Thursday, September 8, 2022

Heart Wrenching Request To Honorable Pak Supreme Court Part-2

It appears that Pakistan Supreme Court (Appellate Division) and some High Courts (High Court Division) are quite sincerely observing what anti-state or anti-judiciary statement Imran Khan is making in his different Jalshas. Monitoring them carefully to turn a benign statement into carcinoma to catch him legally from an illegal point of view. Dear Honorable, don't you see how popular PTI is and how unpopular is the Imported Hukumat (I H) ? Where is your, Su-Moto power? Is that only to be applied against Imran Khan, the most popular leader of Pakistan after Quid E Azom ? What is your stake in capturing power by a parliamentary coup organized by a proven criminal cabal? Have you lost your Judicial Mind? Are you not one of the stakeholders responsible for protecting the Constitution of Pakistan? When 90% people of Pakistan demand an early election, which is their democratic right, what is your problem dispensing a Su-Moto Ruling as per proven popular demand? Why are you allowing the people of Pakistan to suffer in a grueling political quagmire of uncertainty? The ongoing problem of Pakistan can be solved within a blink of an eye if an election date is declared. Who is holding you from behind not to rescue Pakistan from such a strained situation?

The root cause of today's political crisis in Pakistan is the parliamentary coup conducted by a corrupt domestic cabal supported and advised by a foreign power, which is a proven Enemy of Islam (EOI). The country's economy is getting ruined, whereas democracy teaches us that a free and fair election is the only solution to such crisis. You , the  Honorable Judges of the Pakistan Supreme Court , both the Honorable  Appellate Division and the Honorable High Court Division  , please tell us what constitutional role you are playing here except trying to catch Imran off guard? He is the most popular leader Pakistan has ever produced after Quid E Azom ! Looking at your indifference towards the crisis, we are obliged to recapitulate one of the sayings of Hazrat Ali Radiallahu Taala Anhu, "Individual responsible for solving a crisis if he cannot, he is very much party to the crisis. "You are constitutionally responsible for solving this constitutional crisis of Pakistan; you are not only in slumber but in a way allowing it to grow. It is not the Pakistan army but Gen. Mir Bajwa and some of his likes in your Judiciary responsible behind the curtain for the ongoing crisis.

Please ask your own conscious what your role should be to help Pakistan at this moment? Use a digital microscope or periscope to find fault in Imran Khan? Or a Su-Moto verdict for an early election? People earn the name Gaddar or Patriot not because of their positions but; because of their actions while in responsible positions. Please don't be exposed like Gen. Mir Bajwa. If Pakistan can survive this ongoing crisis and continue as a country, the future generations will not only remember but hate Gen. Mir Bajwa forever. Please allow Pakistan to continue as an Independent Country, not a surrogate country of racist Modi and EOI.

Please read Surah Teen (95), Ayah no: 8, “Am I not the best Judge of all the Judges?” Now it is your choice, You may take the name of Gaddar by destroying Pakistan or helping Pakistan to survive and continue as an Islamic republic. May Allah Pak give you back the honest and patriotic judicial sense of mind. Ameen.

সোশ্যাল মিডিয়ায় শেয়ার করুনঃ


আমার লিখা এবং প্রকাশিত/প্রচারিত কোনো সংবাদ, তথ্য, ছবি, আলোকচিত্র, রেখাচিত্র, ভিডিওচিত্র, অডিও কনটেন্ট কপিরাইট আইনে পূর্বানুমতি ছাড়া ব্যবহার করা সম্পূর্ণ বে আইনি।

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