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A Wake-Up Call For Pakistan (Part-2)

It is no secret that most Muslim countries are led by headless corrupt leaders. Consequently, corruption has taken the shape of an industry in those countries. Now it brings the question, does Islam teaches corruption? Or is there a hidden and consistent subterfuge active to place corrupt leadership in those countries? Under cover of democracy, the Enemy of Islam (EOI) has set up a recycling process of corrupt leadership repeatedly in Pakistan. If a military dictator is sufficiently corrupt and harmful to Islam he is chosen by EOI, the problem becomes only when a leader is patriotic, has knowledge of Islam, and tries to be a practicing Muslim. America, the flag bearer of democracy, does not mind even with kingship or military ruler as long as it can benefit from it and instill corruption and gradual drift the populace from the basic tenets of Islam.

People of Pakistan have taken corruption as faith complies; they have lost hope that they cannot change it, nor will they ever be able to escape from this chronic virus. Imran Khan is giving them a glimmer of hope that we can indeed get out of this vicious cycle if we can produce a united front against EOI and domestic Munafiquns/ Gaddars. Imran Khan is walking in that line, taking all Pakistani along with him likes the pied piper of Hamelin. His aim should be to transform each citizen to an honest person by planting the new seed of faith that one can make a difference by having a strong faith and be honest at the same time as they are the two sides of the same coin. After a well-orchestrated parliamentary coup removed him, Imran gained unprecedented popularity among his people. With the sagacity and political acumen Imran has shown so far, his opposition leaders are no match for him.

Pak democracy is re-booting under Imran Khan. Democracy has been systematically abused and misused in Pakistan by a combined effort of EOI and local corrupt political leaders. EOI intelligence created a sufficient number of Agent in Place (AIP) and Agent of Influence (AOI) within the rank and file of the Pak political arena and statecraft.

This time people of America have a huge lesson to learn from Pakistan, how people can democratically resist and repel a corrupt regime directly supported by a foreign power. The corrupt Zionist oligarch is in full control of the American two-party (Republic & Democratic) democracy. Today Imran Khan is teaching world democracy lovers; how to gain freedom from a pseudo-democracy practiced by a corrupt regime. A lesson that was conceptualized and practiced by the founding fathers of America. They have another big lesson to learn here how a democratic country can gradually lose its freedom to the deep state for America; it is a powerful Zionist oligarch.

For over a thousand years, Muslims ruled half of the world with divine justice and dignity, but now we are treated as loathsome worms of sewerage by the non-Muslim world. Let us recap some of the leaders and military commanders who are famous for their bravery and contribution to Islam:

1. Khalid Bin Walid fought 41 major battles in 15 years of his active life and lost none.
2. Immediately after him, Islam had commanders like Qutaiba Bin Islam, Tarek bin Jabal (who captured Spain), Amar Bin Us, and many others.
3. Muhammad Bin Qasim, who invaded India at the age of 17 years only.
4. Gazi Salahuddin Ayubi (known to the west as Saladin) who recaptured Jerusalem in the year 1187. There had been an uncountable number of leaders and generals of the Muslim world who selflessly contributed for Deen Islam and Muslim.
5. Recently accepted martyrdom Gen Solaimani of Iran.

All of them were men of strongest faith and unyielding character which allowed them to display such unparalleled leadership by defeating Quffar. They helped in introducing Islam to the ignorant human beings of the world.

Now let us see the list of some so-called Muslim commanders who had deliberately betrayed with Muslim Army and Islam for their temporary personal gains.

1. In 1683, during the battle of Vienna, Kara Mustafa Pasha, commander Ottoman army, lost complete military potential of Ottoman empire to Crusader. It was due to his greed and over ambition.

2. In 1757, during the battle of Palashi, General Mir Jafar ensured the destruction of the Muslim army only for his greed for power. Then, on Indo-Pak subcontinent remained under ruthless extortion of British colonial power for long two hundred years.

3. In the year 1971, General Yahia Khan of Pakistan declared war against innocent civilians of the then East Pakistan, only to continue his powerful position.

4. In the year 2005, General Moin U Ahamed of the Bangladesh Army helped assassin 57 unarmed military officers, during peacetime only for his greed to remain as a CAS for one more year.

5. Presently, General Bajwa doing the same to destroy Pakistan under cover of neutrality knowing fully well that he is on the wrong side of Pakistani national interest. He supported the present corrupt regime and helped EOI remove Imran Khan from power.

Such anti-Islamic decisions by the military commanders will continue in the future as well if Muslim leadership cannot figure out the root cause of this ethical disease.

EOI advantages out of corrupt Muslim leadership.

1. Muslim countries remain permanently 3rd world due to massive corruption.
2. Education system to remain unscientific and backdated.
3. No research and development activities at the university level.
4. Educational institutions are politicized.
5. All talented students go out for higher education in 1st world, and they never return (Brain drain). And almost all of them that has some potential are secretly recruited, trained and brainwashed by exploiting their weakness, money, women or whatever.
6. It makes the job easy for EOI to hook them up and make use of them as AIP and AOI.
7. Leftover corrupt and illiterates to become political leaders.
8. Corruption in Muslim countries helps EOI to have absolute control under the cover of democracy, Kingship, or military rule.
9. Whatever aid or loan is provided to a corrupt nation, 80% of them are siphoned by corrupt political leaders, and bureaucrats and go back to EOI donor countries.
10. A corrupt Muslim country always remains economically dependent on foreign aid or loan from IMF, WB, or different international leasing companies.
11. It is easy to convince a corrupt regime of any idea that benefits EOI but harms Islam or Muslim.
12. Corrupt Muslim countries' policies can easily be dictated as per EOI geo-political interest.
13. Easy to create misconceptions within the Islamic faith and create radicals like ISIS.

We fervently hope and pray once Imran Khan is back in power, Inshallah, he will be able to diagnose this chronic disease correctly and prescribe proper treatment for it. May Allah Pak bless the people of Pakistan and the world Muslims.

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