Friday, September 16, 2022

Pakistan's Political Centre of Gravity

Like most other Muslim countries, the Enemy of Islam (EOI) was adopting the same undercover mechanism to dominate Pakistan. One may call it multi-party democracy, but on the ground, two corrupt political parties rule alternatively and funnel countries' resources uninterruptedly. There may be a third party that is also supposed to be equally evil to play the role of a GABACHU, taking the side of any party as per convenience. Both parties must be corrupt and appoint a "Yes Minister" type CAOS to support their nonstop looting. In every political turmoil, the CAOS of Pakistan acts as a Centre of Gravity (COG) to control and direct the situation as per EOI dictation. This time in Pakistan, General Mir Bajwa played that role fine under cover of neutrality at the beginning but gradually got exposed in the eye of all Pakistani. It is the resolve of Imran Khan which has defeated the EOI game plan this time.

Unfortunately for EOI, Imran Khan does not contemplate acting as GABACHU, but he wants to act as a political party with a mission and vision of HAKIKI AZADI. When Imran Khan is in power, there may be multiple parties as per democratic norms, but no compromise with honesty and patriotism. With unflinching honesty and patriotism, PTI has become Pakistan's number one political party. Being an Oxford graduate with an image of a global celebrity, Imran is indeed a tough political opponent to play with. This time number one reason for the collapse of the EOI attempt is; the presence of proven abject corrupt people in "Imported Hukumat." The second reason is; the influential role played by social media in introducing the proven honesty and patriotism of Imran Khan to the people of Pakistan. Social media has done another excellent job by clearly exposing the magnitude of corruption of Imported Hukumat.

Imran Khan has become an icon for all Pakistani and for world Muslims. At the moment, the best decision that General Bajwa can take is to shift the COG to Imran Khan, and he is the right person to deal with the future politics of Pakistan. The best part unconsciously played by Imported Hukumat is; that they have inadvertently introduced Imran Khan to all Pakistani as a true patriotic leader of Pakistan after Quide E Azom. Had there been no parliamentary coup, Imran would have never been so much popular the way he is now in Pakistan. Long 26 years of honest and patriotic persuasion in the dirty atmosphere of Pakistan politics, Imran is now considered the only choice for the people of Pakistan. To be candid, after a few decades, COG has returned to the people of Pakistan, where Imran is the most popular leader. We hope the people of Pakistan can make good use of this opportunity. The people of Turkey show that the absolute power of an independent nation is always with the people. No tank or APC can roll over its own patriotic people; no sensible army of the world can do that. The powerful Turkish army could not do that, nor will the Pakistan army ever do that. We hope General Bajwa realizes the situation and de-shoulder COG to the right person for the sake of sovereignty. We wish him all the best.

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