Saturday, March 11, 2023

For Pakistan, Imran Khan Is A Curse Or Blessings

At the advent of Islam, Scholars, and researchers of two important religions (Christianity & Judaism) Could precisely apprehend the coming of our holy prophet (SAW) as it is mentioned in their major books. Many people of those two religions reverted to Islam, but a significant portion remained in their old faith. But the scholars of those two religions were very worried as they knew that the advancement/growth of Islam was unstoppable. Subduing any attempt that benefits Islam became a constant challenge for the non-Muslim world and their leaders, otherwise known as the 'Enemy of Islam (EOI).' This challenge begin from day one when Nabi Karim Sallallahu Alaihe Wa Alihi Wasallam started his arduous journey of inviting people towards the Creator by denuding all confusion regarding creation and idol worshiping. At the dawn of Islam, the problem existed only locally. Still, at the apparent twilight of Islam, EOI successfully ensured that Muslim-populated areas of the world are either under non-Muslim statecraft or ruled by so-called Muslim leaders who are disgustingly corrupt with no leadership quality. Their additional qualification is unflinching loyalty to the EOI to remain in power.

This is the state of affairs where Imran Khan wanted to bring about a change in Pakistan. Last thirty years, according to the EOI setup, Pakistan was doing fine under two corrupt dynastic ruling parties. Once Imran Khan took over as PM, he could not accept the arrangement of pseudo-freedom undercover democracy. He demanded absolute freedom for Pakistan with independent foreign policy and all other policies without foreign dictation or foreign intervention. Imran Khan is out of power at the moment, but the damage he has done to EOI is he has exposed EOI's hidden control mechanism to all Pakistani and the whole Muslim world. A Muslim country may have any governance, pseudo-democracy, military dictatorship, or kingship; anything is OK so long as corrupt by-borne Muslims rule them. A Muslim ruler cannot be a Muslim by conviction like Imran Khan. He is a proven charismatic leader with unquestionable honesty and a Muslim by conviction. Except for Turkey, Muslims today are envious of Pakistani for having a leader like Imran Khan.

Imran Khan has damaged the EOI by initiating a tsunami of patriotism and honesty in Pakistan. Should he fall victim to the EOI assassination attempt, he must raise 9 to 10 ‘Imran Khan’ within the party to replace him. Open declaration of available replacements is of utmost importance to dilute future assassination attempts. This information needs to be made viral for the same purpose. He should let know the people of Pakistan and also the EOI that in politics, he played the same technique that he successfully applied during the selection of Pakistan cricket team players. He precisely selected the talents and pursued them to enhance individual potential up to their limit and work as a team for the honor and dignity of their motherland.

Similarly, for his party, PTI, he picked up some dedicated politicians who are honest and ready to lead Pakistan towards honesty; thereby people of Pakistan enjoy absolute freedom. PTI will continue to lead the country towards honesty like Wasim Akram, or Babor Azom is doing now for the Pak cricket team. Imran Khan only set the pace and gave the impetus to raising the standard. In the last 70 years, none really tried so hard to get the country back on an honest footing. This may be the last or only chance available for God-forsaken Pakistanis to make use of.

An acceptable reality is; it is easy to be personally honest but hard to turn corrupt into honest. Such a venture requires special skills and expertise not available on the shelf. And Knowledge on such a theme is never shared by the perpetrator who helps domestic criminals to remain in power and suck the resources of Muslim countries. Islam does not believe in incarnation except on the day of resurrection, but it appears that Ertugrul Gazi has reincarnated here in Pakistan as Imran Khan. The whole nation was supposed to stand beside him to free Pakistan from invisibly organized slavery. This is almost a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ as it took long 70 years to produce one Imran Khan by country, Pakistan. If North Korea or Cuba being tiny countries, remain independent, why not Pakistan being relatively big and militarily strong?

The tsunami of outrage produced by Imran Khan’s removal from the chair should sweep across Pakistan. Criminal syndicates should not be thrown in the trash but in a shredder machine once and for all. PM office and PM house should be only for Prime Minister, not Crime Minister. Another vital area to take care of is the Pak army and Pakistan Judiciary. For the last 70 years, the way EOI has used/abused and misused Pakistani statecraft; can quickly be resolved forever with very few statecraft-level policy changes.

Imran is a legendary death-defying leader, charismatic with unquestionable honesty, and a Muslim by conviction. Under the circumstance, Imran Khan is the legitimate target of EOI, like that of General Suleimani, Scientist Fakrejadi, or Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. A foolproof physical protection and psychosomatic defense need to be in place for Imran Khan forthwith. Imran Khan is not a curse but a blessing from Almighty Allah for the people of Pakistan. Fervently hope and pray for enduring peace, stability, and constant growth for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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