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Faith and Integrity Crisis in Pakistan

Pakistan is the target country, but the discussion will encompass the global Muslim in reference to Pakistan. To be candid, the situation in Pakistan is not unique, and it is not unprecedented when we discuss other Muslim countries at different time frames across the globe. In comparison, the economies of these Muslim-populated countries were once upon a time vibrant, socially stable, and militarily powerful. A huge question is why Muslim countries have to suffer continuously from political instability, poor economy and are prone to military coups intermittently. The situation in Bangladesh right now is no better either, symptoms may vary, but the instability and uncertainty level is almost equal. Condition of Niger is precarious right now, so is the case with most north and central African Muslim countries. India gained its independence in 1947 but never experienced any military coup, but Pakistan (1947) and Bangladesh (1971), by now have dozens. Let us synthesize the issue from the perspective of Islam, as such volatility only matters to Muslim countries.

Intellectuals of the Non-Muslim World (NMW) are often heard saying, "Islam is the best religion, but Muslims are the worst followers." What was the beauty of Islam at the time of its advent? Why did people of different creeds and casts voluntarily join Islam in millions? They were mesmerized by observing the depth of faith and integrity of the then-Muslims. The level of faith is hardly visible, but their integrity level was visual in their conduct. Rosulullah () not only gave them an unadulterated faith but also the integrity of the highest standard. A combination of unalloyed faith and strong integrity made every Muslim a superhuman being (Sahaba E Keram Rodiallahu Anohuma).

The quality of human society depends on three basic disciplines.

1. Social discipline.

2. Economic discipline.

3. Political discipline.

Above mentioned disciplines make human beings the best out of all living creatures on the planet Earth. If all those disciplines are destroyed, there remains no difference between human beings and animals. The devil does not have any physical existence. He conducts all his curriculum using human beings who are morally corrupt with diluted faith. In that quest, the West has taken over the responsibility to execute the devil's programs physically.

The devil had challenged the Creator to take all human beings to hell and accordingly applied unique techniques for derailing the people of the Non-Muslim World (NMW) and the Muslim world. In NMW, he has kept economic and political discipline intact but ruined the social discipline. They have destroyed the marriage system as prescribed in their Bible. Therefore, babies are born without wedlock, producing millions of bustards. The present generation hardly knows who their father is, just like animals. The devil did it with extreme dexterity. Initially introducing a marriageable age limit and subsequently unlashing promiscuity, same-sex marriage, Public copulation, and finally Bestiality. That is why we often see failed states among Muslim countries but failed societies in the Western world, along with that social and spiritual bankruptcy and end-of-the-day demographic catastrophe.

Such moral deterioration has not taken place suddenly but surreptitiously and continuously to avoid public detection and social resistance or repercussion from the religious entities. However, the devil has slowly but surely taken the West in the direction of his choice. However, NMW strictly controls its political and economic discipline to ensure its political stability and economic growth. Surprisingly with such dazzling politico-economic development, they still fail to prevent their intellectually upright and conscious citizens from converting to Islam in large numbers.

Devil quite successfully destroyed the political and economic discipline of the Muslim world using NMW as expedient. With maximum quality, full potential people, and mineral resources of the world, most Muslim countries are pathetically poor compared to NMW. The best example is Nigeria; the sixth largest oil-producing country with an 80% Muslim population is one of the world's poorest countries of the world. According to Islam, Akhlak (Character/Integrity) is half of the religion Islam", meaning faith is half and character (Integrity) is the other half. If the devil can destroy the character/Integrity of Muslims, half of their religion is gone! Meaning, Muslim's political discipline and economic discipline are gone! A corrupt society can never be politically stable or economically vibrant. Before defining integrity, let us define faith. Believing in anything unseen is faith; not believing in anything is also a faith of some kind. During the early stage, the Muslims' faith level was unalloyed and pure, which is now dwindling with multi-dimensional delusions.

The most sacred quality of human beings, i.e., integrity, must be analyzed and rebooted for global Muslims. The word integrity is seemingly easier to understand but difficult to comprehend and further difficult to instill in our hearts. Hadith’s said integrity is half of our religion (Al-Tirmidhi, Al-Hakim). Without practical examples, it is difficult to define in a short span, but it can broadly be said as a quality of human being far above honesty. When Rosulullah () introduced the unalloyed faith of Islam, at that time, the clarity and conviction level was at its peak. Along with that faith, new Muslims were taught integrity as it is half of Islam. Rosulullah () was the best example of those two qualities and was physically present on the ground. An acceptable reality of the present day is, “A man with integrity is a one-man army”. Once Muslims at that time attained the highest level of those two qualities, they became an invincible force. A force having connectivity with omnipotent Allah Pak weeded out the then two superpowers like hay stakes in a super typhoon.

