offering higher degrees in different universities teaching how to administer colonies. They have painstakingly; taught and trained on how to handle the natives in different parts of the world. Similarly, the American empire is under the command of the Enemies of Islam(EOI), meaning Zionist oligarchs. Americans are also given sufficient education and training to secretly control Muslim countries throughout the world. Intermittent regime change is one of the expertise they have developed since the 2nd WW.

EOI has been doing that with commendable success, but lately, they are facing some noticeable obstacles. After trying for more than two decades, they lost hope in Iran; in Egypt, they made a success but failed in Turkey. For more than 3 years, Imran Khan was not taking their dictations, unlike most other corrupt Muslim regimes. As an honest man, he has made the utmost effort to clean up corruption in Pakistan's politics and administration. Such effort of Imran Khan is unacceptable by EOI, as they have turned all Muslim countries into corrupt ones with so much protracted effort and brainwashing. Regime change in Pakistan last time was not a copybook process; it followed a unique style involving corrupt politicians, neutral (?) Army, and neutral (?) Supreme Court Judges. However, I H, COAS Bajwa, and their foreign boss could not accurately figure out the resolve of Imran Khan, who does not believe in giving up. He is a true Muslim with a clear comprehension of Deen E Islam and tenacious at the least. He is not behaving like all other regimes, those who suffered similar consequences repeatedly. They never had the moral courage or popularity to fight back to complete their full tenure. It is unfortunate for the EOI because, this time, they got caught openly in their act in Pakistan.

This is where the foreign and domestic cabal combined have committed the blunder. This time people of Pakistan violently reacted and mobilized the whole country against this unethical parliamentary coup. The ruling I H realizing that the situation is going out of control, and they are now shaky to sketch up any face-saving exit strategy. The imported regime is in crisis, but EOI is not; they are enjoying Pakistan's tragic and worsening political scenario like a five days long test cricket. They have successfully rolled down the crisis ball, now it is the leadership of Pakistan responsible for restoring the situation as per the expectation of the people. The choice for the EOI is one of the two, either a civil war or a corrupt imported regime tackle the situation firmly and continue up to the next regime-change operation to be replaced by another corrupt regime. Due to social media, Shabaz Sharif and his cohorts are very much exposed to the whole nation about their unethical foreign-aided entry into power. The more they stay in power, the more resistance will grow, which may generate catastrophic consequences like Sri Lanka.

Suppose PTI goes for a massive media campaign of the pathetic and shameful scenarios of Sri Lankan corrupt political leaders. In that case, the people of Pakistan may be enticed to conduct the same in their country. That will be disastrous for all leaders of I H. The situation has gone so hostile that there is no scope other than an unconditional surrender by the corrupt regime. Being a good Muslim, Shahbaz and his team may find Imran Khan humane in dealing with their honest and sincere submission. Imran Khan may deal with the situation the way our beloved Prophet Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam did after capturing Mecca. One or two die-hard criminals like Sanaullah or IG Punjab for their transgression and treachery with the nation may be taken into the task. The rest of all may be allowed to go to their 2nd home in any country of EOI that brought them into power. They may live there like Fethullah Gulen of Turkey and remain busy planning for a future power struggle. Before they depart must produce written documents to give back the money they had looted when they were in power. They have turned Pakistan into a bottomless basket, and now the people of Pakistan have to pay back all the money this corrupt cabal has looted. A huge question why should they not?

Bajwa is kind of like an ill-fated COAS of Pakistan; he missed his chance to be the president of Pakistan. If Imran Khan would continue with his 1st long march, Sanaullah would take the opportunity to create a crisis that could lead to a civil war in Pakistan. Assessing the absolute tense situation and the intention of EOI stooges, Imran quickly called off the program denuding the opportunity to neutral (?) Bajwa. Sanaullah and Shahbaz Sharif were ready  to go for a strong handed situation control action with the help of Bajwa, if there was a civil unrest, leading to civil war. Now, Bajwa is exposed as a living traitor and EOI stooge in both civil-military arenas. Under the circumstance, Bajwa has no hope to continue as COAS, let alone president of Pakistan.

It is about time for the people of Pakistan to realize that. Every individual citizen of Pakistan, those who are famous domestically and internationally due to their individual or team performance, should join hands for national security and integrity. Our humble suggestions are as follows:

  • All ex-famous Pakistan cricket players may jointly conduct a press conference and suggest the government as to how to handle the crisis, which appears to be unmanageable by the present regime. They may seek an audience of PM or COAS and openly discuss and suggest some legitimate solutions.
  • The present Pakistani Cricket team is also famous and world number one at the moment; they can also attempt to meet PM or COAS or conduct a press conference on the issue. They have to realize that it is for Pakistan they are a champion team; if there are five countries, there will be no Pakistani team in the future.
  • A team of 5/6 retired CSP intellectual officers who are famous for their integrity, intellectuality, and professionalism may team up and call on PM with some acceptable suggestions to attain a reasonable conclusion regarding the ongoing crisis.
  • 4/5 University VCs may also team up and meet PM Shahbaz Sharif to discuss a compromise on the issue.
  • Ex-General Raheel Sharif and Lt General Faiz Hameed may make a joint effort with COAS and PM to negotiate a solution to the problem.
  • 5/6 famous singers like Atif Aslam, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Nahid Akhtar,     and all should also team up to meet PM with some suggestions to rescue Pakistan from the ongoing crisis.
  • 9 corps commanders may team up with the ISI chief to meet PM to   reconcile the present warring situation. They have to realize that there will be no corps and no corps commanders if there is no Pakistan.

The goal is that no stone should remain unturned to stop expected civil unrest leading to civil war. Every attempt should be broadcasted and made viral on social media to let the world and the people of Pakistan are capable and have the initiative to resolve on going political crisis. If PM Shahabaz and COAS Bajwa can solve the problem through negotiation with PTI and Imran Khan that is the best for Pakistan. Let us avoid and stop listening to foreign undertone and put Pakistan into further deep crisis. When a few corrupt and unethical people at the helm of the affairs risk national sovereignty, it becomes the duty of every patriot to resist and fight back under any banner to restore their own sovereignty. Pakistan is indeed in such a precarious situation under I H. Now, the responsibility is not only with Imran Khan alone but with all the citizens of Pakistan to save their motherland from disintegration and captive sovereignty. It is the responsibility of all Pakistani to join hands in the mission. EOI is an expert in hooking and turning patriots into traitors; unfortunately, they continuously do that unseen and unobserved. May Allah Pak bless Imran Khan and the people of Pakistan.

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