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Imran Khan Is the Problem - Part 2

It may be upsetting for some to read the title of the article. To start with, let us elucidate the glitch. Imran Khan is the arch enemy of the ‘Enemy of Islam’ (EOI), those who are responsible for the ongoing political turmoil and unrest in Pakistan. He is a genuine enemy of EOI for the following reasons:

a). He is a patriot.

b). He is honest.

c). He is intelligent.

d). He has no weaknesses that someone can exploit.

e. He is a firm believer in Islam.

f. He wants to see a corruption-free and the Gaddar-free Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

g. He is a western educated Muslim intellectual.

h). Even after repeated attempts, EOI had failed to recruit him when he was a young and world-class celebrity.

In essence, all the traits mentioned above have made Imran a potential target of EOI, with whom the option they are left is to liquidate him by any means. EOI has developed an extremely shrewd mechanism by which all Muslim countries have a massive variation between their expectation and reality. Although honest, the mass majority will remain under deep coercion by corrupt leadership. In Pakistan, under the cover of democracy and friendship, different kinds of exchange programs are conducted. Higher education, professional training, and foreign trips are set up and used for recruiting new young talents. They are hooked at a young age, handpicked, trained, and eventually turn into Gaddars/traitors to work for EOI when they reach their respective heights of policy and decision-making.

The situation of Pakistan was acceptable by EOI under two (dynastic) party democracies for quite a long time. However, the problem began when Imran Khan entered the power-sharing game and wanted an independent policy for Pakistan as a sovereign state without any direct or indirect influence or coercion of foreign ideology or power. He realized nuclear power is no protection for sovereignty; had it been so, the Soviet Union would not have lost its sovereignty in 1991. They had thousands of nuclear warheads, but massive corruption, lack of deep social consciousness, and finally hooked-up leader Mikhail Gorbachev failed to prevent the collapse of the USSR.

Currently, being patriotic and a leader with dignity and foresight, Vladimir Putin is a problem for the same western atheistic power (EOI cabal). EOI does not dare a regime change operation in Russia, where KGB is a proven professional, efficient, and dedicated intelligence organization. For Pakistan, ISI is just an organization with all the facilities that Pakistan can offer but perform under proven Gaddar, presently headed by General Navid Anjum. Instead of providing security to Pakistan, they have become a threat to Pakistan's security. Their possible involvement in Ashraf Sharif's assassination elucidates that. ISI professional competency has reached its lowest ebb; the Peshawar Mosque explosion is the most recent proof of that (ISI inefficiency).

Recently three conditions offered by Pak Army to Imran Khan for an early election speak involvement of ISI in Arshad Sharif's assassination and a similar attempt on Imran Khan. 90% people of Pakistan want Imran in power; who are you to give conditions? Are you the owner of Pakistan? or is it the people of Pakistan? Is Pakistan a Peoples' Republic? Banana republic or a military Republic? DG ISI, Your actions have exposed your rear end completely. By trying to resist Imran Khan or assassinate him, you are putting the sovereignty of Pakistan at risk all over again. Such activities of your and Gen Asif Munir may place the name of the country Pakistan on the pages of history. This time it is Imran Khan, not Benazir Bhutto or Liakoth Ali Khan. Trying to eliminate him will be the worst decision for PDM or the Pak Army. That will eventually make Pakistan a part of Akhando Bharat, for sure. Not allowing Imran Khan to come to power will be the repetition of a historical blunder like 1971.

For any homicidal investigation or sabotage case, the first question for any investigator is, who benefits from it? Who are the beneficiaries of the assassination of Shahbaj Sharif? Who would be the beneficiaries if Imran Khan had succumbed to the assassination attempt? Who is the beneficiary of the unfortunate sabotage incident at Peshawar mosque? As that incident can be used to delay the election date? Indian Modi deliberately killed 54 CRPF soldiers to prevent his popularity avalanche and produce a combat scenario to unite the Indian people behind him. He killed his soldiers and even conducted a surgical strike inside Pakistan to win the next election. Here in Pakistan, PDM killed 101 police personnel to delay the next election and remain in power as long as possible. In between, eliminate Imran Khan in the process. Modi never punished any individual responsible for providing security for an axis within a war zone. The same will be here, General Navid Anjum will continue commanding ISI, and Rana Sana will continue as home minister of Pakistan. No amount of security failure can remove them from the position they hold because they are party to the crime. Hazrat Ali ® said, 'when an individual is responsible for solving a problem but cannot, he is very much party to the problem.’ Rana Sana and Navid Anjum are very much party to the problems that the people of Pakistan are undergoing now.

If Gen Navid Anjum can run an institution like ISI, why not any pimp of any brothel in Pakistan? He and home minister Rana Sana should have voluntarily resigned for such a massive slaughter of innocent citizens when they are responsible for their security and Pakistan. Under the circumstance, any Pakistani supporting PDM can never claim himself as a Muslim; he is either Munafiqun or shameless Gaddar. Gaddars will never give up their power because they know they have no soil under their feet; when the hidden agenda of PDM leadership is exposed, let alone liking party leadership, PDM party members start hating them. The people of Pakistan do not want to return to Purana Pakistan under PDM; they want to enjoy Hakiki Azadi in Naya Pakistan under Imran Khan.

Few wrongly motivated innocent Pakistani and members of PDM may blame Imran Khan claiming that the death of 101 in Peshawar mosque would not have taken place had Imran Khan died during the assassination attempt on him! All such sabotage, attempts, or assassination, taking PTI leaders to jail and remand, will continue as long as Imran khan continues his demand for Hakiki Azadi. He has to give up his claim and submit himself to local EOI representatives. Accept all the conditions PDM or COAS Asif Munir offers and lead a happy and comfortable life like the Zardari or Sharif family. Imran should forget about Hakiki Azadi once and for all.

In Pakistan, it is not a clash of civilizations; it is a clash between Patriots and Gaddars, a clash between Haq and Batil, a clash between slavery and freedom, ordinary people vs. corrupt elites, and finally, a clash between EOI and Islam. When PDM was pushed to the fringe of power, they conducted this death bite at Peshawar mosque. These butchers need to know the more they harm Pakistan, the more will be unity among the patriots, and the more resistance will grow. The people of Pakistan want to get back their long-lost freedom; no power can stop them now. They are eagerly awaiting victory the way Muslims used to get by His grace at the advent of Islam. Every Pakistani needs to know that it is the Zionist brain that is in action from behind the screen. In 1971 same Zionist brain separated Pakistan. The then ISI did not know what to do and what not to do. The same thing is repeated here; ISI and PDM leadership are operating here as EOI's local tentacle.

The situation in Pakistan has become so volatile that it has separated butter from the milk or patriots from the Gaddars. Consciously or unconsciously, if anyone supports this illegal PDM regime, he ought to be labeled as a Munafiqun and Gaddar; there is no question/doubt it. The reason is, supporting this imported Hukumath means supporting EOI, who has enslaved Pakistan for so many years using these traitors like domestic Gaddars/criminals as their tool of exploitation. To EOI and local Gaddars, Imran Khan is the only cause of Pakistan's political crisis. In contrast, a poor and illiterate day laborer realizes where the country is heading and who is responsible. Pakistan has reached a crossroads, with either Imran Khan surrendering or exterminating EOI bridle from the neck of Pakistan. All the best wishes to the freedom-loving people of Pakistan.

NOTE: To Read Part-1, Please click the link.

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