A single example is good enough to estimate the level of faith that they had in the presence of Rosulullah (). When ten thousand strong united Kuffar coalition forces were rushing towards Madina Shareef from Makkah Shareef to annihilate Islam from the face of the planet Earth, the people of Medina Shareef at that time were under severe famine. While digging a defensive trench (15 feet deep and 15 feet wide), a big stone came up, which was difficult to remove or break. Sahaba E Keram RadiAllahu Anhum seeks help from Rosulullah (). As he hit the stone with an iron apparatus, there were sparks; looking at the 1st spark, Rosulullah () said, “In the spark, I see the Muslim army capturing the palace of Byzantine." In his next hit, he declared, "In this sparking, I see the Muslim army capturing the place of Persia." Every Sahaba E Keram RadiAllahu Anhum present there was screaming, "We believe you hundred percent Ya Rosulullah ()." While hungry for days, the enemy was rushing to annihilate them all; at that crisis moment, they displayed extreme faith in Rosulullah ().

To comprehend the level of the Integrity (Akhlak) of Muslims during the early stage, let us append three examples: 

1. Individual level of integrity.

2. Community level of integrity.

3. Institution level of integrity.

There are hundreds of examples in every sector, but for readers, we are putting up only four examples from three different levels:

During the battle of Khandak (Ditch), Hazrat Ali Alaihis Salam displayed an exceptional level of integrity in his battlefield action. He was engaged in a life-and-death duel with the then-most famous fighter of the "Enemy of Islam" (EOI) named Amor Bin Abdu Ud. When Amor fell to the ground and was about to be killed as per battlefield rules of engagement, he spit on the face of Hazrat Ali Alaihis Salam, Ali Alihis Salam got extremely angry and raised his sword, and suddenly he got up from the chest of his opponent and freed him. The defeated fighter was shocked and asked him why he spared him. His logic was he was supposed to kill as per standard operating procedure (SOP)  

of the battle, not out of personal vengeance.

During the 10th century, when Saint Abdul Qader Zilani Rahmatullahi was a young boy, ten or eleven, he was proceeding to Iraq for higher study from Iran. A group of ferocious bandits attacked his convoy. They ransacked the convoy, looting and killing people violently. No one considered a young boy Zilani Rahmatullahi as a potential looting object. Finding a pale young boy standing calmly at one side, the perilous bandit commander asked him, do you have any assets with you? He coolly replied I have 40 pieces of gold coin secretly stitched by my mother in my jacket; this amount is for my long four years of study in BagdadIraq. Astounded bandit commander asked him, "Why must you say that? No one would go to frisk you being so tiny a boy?" Zilany Rahmatullahi calmly replied, “My mother told me never to lie; that is why I declared my assets." This time bandit leader got thoroughly upset; his response was if a son listens to his mother so obediently, what are we doing? We don't even bother to listen to our Creator?" After a few more questions bandit commander was so captivated that all bandits accepted Islam by seeing the level of integrity of a Muslim boy. That was Islam; that was the conduct of a Muslim.

There are hundreds of such examples of Muslim Integrity and self-control at the individual level during that period.

At the end of the Yarmouk battle, when hundreds of seriously / fatally injured soldiers were lying on the ground, One Abu Jahim Ibn Hujaifa RadiAllahu Anhum was searching for his fatally injured cousin with some water to let him drink at his last breath. When Hujaifa RadiAllahu Anhum was about to pour water into his mouth, someone from the side cried out for water; without taking the water, he asked Hujaifa RadiAllahu Anhum to give that water to that dying man; when the next man was about to drink, another person groaned for water, Hujaifa RadiAllahu Anhum was re-directed there. This is how Hujaifa RadiAllahu Anhum was running between the injured Mujahedeen, none took the water, and all of them accepted martyrdom. This exemplifies a community level of integrity or selfless dedication toward the faith. Everyone sacrificed their life for the survival of others. It was an astonishing display of community integrity, never to be found in the history of warfare. The difference between the Muslims of these days and the then Muslims is; for every action, we look for success in this world, but Muslims of those days used to look for success in the afterworld. Selfless dedication to human beings, including every living being, helped them to reach the pinnacle of integrity during that period.

The Muslims displayed the best example of institutional integrity immediately after Rosulullah () departure at the time of Khulafae Rashedeen, when Islam was spreading toward the northern part of the Arabian Peninsula; Muslim forces captured several townships in and around present SyriaJordan, and Palestine. The King of Byzantine Heraclius took that as an audacious move and wanted to offer a decisive battle to ensure the destruction of the Muslim force. He accumulated a force of two hundred thousand strong and marched toward present-day Jordan. Sensing his intention, Muslim commander Abu Ubaida RadiAllahu Anhum decided to concentrate his force to produce a concentrated defensive battle against the Christian army. He asked for tactical redeployment (TRD) of the Muslim army spread out all along the northern part of the Arabian Peninsula. While doing so, as per commitment Muslim army returned all Jijia tax collected from the locals as they were no longer in a position to provide them security. This act of returning the assets accumulated by victors hitherto unheard/unread, even unknown in history. Such action of the Muslim army had a hypnotic effect on the then non-Muslim world present at the theater of battle.

