Monday, January 2, 2023

Third World Intelligence

The concept of national security can narrowly be defined as that condition of a state where subversion does not exist, espionage cannot occur, and sabotage is prevented. If we consider the concept right, the third world has no security. We are under constant threat of all those three. The organizations responsible for defending those are intelligence and psychological warfare organizations that deal with “Ideological Subversion.” They are an essential part of any statecraft irrespective of their power in terms of domestic or foreign dominance. Let us analyze how the third world performs by comparing regional or global Rambos’.

The hard reality is; Third World Intelligence (TWI) remains so passive that it hardly dares to initiate a report indicating Hostile Intelligence Services' (HIS) involvement. HIS has its men in every facet of third-world countries' civil and military administration. They (HIS agents) suggest decision makers make decisions that are apparently useful but the end of the day, counterproductive, sometimes fatal to national security. Attack on the Muslim population of then East Pakistan by President Yahiya Khan in 1971 or the capture of Kuwait by Saddam Husain all falls into this category. This is the rationale why in the third world, democratically elected parties can hardly win the next election.

And for the same reason, the ruling party fails to learn from its past mistakes; they repeatedly repeat the same political blunders. In intelligence parlance, the direction begins all other stages of the intelligence cycle. Still, if all other stages of the cycle suffer from non-professionalism, the stage "direction" goes astray. This is one of the root causes of intermittent somersault in third-world politics. Decision-making authority is not only kept blind but also fed with false Intelligence, sometimes inadvertently, sometimes deliberately being biased due to personal/group interest.

If someone is deaf and blind, his super sharp brain is a waste in place. Intelligence organization acts as eyes and ears for the government; if unskilled or compromised operatives run those organizations, the government is deaf and blind. Let alone monitoring HIS activities, they miserably fail to produce an accurate pulse report of their own peoples' hearts and minds. For Bangladesh, an intermittent blowup of political hooliganism since liberation is the quintessence of reality. Global/Regional state actors, those hostile to neighboring third world nation states, do maintain professionally efficient social architects, social design engineers, and social and civil engineers to produce the desired perception in the hearts and minds of their target audience.

This is a discipline of Knowledge about which third-world leadership is miserably ignorant. As patriotism is not in these countries' social or academic curriculum, once a bureaucrat finds himself in an intelligence arena and enjoys the confidence of the decision-makers, he considers that a golden opportunity. He avoids all hard truths and wants to reach the pinnacle of his career by offering pleasing and hypocritical Intelligence till his objective is fulfilled or the party in power collapses. Until declared as a rogue state by a global power cartel, a third-world country does enjoy sovereignty. The system of governance could be democratic; military rule of hopeless monarchy does not matter; the global power cartel has to be kept satisfied. These unfortunate states maintain a sizable army to protect themselves from external aggression but keep their citizens' hearts and minds open and unprotected, at the mercy of the hostile social engineers to manipulate as they please.

That human behavior can be observed, measured, manipulated, and given a shape of our choosing is not very clear to third-world leaders and professionals. This is the basis of why a highly popular leader/party being victorious in one election, suffers an unpopular avalanche right from day one. Global power actors, who play with the leadership of the third world, have developed an extremely efficient system to monitor and manipulate mass behavior according to their future objectives. Playing with the hearts and minds of the target audience is not the responsibility of the intelligence organizations; they can, at best collect pulse reports for the subsequent necessary action by the social engineers. The Sooner third-world country leadership comprehends this elusive predicament, the better it is for their citizens and the nation.

In this respect, the best example is the tiny state of Israel, encircled by all hostile countries, but no one dares to manipulate Israeli citizens, politics, or the economy. Credit goes to their most effective intelligence organizations, Shin Bet and Mossad; they successfully keep all such calamities at bay,

In this respect, China stands out as another good example to be followed by all third-world countries, being aware of the trick they never apply to others. However, their intelligence organizations and social engineers effectively monitor and counter all surreptitious and sugar-coated subversion efforts of HIS. Evicting Google and Facebook from Chinese cyberspace indicates that. Third-world leadership has an important lesson to note here. So long as Chinese Intelligence and social engineers remain awake, none can derail China from its growth path.

So long as third-world Intelligence does not wake up from their slumber, none can pull them out of the perpetual state of hopelessness. Our system of public control is coercive and tangible, whereas visible ideological subversion's impact on the hearts and minds of our citizens is intangible. Either we take steps now or eventually succumb to the black hole of history as a feebly administered third-world nation failed to continue hard-earned sovereignty. If Venezuela, Ecuador, Cuba, and North Korea can survive defying, why not we?

A survey on the history of the TWI organizational performance would reveal that they are not in deep sleep or slumber; they are mostly in a coma, clinically dead. Why is there no military coup in the USA or in any developed country? Is it because we are not developed? Which is why we have coups? Or because of the intermittent coup, we cannot develop? It is a chicken-and-egg situation for only the leaders and patriotic think tanks to look for a viable solution. Trying to solve a problem without knowing; is becoming a party to the problem. And if someone is not part of the solution, they are very much part of the problem.

Pakistan has been trying to solve the terrorism crisis for the last 15 years without knowing its root, and now the government itself has become part of the crisis. The intelligence personnel is supposed to be aware of this elusive threat and suggest options to decision-makers as to how we tackle them. Unfortunately, TWI personnel lack professionalism, and most of them are unethical careerists to whom self is far above national interest. While people of the first world feel safe and secure because of the presence of Intelligence and security organizations, people of the third world are scared of their presence. Being hooked up by HIS or due to non-professionalism, TWI sometimes acts as AIDS against the party in power; they destroy the power of the state from the inside. They hide the real picture of mass sentiment from the decision-makers and keep them under hypocritical control. They accomplish this task easily by submitting pseudo-hyper-personal loyalty, which is always subject to change with the change of situation. With the present standard of intelligence setup and professionalism, let alone victory in war, the third world can never dream of political stability during peacetime.

Whether peace and security bring prosperity or prosperity ensures peace and security; remains a perceptual delusion for Third World leadership. It is only intelligence organizations that should and must clarify. Unfortunately, they only do the protocol duties and some basic activities not to enhance security but only to prove their loyal existence. Intelligence organizations are responsible for constantly monitoring the threat of ideological subversion on their own people, their methodology, and visible, active measures. And then suggest ways and means counter them.

Hermann Hasse, a German Nobel prize (1946) winner on literature, said, "Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. One can find it, live it, be fortified by it, do wonders through it, but one cannot communicate and teach it." In this respect, blaming only the politicians or the leaders is never enough; where are the professionals? What responsibility do they hold to guide political leaders in their own respective fields? When a "developing nation" poises for balanced growth, politicians lead, and professionals guide the politicians in their respective fields. Development is only retard when there is a miss-coordination or miss-match.

Leadership with insight, foresight, and wisdom can pull up the weakness of professionals; conversely, skilled professionals can fill in the blanks or leadership weaknesses. Under the circumstance, we may conduct a blame game on each other set by HIS or put our heads together for the real benefit of our Godforsaken citizens. Intelligence organizations' primary national responsibilities are monitoring HIS activity, preventing an internecine clash between statecraft's, and enhancing mutual respect, trust and confidence. Any country desiring to erase its name from the list of the third world has to engage its main effort in this line decisively. Let us hope good senses prevail among us and that the creator provides enough wisdom in our leaders and professionals for the better future of our citizens.

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