Saturday, July 16, 2022

Domino Effect of Corruption

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire for a protracted period, the Enemy of Islam (EOI) entranced their dirty influence within the moral fabric of Muslim society without any resistance. Their most experienced and high-tech brainwashing maneuver has been successful over Muslim countries' general mass and leadership alike. As the administration is also affected, they can never find any solution to Muslim countries' persistent corruption problem. In a 3rd country, a startup politician with honest intention can never reach the pinnacle of power to reverse the environment upside down; the reason is that most corrupt politicians want a leader of their standard to carry on looting upon going into power. Politics in Muslim countries is no more service but a business. In politics, one invests money during the election in millions and earns billions upon winning. EOI subversive penetration has gone inside Muslim society unabated with no computable formal or informal resistance. Muslim countries have no structural arrangement to monitor such surreptitious offensive, let alone take countermeasures. Under the circumstance, Pakistan has a unique opportunity to turn the tide in its favor, but unfortunately, they may not find the right kind of experts for the job at the right time and in the right place. The honesty and patriotism of Imran Khan are unquestionable, but the question is; will he be lucky enough to get technically skilled lieutenants to reconstitute national morale fabrics towards honesty? Chances are pitiably bleak.

That is why EOI, i.e., 1st world, needs corrupt leadership for us and practice high standard honesty in their own countries. People of Pakistan, under compulsion, have accepted corruption as their ‘fate a comply’ because no Pakistan government could ever make any reasonable attempt to reverse this situation in the last 70 years. EOI has kept all Muslim countries under an invisible influence by an absolute professional arrangement; therefore, no Muslim leadership could ever think out of the box to attempt something unconventional to arrest the passion for corruption.

 Once the domino effect of corruption is elucidated in some detail, 3rd world leadership may come to know the reality, maximum they may understand but may not realize or comprehend, let alone conceive some productive actions to reverse that influence. 3rd world leaders mostly lack insight, foresight, or wisdom. After diagnosing the disease in detail, a leader has to segregate various target audiences and plan his angle of attack, methods, and timings to methodically recreate honesty in the heart and minds of his people. He needs experts' opinions and physical involvement to cure this malignant by applying well-defined prescribed ideas and a plan of action. A diagrammatical flow chart is appended below, showing the domino effect of corruption only to have a comprehensive view of this ideological disease.

To initiate the simulation of the domino effect, please watch the video (link here)

সোশ্যাল মিডিয়ায় শেয়ার করুনঃ


আমার লিখা এবং প্রকাশিত/প্রচারিত কোনো সংবাদ, তথ্য, ছবি, আলোকচিত্র, রেখাচিত্র, ভিডিওচিত্র, অডিও কনটেন্ট কপিরাইট আইনে পূর্বানুমতি ছাড়া ব্যবহার করা সম্পূর্ণ বে আইনি।

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