Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Subservient Pakistan Army

The name may sound belittling or insulting to any Pakistani, but once one reads it through, he/she will find it agreeable with the author. To be candid, it is not only the Pak army; it applies to most Muslim countries' armies worldwide. Our objective is to crystallize how well-fed, well-clad Muslim armies gradually become subservient to the enemy of Islam (EOI). From Tunisia to Indonesia, every Muslim country has plunged into this chronic vulnerability of military coups. Let us take the example of the Indo-Pak subcontinent; countries were divided in 1947; since then, Pakistan suffered about a dozen of military coups; Bangladesh had its independent in 1971, and it also suffered the almost equal amount of military coups, but there was never any military coup in India, any coup in Israel or America. We call them the Enemy of Islam (EOI).

Irrespective of nationality, Muslims who love Islam and their motherland should feel a light bulb turning on in their head after reading and thinking this through. A military coup is not a volcano that erupts with or without notice suddenly. It is a planned and protracted operation that starts with subversion within the rank and file and, at the right time, gets executed at the end of an internecine clash within the statecraft. Such politico-military hiccup has become the order of the day for any Muslim country worldwide. A coup is never a sudden irruption out of anything, so it can be assumed that it is surreptitiously cooked up by someone or a group against a Muslim country. Who could be that someone? Who are those who act as friends of Muslim countries and provide support and aid to train defense officials in their (EOI) countries finally? To comprehend how and why military coup is common in Muslim countries, (Please click the link here).

The death knell of General Bajwa's military career rang when Imran Khan suddenly concluded his 1st street march in Islamabad on 25th May 2022. General Bajwa was ready to order his loyal corps commanders to subdue the unrest had it started and promulgate martial law. But Imran Khan, realizing the fact, made a quick decision and safely withdrew his man from the spot. This was a pure tactical re-deployment (TRD) according to military terminology. In the process, Gen Mir Bajwa lost his chance to be the president of Pakistan, at least a Martial law Administrator, for a few more years. However, under the ongoing pathetic political situation, enforcement of martial law will be a goodbye to the state of Pakistan. If General Asif Munir asks for martial law, he will prove to be the worst Gaddar than General Mir Bajwa.

Once a talent is spotted and hooked by EOI, he is continuously nourished by maintaining contact by various means. Electronic communication is generally used as the primary communication means. Still, there may be a necessity to have other means of communication as well, like 'Dead Drop' (DD,)' Live Drop' (LD), or Personal Meeting (PM). This PM is the most effective means where the message or instruction of EOI can be passed down to local Gaddars’ in person with the highest level of secrecy and comfort. EOI has made a special arrangement to ensure constant contact (PM) with local Gaddars. They have introduced a harmless and entertaining game named Golf in all Muslim countries. All Golf grounds in Every Muslim country are adjacent to military bases, where foreign dignitaries, local political leaders, and defense officials play for a long hour together in a friendly environment. This is one of the best places identified by intelligence societies today for PM.

There is a saying in the west which goes like this, "These days and ages, many corporate decisions are made in the golf course instead of board rooms.". Historically, Gaddars can remain in power in a Muslim country for a very long time, whereas a patriotic true Muslim leader cannot. The situation in Pakistan is an example. Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif in the political arena, or General Mir Bajwa in the defense arena must have been recruited way back when they were coming up as young and promising leaders. This process of subversion is one of the major responsibilities of all EOI professional intelligence organizations. The way EOI penetrated the statecrafts of Pakistan and how they have systemically and methodically neutralized and contaminated the moral fabric of the citizens is almost beyond the imagination of the average human being. Their simple realization is; the leadership of Pakistan is corrupt, and they have a deep friendship with EOI.

However, EOI never expected that someday, a leader of Pakistan could unite the entire mass under a single umbrella of honest leadership. Imran Khan has come up here as a thorn inside a sandwich named Pakistan made out of local Gaddars on one side and EOI on the other. A military coup can never be stopped as long as the process of turning patriots into Gaddars in Muslim countries is not detected and countermeasures are taken effectively. Senior Gaddar officers promote junior officers who the EOI recently hooked. Senior Gaddars receive clear instructions as such; in the process, patriotic officers are sidelined and pruned from the system. General Bajwa is a proven Gaddar. When he commanded the Pakistan army for six long years, whom he favored promotion to the rank of Lt General? It should be a serious issue to ponder. Suppose a group of twenty defense officers go for training abroad; out of that, if ten can be hooked by honey traps, that makes a great success for EOI.

Every year, many officers visit EOI land for training, which makes the process easy and continuous. After hooking up potential talents, gradually turning them into agents is a fine-tuned apparatus and classified arrangement of EOI. Initially, every human desire of a prospective agent is fulfilled without his knowledge. Once he is wholly recruited and brainwashed, then only asked to work for EOI; at that point, he is totally in control of EOI. His loyalty takes a complete U-turn from patriotism to Gaddary. This is why Muslim countries' corrupt political and military leaders are more loyal and subservient to EOI than their own nations. Bangladesh is also facing similar consequences. Thousands of army, navy, and air force officers are visiting India for training, and judges of the high court and Supreme Court are also part of it. The worst case scenario is thousands of police, and admin cadre officers are also visiting India for training regularly. This is called the battle of perception, in which Pakistan lost to India 53 years back in 1971, again in the process of getting defeated under the present corrupt regime. Those who are interested to know "Battle of Perception." is conducted on Muslim countries may click the link (Here).

It is easy to hook up a young, tough, and energetic Pakistani future leader by using trained beauty queens as bait in an organized honey trap. At that age, they may have a hundred percent patriotism, but their pent-up energy and carnal desire remain at their highest peak. Automatically they are easy to hunt, and this is a reality. The best swimmer cannot catch a fish by hand going underwater because fishes are intelligent enough to dodge the best swimmer. But intelligent fish is easily caught when the bait is placed underwater by a fishing rod. This is nature; this is how a brilliant and patriotic young Pakistani becomes a solid Gaddar once he gradually goes up the ladder and grows old but powerful. EOI Female spies are trained to seduce men and bend their loyalty towards affluence, lust, and career from patriotism, draining their moral and ethical values. Once they can be trapped in this, they gradually become toys/puppets of EOI; in the process promising young officers or political leaders become enemies of his/her own nation. Initially, they are left for a certain period as sleeper agents, only to be called when needed. After a thorough EOI special classified training, they are tasked to act as Agents in Place (AIP) or Agents of Influence (AOI). Like, top-graded young defense officers can be perfect AIPs in the future, and young political/social leaders like Bilawal Bhutto, Malala, or Mariam Nawaj are suitable candidates for Pakistan's political arena.

Point to note here is that every Muslim country needs a leader like Imran Khan to achieve their Hakiki Azadi.

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