Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Imran Khan Vs General Mir Bajwa





Imran khan is a rare rooster crying out from the dark political environment of Pakistan to awaken all enslaved Pakistani to look at a new dawn of freedom. He has shown us the threat which remained unseen for so long. Now we know who all the discreet representatives of Enemy of Islam (EOI) amongst us are; who has surreptitiously kept us enslaved under cover of democracy? This time despite our superfluous differences, we are now united behind Imran Khan to fight this hidden menace and ensure "HAKIKI AZADI." Huzur Pak Sallallahu Alaihe Wassallam and Allah Pak are with us; on the other hand, with the corrupt "Imported Hukumat." it is General Mir Bajwa backed by EOI and finally the devil himself. This time people of Pakistan are fighting a war precisely like the Muslims at the advent of Islam. During that nascent stage of Islam, Muslims were at war with Qafir directly, as Islam calls it, Jihad. People of Pakistan are in the same Jihad, not with the Qafir but with Munafiquns', living amongst us under cover of Islam and Muslim. History teaches us that Munafiquns are more dangerous and harmful to Islam and Muslims than that of Qafirs. These Munafiqs' created all the radical groups like Al-Qaida, ISIL, and ISIS under the guidance and supervision of EOI. In a corrupt 3rd world environment, the presence of an honest and patriotic leader like Imran Khan is a once-in-a-lifetime blessing. Either we recognize this and use this God-gifted opportunity or remain enslaved for another century.

If Pakistan army's professionalism gives them a perception that they are a better lot compared to their civilian counterpart, this is a pure misconception deliberately instilled in the hearts and minds of young officers by EOI via hooked-up Generals. Pak army should compare its professionalism with adversaries like India or Israel, not with its own political leadership. According to EOI, these hooked-up generals steer up an internecine clash between corrupt political parties and take full advantage of the situation in their favor.

The army of a country cannot be an enemy to its own citizens. Pak army fought with its own people in 1971, and they are still fighting now in Baluchistan. The Generals who are helping corrupt political leaders and manipulating ongoing political crises on behalf of EOI are unscrupulous Gaddars. They must be exposed immediately before another disaster can occur, like in 1971. It is the people of Pakistan who have to save the sovereignty of Pakistan. Recent and one of the best examples is how the Turkish people protected their freedom from the greed of some corrupt Generals. By His grace, President R.T. Erdogan was fortunate to survive that coup attempt. Let us recapitulate some comparable examples in a few unfortunate Muslim countries where hooked-up Generals harmed Muslims and Islam. It was Yahia Khan who was solely responsible for the separation of Pakistan. The democratically elected most famous leader of Egypt, President Morsi, was technically removed from power by EOI and installed their puppet, General Sisi. Morsi was put in jail, where he died out of a heart attack (?). With our utmost passion, we hope that General Mir Bajwa does not try something similar. 

In Bangladesh, General Moin helped in the assassination of 57 own army officers, only to extend his job for one more year and a safe exit from Bangladesh. He could achieve all of those but left Bangladesh in the hand of RAW and their hooked-up cartels in power. It is a matter of time when this cabal will hand over the sovereignty to their master EOI (India). Few hooked-up Generals were trying to remove R.T. Erdogan from power with a claim that he was not following traditional secularist ideology. Allah Pak was very kind to the brave and patriotic people of Turkey; when they boldly resisted EOI prompted military coup, divine help came in to help Turkish Muslims. Turkish Muslims now enjoy the real freedom they had lost with the collapse of Ottoman Khilafat. History let us know that General Mir Jafar, top General of Nawab Shiraj

Ud Dawla, did the same with the Muslims of greater Bengal, exactly what General Mir Bajwa is doing now with the people of Pakistan. For the Gaddary of General Mir Jafar, Muslims of this sub-continent were treated like slaves for two hundred years under British occupation.

General Mir Bajwa knows that history very well, but under the circumstance, he can do nothing but harm Pakistan, like General Mir Jafar of greater Bengal. Imran Khan has very clearly exposed the difference between a true patriotic leader and a dubious military commander. He has also proved, if a tea boy can be a prime minister of a country, why not a playboy? Considering Pakistan's ongoing pathetic socio-political scenario, If we consider Imran Khan a "blessing" for Pakistan, General Mir Bajwa definitely can only be termed a "perilous menace" for Pakistan.

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