Thursday, September 22, 2022

A Wake-Up Call For Pakistan

After capturing the objective, an attacking force rapidly disperses and tries to occupy its reorganization position, ensuring that the enemy's immediate counterattack can be defended; such action is critical to consolidate the final phase of any offensive operation. This plan is designed well ahead of staging the offensive. After successfully taking over the power last time, Imran Khan could not consolidate well in his reorg phase. EOI surreptitiously compromised 22 (Twenty-two) of his outposts, which ensured his removal from power at the end of the day. When party leadership is corrupt, the administration is corrupt; who will change the environment? According to Imran Khan's probable vision and mission, eliminating the criminal cabal from the top is only the tip of the iceberg. If Imran Khan is determined to take the people of Pakistan up to the level of Sahaba Ekram ®, he has a long way to go and knows that well.

The hearts and minds of world Muslims have been deliberately and systematically polluted by many protracted indiscernible apparatuses of different socio-economic and political viruses. One may call it brainwashing, mind control, ideological subversion, or anything. It has almost become an incurable deep-rooted disease far more dangerous than cancer for any Muslim community. For cancer, modern science has developed several curable procedures and medicines. But disease-like corrupted mind, there is no hospital for treatment or any effective therapy for global Muslim municipalities. Except for very few, most of the Muslim countries of the world at present are infested with a horrible level of corruption. A golden saying is, " If money is lost, nothing is lost, health is lost, something is lost; when the character is lost, everything is lost." World Muslims have lost their most important asset, i.e., their "national character." Getting national character back on the right footing is far more complicated than fighting a military or political battle or getting rid of a corrupt opponent from power. A corrupt political opposition party might be able to remove a corrupt political party in power, but that cannot get the country back to an honest foothold.

When protracted corruption pollutes the DNA of Muslim societies, parties in power and administration remain on equal footing to continue their vicious cycle. The reality is that a nation's development is directly proportional to the level of honesty that its leaders practice. To counter that vicious cycle of corruption, first of all, we need a genuine, honest leader, and then we need social engineers, experts in brainwashing and mind control, or the technology of ideological subversion. This is the area where Muslim leadership cutting a sorry figure since 1st WW. Sometimes 'Haq’ won over ‘Batil' but could not hold out for long due to the lack of the right technology.

The fall of PTI and the removal of Imran Khan is the best example. A proven parable is, "The worst possible handicap of a human being is a bad attitude." The same applies to a nation as well. The attitude of world Muslim communities has been ruined to such an extent that, let alone accepting Deen Islam, observing a so-called Muslim, a non-Muslim, runs away from Islam. Non-Muslim people of this era reverted to Islam not by following Muslims but by reading the Sacred Quran Sharif. A Qafir may find himself as a better person looking at a by-born non-practicing Muslim. A Muslim community leader must perceive this reality and set his objectives accordingly. Each citizen is a soldier of life and can make a difference like the sahaba’s have shown in the history of the time after the prophet's (Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam) departed from this world. A leader like Imran has the charisma, strong faith, religious foundation, and wisdom to instill that creed in every citizen's heart.

The present-day Muslim world luckily has a legendary leader according to the prescribed perspective. President R. T. Erdogan has recently introduced the biography of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wassallam in its primary and secondary curriculum. In 2014, R. T. Erdogan came into power, but he changed the system this year, this is called leadership acumen, and we want the same from Imran Khan. Fabrics of morality and fundamental values of Islam are depleted by an extreme level of EOI psychological maneuver. How it is done and what the technology adopted is not available in any observable academic disciplines. Since Muslim societies have been brainwashed from honesty to corruption, an initial counter brainwash operation has to be adopted as a cleansing phase. Subsequently, gradually reconstitute the depleted morality, instilling integrity far above a platform than honesty. Imran Khan's mission will complete once he achieves changing the corrupt psyche of his people to honesty. May Allah Pak bless Imran Khan and the people of Pakistan.

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