Sunday, November 27, 2022

Farewell Of A Gaddar

General Yahiya Khan retired after leaving the country into a deep political predicament by instrumenting the division of Pakistan into two. General Q. J. Bajwa is retiring after putting Pakistan in a much more precarious situation which is very sad for any republic. If the people of Pakistan cannot reconcile the Bajwa-created situation amicably, the country may get divided into many parts this time. Last thirty years, due to the subtle manipulation of the Enemy of Islam (EOI) and lack of leadership with foresight and patriotism, Pakistan has always had a corrupt party in power by rotation. Sometimes when people are fed up due to ongoing massive corruption by both parties, the military is asked to take over as a respite. People used to become hopeful that honesty would return to Pakistan under military rule. But at the end of the day, the people of Pakistan never found the 'honesty' required for the nation's development.

The sore point here is Pak army is not above the constitution. Few generals of the Army may feel otherwise or be coerced by EOI to think like that. In a democratic system of governess, the prime minister or president is generally the country's top executive. Every governmental organ is required to support the chief executive to have a smoothly run government. The Army is just one of the state organs in that setup. In his farewell speech, Bajwa tried to clarify his position and produce a picture that he was a holy man leaving the Pak army after a successful career of 44 years. Comparing the Indian Army. However, the real picture is just the reverse. He expressed his frustration saying people of India never say anything negative about their Army when they are conducting extreme human rights violations throughout the country. Still, the people of Pakistan blame Pak Army when they are frequently shedding sweat and blood for the nation. This statement is pure bullshit; the people of Pakistan love their country and equally love their Army. They only hate a few corrupt top notches of the Pak Army, which operates under the direct control of EOI intelligence organizations. In removing the legitimate PTI government of Imran Khan by staging a parliamentary coup, General Bajwa himself acted as the catalyst.

Since its inception, Pak Army has been responsible for turning Pakistan's democracy into a fragile and short-lived one. Not a single democratically elected government of Pakistan could remain in power for its entire tenure. Pak Army ruled Pakistan for more than three decades. According to Bajwa, the blunder of 1971 was a political one, not a military failure; this is a blatant lie. General Yahiya was in power at that time; General Bajwa thinks that the people of Pakistan are fools and forgetful to remember that during 1971 Pak military was in power. Gen Yahiya Khan made that disastrous decision by listening to the advice of greedy politician Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (EOI).

General Yahiya ordered his Army to attack the then East Pakistan's innocent civilians brutally. Similarly, this time, General Bajwa overtly played a neutral role but carefully ensured the internal bleeding of Pak politics as per the dictation of EOI. Indian Army continuously killed innocent Bangladeshi Muslims around the border for the last 12 years, a gross violation of the human rights and UN charter. Indian people are not affected in any way. Let alone a physical reaction at the border; there is never a mimic formal objection raised at a diplomatic level from the Bangladesh side. India is deliberately conducting that to pursue its long-term objective of demoralizing the people of Bangladesh as stage one in fulfilling its ultimate racist objective of Akhand Bharat. The same Indian Army never ventured to remove any of their corrupt governments in the last 72 years. This speaks about the wholesome professionalism of an Army and the honesty of their COAS. No COAS of the Indian Army amassed a fortune in foreign countries through corruption, as we find in General Bajwa's case. The last 72 years of independence have produced unequivocal evidence on the issue.

Pak military is falsely perceived as professional and highly disciplined in the context of a 3rd world perspective; they have the right to take over the power when the people of Pakistan are fed up with consecutive corrupt regimes. Pak Army is always professional at the field level, but they have no mechanism to stop turning their Generals into traitors. The transformation of the patriot to Gaddar is due to a highly skilled battle named "Battle of Perception." Where EOI is always the victor and Muslim countries riddled with corruption are always the vanquished. The role of General Bajwa is no different than whatever we find in most of the Generals of corrupt Muslim countries. His farewell may be a sad ending personally, but the people of Pakistan will never forget him as a Gaddar of 2022.

Pakistan will never forget that General Bajwa did not allow PM Imran Khan to appoint DG ISI as per PM’s choosing. That was an act of absolute violation of the constitution. A proper field general court martial should be constituted to find who is at fault. When a prime minister (Bhutto) could be hanged by the neck till death, following a proper judicial process, why not an FGCM for a COAS? It is this General Bajwa who recommended a spineless creature Sikandar Sultan Raja to appoint as election commissioner. Honest and patriotic Imran Khan did not realize that all Bajwa’s suggestions had a concealed motive, i.e., end of the day, a parliamentary coup.

We feel the necessity to humbly submit some candid opinions for the better future of our motherland Pakistan. Our new COAS can be the best if he can offer unflinching loyalty to the future elected honest executive head of Pakistan. He can make his Army believe that they are not to rule but to serve the nation as per the dictation of the constitution. He should extend his sincere support to the future executive head in making Pakistan an honest country. He has to realize that corruption is the biggest enemy of any Muslim country, irrespective of its size and military power. New COAS must comprehend and remember that every dubious action of General Bajwa's all-hidden agendas is completely exposed to Pakistan's patriot citizens. He missed his last opportunity to make the right decisions for the nation, which would save him from being remembered as a GADDAR. No decision (secret or un-class) harmful to Pakistan's constitution should be taken consciously by our new CAOS. Pakistan deserves an honest and patriotic COAS and an honest executive head. Let us wholeheartedly hope and pray that new COAS work under a genuine administrative authority like Imran Khan or whoever he is. May Allah Pak bless the people of Pakistan and our sovereignty!

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