Saturday, January 21, 2023

A Prime Minister In Making For Pakistan (Part-2)

A question of the century is; who runs the government of Pakistan? Is it the People of Pakistan? Pak Army? Or Gaddars and corrupt politicians under the control of the Enemy of Islam (EOI)? Imran Khan, the Chairman of PTI, has exposed this reality with absolute precision. A militarily powerful nation need not occupy another weak nation or colonize that to suck its resources out. EOI has developed a methodology to technically manipulate and place corrupt leadership and take over control of any Muslim country. Powerful global actors have played this subtle geopolitical game for the last few hundred years. For Pakistan, at the moment, patriots are in a do-or-die situation. Either they destroy the chain of the domestic corrupt vicious cycle controlled by EOI or continue to suffer as a pseudo-sovereign state like before. Where looters remain in power alternatively, and innocent patriotic citizens suffer continuously.

When there is a clash between patriots and corrupts, EOI will always back the corrupts; therefore, it is easy to identify who are real Gaddars and who are patriots. According to Islamic history, it is proven that Gaddars (traitors) are more harmful to Muslim society than that Qafeers, as Gaddars remain within the community undercover and harm Islam from the inside. For the control and destruction of Muslim society, it is a fundamental requirement of the EOI to put Gaddars as a leader. The other need of EOI is to remove or, if not possible, assassin a true patriotic Muslim leader. Unfortunately, Imran Khan falls into that category like Erdogan. They successfully removed Imran from power using Gaddars in civil and Gaddars in uniform.

As per EOI's Standard Operating Procedure' (SOP), EOI wanted to create a crisis when Imran assembled all patriotic citizens in Islamabad. Domestic Gaddar's wanted to make the situation violent to legitimize the entry of the Pak Army in aid of civil power. Sensing the wicked plan of EOI stooge General Mir Bajwa, Imran Khan quickly disengaged from the impending skirmish. EOI was defeated there for the first time against Imran and then continuously failed to date. According to military terminology, that was a classic Tactical re-deployment (TRD) in a political arena. Every attempt of EOI in terms of the caretaker government, technocrat government, or martial law all went in vain against the popularity of Imran Khan. All those proposals were for re-establishing the Gaddars in power or for their safe exit from power and, subsequently, from the country.

It appears that goons have lost all their chances to block Imran from returning to power. This time either Pakistan stands out as a genuinely independent state or goes down the pages of history as a corrupt nation that evaporated in thin air. To that end, EOI is shaping Bilawal as a future leader of Pakistan, just like Malala Yousuf Zai. An EOI sharp shooter conducted a precision shooting incident on her face and used that false flag as a Taliban Islamic terrorist attack. She was not only given treatment by the EOI in the western world, but she was also made famous by organizing her presentations in various international forums, including the UN HQs. Western mainstream media has made her a women's rights and human rights champion activist at the global level. The purpose is to make use of her in the domestic politics of Pakistan in the future.

Under the corrupt regime, EOI had a free run in Pakistan for almost thirty years and successfully manufactured several sleeper agents, agents in place, and agents of influence. Cleaning these junks would need Machiavellian expertise in intelligence. If Pakistan cannot handle this weak area professionally this time, she will again fall prey to another corrupt regime under the control of EOI. Clearing this junk will be a mammoth task for Imran and his party PTI in the future. However, at this point, the entry of new COAS General Asif Munir is quite significant as he has replaced a proven Gaddar, General Bajwa.

In the name of democracy, a Muslim country always remains politically volatile, particularly before or at the time of the election. Pakistan, at the moment passing a critical situation, as luck could happen, Pakistan received a Quran E Hafiz COAS for the first time in the history of the Pak Army. So the expectation is very high. However, somebody should not expect something dramatic out of him as General Bajwa’s six years were long enough to establish a criminal tentacle throughout the length and breadth of the Pak Army.

General Asif's situation could be either of the two: if he is also a hooked-up General like so many Pak Army Generals, he dares not take any action in favor of Imran openly at the displeasure of the organization that hooked him. The other situation is; if he is a genuine patriot and EOI has failed to hook him, he cannot go openly all out to support Imran as there could be a number of his corps commanders in favor of EOI-designated corrupt leadership. However, the fact here is General Asif cannot hide his actual standing for long. He should ask concerned stakeholders to conduct an election as soon as possible to rescue Pakistan from the ongoing political and economic predicament. He should quickly complete the investigation of Shaheed Ashraf Sharif's assassination issue. He should also vigorously pursue a proper investigation of the assassination attempt on Imran Khan. A stony-faced appearance in front of the camera is OK for a limited period, but he has to take a side in the end. It will be better for him and the people of Pakistan if he takes the side of the patriotic citizens, not the Gaddars'. He cannot allow Pakistan to face a sad consequence like 1971.

99% of Muslims of Pakistan expect General Asif Munir to rescue Pakistan from drowning in a failed state. Recovering Pakistan from the Imported Hukumath should be his immediate responsibility, but his long-term strategic objective should ensure that Pak politics is free from corruption. The life of corrupt leaders should be made so complex that they should never dare to come back and restart their same nefarious activities and play with the fate of the innocent people of Pakistan. Bilawal Bhutto, with a by-born psychotic disorder, should not get a chance to do politics in Pakistan. This information should be made clear in the hearts and minds of the people of Pakistan. Besides, he is physically and morally corrupt, and the people of Pakistan should also know that. Such steps will prevent EOI from placing him as a future leader of Pakistan.

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