Saturday, September 23, 2023

Asim Munir Vs Narendro Modi

Let us compare Asim Munir of Pakistan with Narendra Modi of India. Asim Munir is neither the President nor the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Still, the whole world knows that he is the topmost decision maker of Pakistan at present, the way Narendra Modi is for India. Imran Khan may be the most popular leader of Pakistan, but he may eventually suffer a cardiac arrest while in prison like that of Morse of Egypt. Modi may be an extreme Islam hater and enjoy killing Muslims, but he is a political leader. Hindu ideology may permit him to do that. But, what about Asim Munir? Is he a Muslim? Doubtful! Giving an extension to Navid Anjum is purely an act of Munafiqun. As a so-called believer, he is far below a Hindu. He is a proven Munafiqun.

After taking over as CAOS, he immediately visited the house of martyr Arshad Sharif, an investigative journalist assassinated in Kenya. He was at the top of the list in his profession and a PTI supporter. Asim Munir promised his mother and widow wife that he would take into task those involved in his killing. All Pakistanis know today that it is ISI chief Gen Navid Anjum, on whose order journalist Arshad Sharif was brutally assassinated.

For the assassination of Arshad Sharif, where Gen Navid Anjum is supposed to face FGCM, Gen Asim Munir has given him an extension for one year. This is the justice Asim Munir has done to the bereaved family of martyr Arshad Sharif. Asim Munir is destined to go to   Jahannam (hell), far below Modi's jahannam. According to Islam, the punishment for a Munafiqun will be much more severe than that of a non-believer (Qafir). Gen Yahiya Khan was going by the dictation of the then US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, with absolute similarity Gen Asim Munir is going by the dictation of present Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

After capturing Kashmir, Modi is getting ready to capture Gilgit-Baltistan with popular local support, precisely like that of East Pakistan. Asim Munir is busy to take over as a military ruler of Pakistan. The way one of his predecessors, Gen Yahiya, did in 1971. Butcher Modi might have killed eight to ten thousand Indian Muslims and bulldozed around five hundred houses of Indian Muslims, but Asim Munir is getting ready to destroy the dream of two hundred and sixty million Muslims of Pakistan. Compared to Asim Munir, Modi looks like an angel here! Asim Munir must be a first-class stupid not to realize the people of Pakistan hate him as much as they love Imran Khan.

Since Gen Asim Munir is a SELF-DECLARED, PROVEN GADDAR AND MUNAFIQUN, every Pakistani, including all living Muslims worldwide, should curse him & his family five times a day during all their prayers.

NOTE: If someone is interested, why does the Pakistan Army occasionally produce traitor generals? The following articles will produce a clear picture:

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