At present the procedure of keeping the Muslim world underdeveloped is almost effortless. Ensure that leaders of the Muslim world are corrupt, train their military officers in the West, hook them in honey traps, and turn them into 'Agent in Place' (AIP) or 'Agents of Influence' (AOI), and via these AIP and AOI conduct regime change operations or military coups regularly. Once the leader is corrupt, corruption becomes an industry down the chain. Any Muslim leader trying to improve the condition of faith and integrity is a legitimate target of regime change operations or military coups. The West conducts such heinous acts with their highly skilled intelligence organizations and unprecedented media muscle.

In Egypt, democratically elected Morsi was trying to improve the faith and integrity of his people, consequently becoming subject to regime change operations. Removed from power and finally killed in quarantine. General Abdel Fattah Sisi, a born faithless Muslim with no integrity, replaced him. Enemy of Islam (EOI) tried a number of times with R. T. Erdogan of Turkey but failed by His grace. But they made a success in Pakistan, removed Imran Khan from power, and conducted a number of assassination attempts by their loyal AIP and AOI belonging to the Pak military and political arena. In Pakistan, EOI will always welcome leaders like Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Mariam Nawaz, Bilawal Bhutto, Mawlana Fajlu, or Gen Bajwa as they are the front end of the 'Axis of Evil.' They are born Muslim, but they have sold their soul to the devil; they have diluted their faith with no integrity. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, PDM leaders and a bunch of top generals are playing that role. Our faith and integrity are under constant attack surreptitiously by EOI brainwashing and mind control experts.

As the strength of Islam/Muslims depends on these two combined attributes, they have always been legitimate targets of EOI. It is a protracted battle, conducted surreptitiously, named the “Battle of Perception” hitherto unknown by the Muslim world. However, in the long run, EOI is very much successful, probably beyond their expectation. Faith-wise, Muslims are in complete disarray, and integrity is almost non-existent. Unfortunate though, it appears Muslims these days have sent the devil on retirement as they have taken over the devil's responsibility with full efficacy. Sufficient impurities have been pumped into the hearts and minds of the Muslims by their indoctrinated so-called Muslim intellectuals and derailed religious figureheads. Muslims have lost their spiritual power that emanates from strong faith and integrity, combination of which provide connectivity with Allah Pak; EOI is very careful in this regard; any Muslim leader trying for this connectivity is eliminated forthwith.

Non-Practicing Progressive Muslims (NPP Muslims) of today behave equally to the Kafirs of Mecca during the presence of the Rosulullah (). They offered a number of proposals of compromise to Rosulullah () for him to refrain from preaching Islam, but his responses were always persistent and honorable. The same is the situation in Pakistan now; all the corrupt political parties present a unified front against Imran Khan and his party PTI. Except for the battle of Badar, in all other battles like the Battle of Ohud or the Battle of Ditch Muslim army faced a united front of the Kuffar force. Even in today’s wars in North AfricaME, or Afghan, Kuffar forces always attack a Muslim country with a united force, for instance, NATO. It is axiomatic that non-Muslim power will always remain united against Islam and Muslims.

Similarly, all corrupt political parties of a Muslim country will always be united against any honest and patriotic party. The ongoing situation in Pakistan is the best example of "History repeats itself." Pak political battle is equal to all battles those fought between "Haq and Batil.”

It is EOI who are responsible for diluting the faith of Islam and the integrity of the people in power of Pakistan, as they act as the front end of the "Axis of Evil."  Such leaders need to lead Pakistan to keep Pakistan permanently as a failed state. To improve  as a developed country, they have no alternative but to select a leader who is a proven man of integrity who acts as the  front end of the "Axis of Angles." In Pakistan, under the circumstance, PTI and Imran Khan are performing as the front end of the Axis of Angles, whereas  PDM criminal leaders, along with a few hooked-up generals, are  performing as the front end of the "Axis of Evil."

One striking similarity between these two axes is one will always face the other. Rosulullah () had Abu Jahel, Abu Lahab, Egyptian Morse had Gen Sisi, Erdogan has Fetulla Gulen, Imran Khan has Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Gen Bajwa, Rana Sana, and Gen A. Munir. The situation of Pakistan is the photocopy situation of Makka 1450 years back. Fortunately, Erdogan has Hakan Fidan, but Imran Khan had Gaddar Navid Anjum, appointed by another proven Gaddar General Bajwa. This Gen Navid Anjum conducted several assassination attempts on Imran Khan. What a pathetic dissimilarity in intelligence apparatus between Gazi Salahuddin Ayubi Rahmatullah, R. T. Erdogan, and Imran Khan. The solution to the problem of the Muslim world now is to select leaders with insight, foresight, and wisdom. Whose faith should be free of delusion and be a man of integrity? May Allah Pak bless the Muslims of this century! Amin!!!

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