Saturday, August 20, 2022

Interrogation Of Shahbaz Gill Part-2

Generally, a proven criminal is sent for remand or interrogation to investigate further to find his accomplices, additional suspects, undisclosed materials, and pieces of information to fill in the gap. These people are generally enemy spies, POWs, or suspects from an investigation. Brutal interrogation or remand cannot be for any political person without proven evidence of any crime. What proof did Rana Sanaullah produce in the court for his arrest and subsequently for physical remand? Was there any investigation before his arrest and sufficient evidence to justify an arrest and remand? At the time of the court hearing, after massive proven torture symptoms, why was his jail remand again changed to physical remand? What evidence did the police produce to justify that? Is it just because Rana Sanaullah wants to structure an issue to liquidate Imran Khan persuasively?

The corrupt regime of Pakistan treats a young intellectual professor of an American university like a proven burglar, thief, pickpocket, or enemy spy caught within our border. They have done the same with another intellectual, You Tuber, Imran Riaz Khan.

This is how a corrupt regime can gradually turn into a brutal autocratic oppressor in broad daylight under the periscopic view of international human rights organizations, democratic flag bearers, and watchdogs. When a criminal-faced and criminal-minded individual like Rana Sanaullah is the home minister of a country, people can never have freedom of expression. Lawmakers become the most extensive lawbreakers; law-abiding people are only sideline onlookers. Pakistan's honest and patriotic people must consider the present situation as the last chance to regain their absolute freedom (HAKIKI AZADI). They realize that now is when they have to fight not only with the corrupt regime of Shahbaz Sharif but also fight the combined force of EOI, which includes India, America, and Israel. So unfortunate for the people of Pakistan that their COAS Gen Mir Bajwa, a likely American citizen and very much in cahoots with them.

First, let us find out why Shahbaz Gill is targeted as a subject for grueling interrogation. When all their attempts to silence Imran Khan or put him behind the bar have failed, now they need some hardcore evidence to liquidate him from Pakistan's politics permanently. The chief of staff, Shahbaz Gill, has been targeted to take out Imran. They did the same with Imran Riaz Khan, an intellectual YouTuber. Pakistan, a Muslim country, cannot be led by any honest leadership; this is the historically proven motto of EOI. For that, removing honest Imran and putting proven corrupt Shahbaz and his cohorts to run Pakistan would be to their advantage. For the survival of the corrupt regime, they require some negatives of Imran Khan under any circumstance. 

The EOI-promoted corrupt regime tried twice to initiate a volatile situation in Pakistan and blamed that on Imran Khan and PTI. Once, after a long march on 04/12/22, millions of PTI patriots reached Islamabad to show their united demand for an early election date. The corrupt regime considered that an opportunity to start civil unrest by killing some police and rangers and blaming that on PTI supporters. Realizing the dirty trick of the corrupt government, Imran quickly disengaged and called that off. For timely foresighted decisions, the evil regime feels that Imran is constantly getting intellectual support from Shahbaz Gill, so Gill is the target of the corrupt government. They do not even mind coercing or bribing judges to get a judgment in their favor for multiple physical remand for Shahbaz Gill. That is why physically broken and psychologically traumatized Shahbaz Gill has been sent once again for physical remand by a judge; so pathetic! The second attempt to create a volatile environment by the corrupt regime was. While Punjab police were protecting Shahbaz Gill, Rana Sanaullah ordered his Islamabad police to get Gill at any cost, meaning fire at Punjab police if that is a requirement to get back Gill for further interrogation. Imran Khan ordered Punjab police to back out. Imran loves the people of Pakistan, not the power, as he is a genuine patriot; reciprocally, people also love him from their hearts, which is the biggest problem with the criminal regime.
Now people of Pakistan need to know who all are interrogating him so ruthlessly. How can such an innocent intellectual be treated so mercilessly? Jewish and American interrogators probably trained these Pakistani interrogators in the notorious prison of American Guantanamo Bay in Cuba or Abu Ghraib of Iraq. Jewish and American interrogators interrogated young Muslims blaming freedom fighters as a terrorist, and tortured them even with illegal waterboarding. Same way, today, Pakistani interrogators are interrogating a Pakistani pride Shahbaz Gill in the same manner as if he is a terrorist or a die-hard criminal. Rana Sanaullah and this corrupt regime are committing an inexcusable crime under EOI's dictation. This is a do-or-die situation for the patriotic, honest people of Pakistan. Either they survive through this EOI-initiated political crisis or continue as a slave nation and sometime in the future join ‘Akhando Bharat’ along with Bangladesh under racist Modi. (If you did not read part one, then read it also Interrogation Of Shahbaj Gill Part-1)

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আমার লিখা এবং প্রকাশিত/প্রচারিত কোনো সংবাদ, তথ্য, ছবি, আলোকচিত্র, রেখাচিত্র, ভিডিওচিত্র, অডিও কনটেন্ট কপিরাইট আইনে পূর্বানুমতি ছাড়া ব্যবহার করা সম্পূর্ণ বে আইনি।

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