Thursday, October 20, 2022

Soldiers Of Trojan Horse Inside Pakistan

Trojan Horse is a famous horse in Greek mythology. After a fruitless long ten years of siege when the Greek Army's relentless effort failed to capture the city of Troy, at the end of the siege, the Greeks adopted this idea and constructed a giant wooden horse on wheels and hid some soldiers inside it. They withdrew their soldiers from the city under seize and pretended to sail away from the island but returned in the night's darkness. The Trojans pulled the horse into their city as a victory trophy. At night, Greek soldiers quietly crept out the horse and opened the gates for the rest of their army to get inside the city, who by then come back under cover of night. The Greeks entered and destroyed the city of Troy to end the Trojan War. That horse was used as a ruse once only; hitherto, warfare has made multi-dimensional changes from conventional to unconventional, guerilla war to insurgency war. Surface-war to sub-surface to aero-space war, and at present, technology is pushing belligerents' for space warfare. But there is a war, which is as old as the history of warfare but remains obscure to Muslim world leaders and military commanders. They might have a rudimentary knowledge of the subject under the head 'psychological warfare' but no real idea about what is the development in the field of this type of warfare. This battle has morphed into many facets like mind control, brainwashing, and ideological subversion to the Battle of Perception.

Enemy of Islam (EOI) have become maestros in this kind of warfare and globally organized their apparatus suiting their vision and mission. They have turned the military forces of all Muslim countries into a powerful state actor, almost parallel to democratic authority. Most importantly, they have successfully corrupted the hearts and minds of the global Muslim communities methodically following the principles of the Battle of Perception. EOI successfully drives Muslims from the true path of Islam and turns them into falsehoods with sufficient impurities to dilute the fundamental faith. Created Non-Practicing progressive (NPP) Muslims, who are easy to be played as Munafiqs and Gaddars; the other facet is a radical with a wrong interpretation of Jihad and kills innocent people, mainly Muslims who practice the correct interpretation of Islam. In reality, the Munafiqs and Gaddars of Muslim countries are the soldiers of the perpetual

‘Trojan Horse’ set by the enemy of Islam (EOI). For a country like Pakistan, General Bajwa plays the role of a commander of the Trojan horse community inside Pakistan, whose responsibility is to keep the people of Pakistan enslaved under the dictation of EOI. Of late, when one-third of Pakistan was water, millions of people were stranded and dying out of hunger, Gen Bajwa was touring America, meeting the president, intelligence department heads, and all those responsible for keeping Pakistan under constant subjugation. Whereas the artificial political crisis created by his direct involvement can so easily be solved only by declaring an early election date. He can never walk on that line because he played a significant role in creating the ongoing crisis of 2022 in Pakistan. He is almost on the verge of declaring martial law like General Yahiya Khan of

1971 and may go for a massive manhunt of PTI leaders. Such a foolish action will bring the end of the state of Pakistan the way in 1971 it was the end of East Pakistan. A 'do or die level of a political battle is on the horizon between Imran vs. EOI domestic representatives, which includes all corrupt political parties and constitutional stakeholders. The ongoing battle will dictate if the people of Pakistan will continue as it is or enjoy true freedom (Hakiki Azady) in the future, like all other developed nations of the world. By EOI conducting 'Battle of Perception,' they ensure that a Muslim country can never generate its full potential owing to diluted and distorted

perceptions of cardinal national and religious issues. Imran Khan has rightly identified that and boldly decided to make that an issue and fight back. So-called Corrupt Muslim leaders dare not utter anything against EOI openly to avoid the risk of losing their position in power. To them, power originates from EOI, not from the omnipotent Allah Pak. That is why we find all top brasses, including COAS of Pakistan, running between Islamabad, London, and Washington DC to seek advice, guidance, and support for imported Hukumat to remain in power, occupied illegally. This is simply a disgraceful anti-state act by a bunch of traitors led by General Mir Bajwa. It not any historian but he himself put his name as a traitor in the future history of Pakistan. The best part of Imran Khan is; that he has exposed the perpetual Trojan Horse of Pakistan and gotten the nation ready to deal with them before this corrupt cabal consolidates and re-groups to continue their looting under the mandate of EOI. General Bajwa and his type of hooked-up Generals have turned Pakistan's national army into a mercenary army. Although highly skilled and professional, with a nonexisting dedication toward the security of territorial integrity and sovereignty. They are not allowed to develop a spiritual connection with Allah Pak, without which a Muslim Army can never win a war. This reality is proven in the history of warfare, where the Muslim army with less strength won wars against the non-Muslim army with superior force in terms of weapons, equipment, and manpower. Religion Islam has been deliberately kept out of military training doctrine in Muslim countries. At a young age, while going for foreign courses abroad, officers are professionally honey trapped by hostile intelligence services; they are compromised from the beginning of their careers. Besides, senior officers’ children are offered scholarships, citizenship, and many other facilities to make use of the serving officers working close to the decision-making body at the national level.The situation in Pakistan is rapidly changing. A rumor of upcoming martial law has been deliberately disseminated to read the pulse of the general mass. This is probably the 2nd time such an attempt by the Pak army that surely will fail. In 1971, General Yahiya Khan proclaimed the first one. Imran Khan today; is more popular than Sheikh Mujibur Rahman of the Awami League in 1971. Besides, people are not ready to accept military left/right as a civilized system of governance. Any such initiative will simply be a disaster for General Bajwa and his civil/military cohorts. The patriotic people of Turkey have taught the world Muslim population how to resist the forces of the Trojan horse and send them back to the pavilion once and for all. The Trojans pulled the horse into their city as a victory trophy and got themselves destroyed but here in Pakistan, people are trying hard to throw their perpetual Trojan horse along with all criminals inside, into Arabian sea. May Allah Pak bless the people of Pakistan and their leader Imran Khan.

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