About Me

Rajib Khaja is International Islamic Blogger/Muslim Journalist Who write for Persecuted Muslim on various online platform and on this blog what is a non-political and purely religious movement personal blog where you will get the Ultimate speech of the truth and Real Aqidah of Islam. It promotes the propagation of the true beliefs of Islam under the teaching of the true sect of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat.

Through encouraging the blessed Sunnahs of the Beloved Aqa Karim Rwasoolullah (Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) it aims to light the beacon of love, admiration and affection of the Beloved Aqa Karim Rwasoolullah (Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) in the hearts of each believer, and through this it endeavors to perfect the body, soul and mind by mounding each Muslim’s life according to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

The sole purpose of Rajib Khaja is Sunni Islam to motivate each believer to become a true believer; inspiring them to remain steadfast in fulfilling the commands of Allah Almighty and to shine as a true respectful and humble devotee to the Beloved Aqa Karim Rwasoolullah (Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) and thus helping them to graciously adhere to the blessed life and Sunnahs of the Beloved Aqa Karim Rwasoolullah (Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) which is the best example to emulate.

Glory to Allah, this Islamic propagation movement is growing significantly.

It Originated in Dhaka (Bangladesh) But now in Istanbul, Turkey under the leadership of his excellence Mamduh Hazrat Murshid Kibla Alaihis Slalam of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat, and now through the grace of Allah and His beloveds this movement is continuously expanding in various parts of the world, under the guidance of the scholars of Ahle Sunnat wal Jamat, it is already prominent in countries like: Europe; United Kingdom; USA; Turkey, and insha’Allah aims to spread and help Muslims in other countries too.

Our some of Islamic Aqidah What we Follow !!!

Our Yes List!!!

Rwasoolullah ﷺ Is Made By Noor.
Rwasoolullah ﷺ Has Knowledge of Ilme Gayeb.
Rwasoolullah ﷺ Have The Power To Present Anywhere If He Want By Almighty’s Deed.
Rwasoolullah ﷺ His Milad/Qiam Is The Best Prayer for the whole Muslim Ummah.
Rwasoolullah ﷺ Is Alive In Grave and May Hear By Power Of Allah Sunhanahu Wa Ta’la If Anyone Call Him From Anywhere.

We Love All Oli Aowliya Passed away From this Earth Who Was In the Path of Rwasoolullah ﷺ

We Go To Mazar Of All Haqqani Oli Aowliya Whenever we Get Chance & we Do Jayarat.

Our No List!!!

We Do Not Take Picture & If Its Must Need Then Took Knowing Haram!!!
We Do Not Watch Movie, Video, Telefilm, Natak, Or Any Kind Of Tv Program!!!
We Do Not Hear Any Kind Of Song Except Religious(Without Instrument) !!!
We Do Not Like Banking Loan & Fix Deposit!!!
We Do Not Like Any Kind of Politics Except Caliphate!!!
We Don’t Like (Ahle Hadith, Present Salafi, Wahhabi, Mowdudi, Jamat Ea Islam, Deobondi, Dewanbagi, Ahmed Reza Kha{Ala Hazrat}, Shia, Hijbut Tawhid/Tahrir, ISIS, Taleban, Al Qaydah & Similer Group).

★→→→ Below little about Rajib Khaja ←←←★

I'm extrimist anti zionist+mushrik anti wahhabi Muslim Journalist and Blogger In Bangladesh Who Live In Turkey Right Now. I love Turkey so much.

⇨ Full Name : Rajib Khaja.
⇨ Religion: Islam (According to Qur’an Sunnah Ijma and Qias with under leadership of Hazrat Imam Ajam Abu Hanifa [Rwadiallahu Ta'la Anhu] and his Madhab (Hanafi).
⇨ Islamic Group: Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat.
⇨ Education: Murshid Haven't Gave Any Certificate Yet.
⇨ Language: Bangla (Mother language) but also English, Hindi, Urdu. Turkish.
⇨ Relationship: Married.
⇨ Blood Group: B(+) .
⇨ Profession: Currency Trading/Freelance
⇨ A¢tiνitу: Journalism, Eating, Facebook Page admin, Blogging, Website Designing, Traveling.
⇨ Home Town: Moulvibazar, Sylhet.
⇨ Family Background: Uppar Middle Class, 100% Religious.
⇨ Political View: Islamic Caliphate
⇨ Political Hate List: Awamiligue, Bnp, Jamat Ea Islam, Hefajot Ea Islam & All other groups.
⇨ Islamic Hate List: Ahmed Reza Khan{Ala Hazrat} False Sunni Group, Zakir Naik, Dewanbagi(fake sunni), Ahle Hadis, Wahhabi, Deobondi Qoumi, Tabligi, Salafi, Qadiani, Nojdi, Siah, Maijvandari(fake Sunni), At Roshi(fake Sunni), Chormunai, Ahle Qur’an & Hijbut Tawhid/Tahrir, JMB (Jamatul Mujaheedin Bangladesh) & Salafi ISIS.