Thursday, January 12, 2023

A Priminister In Making For Pakistan (Part-1)

In the UN, Bilawal Bhutto (Bilvu) launched a robust diplomatic offensive on India, openly calling N. D. Modi a butcher. He is proving to be equally brazen as his grandfather Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and General Yahiya Khan of 1971. They jointly launched an offensive on the innocent Bengali citizens of East Pakistan and got the country separated. Mr. Z. Bhutto was famous for his unquenchable greed for power and money. The other person, his father, Mr. Jardari, a well-known viciously corrupt individual, was disgracefully known as Mr. 10% of Pakistan. They are infamous for their deep involvement in all three W's (wine, wealth, and women). Bilawal has inherited all those dark qualities genetically from the paternal and maternal sides. But nature has compensated those by giving him less IQ to lead a political party, let alone become PM of Pakistan.

There are many YouTube videos of his drinking parties, fully drunken and cladding with scantily dressed blonds. There may be piles of x-rated honey-trapped videos of Bilawal in the secret archives of  CIA,  Mossad, and RAW. These days Bilawal and his sycophants claim that he has done away with those bad habits like drinking and adultery; therefore, he is a legitimate candidate as a future PM of Pakistan;  but what Islam has to say about such claims? In Arabian literature, there is a common proverb, "When a criminal claims that he has changed himself and has become a good man, it is true up to the level, if someone says, I have seen Ohud Hill walking around the desert of Arab." Such claims are most cases, false, with no exception. The unfortunate part is that most Muslims have forgotten these basics. Once in power, Bilawal will be a heartless womanizer and drink like a glutton 24/7 till he damages his liver like that of Kamal Ataturk. 

Let alone wisdom, Bilawal does not have the slightest bit of insight or foresight. A keen look will give someone with insight that Bilawal is intellectually autistic. Like most other Pakistani royal family kids, he has also been given a master's degree from Oxford. He may be processed through a programmed situation where his dedication towards Pakistan will be blown out of proportion to make people believe that he is the true future leader. He may even be given Nobel prizes like Malala of Pakistan or An San Suki of Myanmar. Bilawal's grandpa divided Pakistan into two, and now along with criminal PDM leaders, he will divide Pakistan into four. Pakistan is now perfectly poised to repeat its sad history of the 1971 disintegration. A blatant repeated failure of corrupt politicians with the aid of ISI and Pak army Generals. Instead of ensuring national integrity and cohesiveness, they are performing as catalysts for Pak disintegration. To comprehend this tragic reality, one needs to read the, Following two analyses in detail:

1. Third-world Intelligence.

2. Military coup in Muslim countries.

Enemy of Islam (EOI) has developed a unique technology for producing leaders of their choice in Muslim countries. EOI’s first success was Kamal Ataturk; EOI created him as a leader for Turkey's Muslims at the Ottoman empire's demise. Since then, they continuously drew new borders of Muslim countries and produced their leaders to keep Muslims away from Islam. That is why Egyptian Islamic leader Morsi was a problem but no problem with butcher ultra-secularist Sisi. In Turkey, Erdogan is a problem, but any ultra-secular military man in his place is no problem. In Pakistan, a genuine Islam lover Imran Khan is a big problem, but no problem with traitor/Gaddar General Bajwa or proven looters of PDM. Islam hater Sheik Hasina is no problem; any leader who loves Islam in Bangladesh will inevitably face a military coup.

At the Ottoman's fall, Turkey's people were thoroughly frustrated due to successive defeats against the army of EOI. They had been looking for a leader to give them some success on the battlefield. EOI fills that leadership vacuum of Muslims by providing several military victories to Kamal Ataturk. EOI Used all agents in place and agents of influence to put Kamal Ataturk as the father of the nation (new democratic Turkey). Under cover of secularism, Kamal Ata ensured that the religion Islam was erased from the soil of Turkey once and for all. He was successful in doing so, but EOI never realized and will never realize that Islam is an indomitable religion; one may subdue it for some time but not forever. In Pakistan, EOI is unlashing the same game in promoting Bilawal and making him a hero in the eye of all  Pakistani. People should forget Imran Khan and turn their loyalty toward Bilawal Bhutto.

One can never turn a devil into an angel because they are different factory products. A crow can never behave like a peacock, no matter how well we dress it to look like a peacock. Once a young criminal grows old, he does not become a holy old man; he only becomes an old and mature criminal in most cases. This is the situation with all old and young PDM leaders. History suggests that young criminal politicians never transform into honest and patriotic politicians once they grow old. Frustrated Pakistani patriots had tightened their belts finding Quran E Hafej as their new COAS, he may be from the same factory (Pak army), yet they ardently hoped he to be different. His future actions will prove if he is a different product from the same factory or the same product from the same factory. The possibility of Bilawal becoming the future PM of Pakistan is more if Gen Asif Munir acts like General traitor Bajwa. Let us hope General Asif does not do that and works like Gen Raheel Sharif, a genuinely dedicated patriot.

NB: Intellectually handicapped Bilawal Bhutto is the most likely candidate to be the future PM of Pakistan. The link provided below clearly justifies that. 10 Funny Moments Of Bilawal Bhutto Caught on Camera | TOP X TV

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